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  1. "doom And Gloom"

    The edit only added the few new lines at the bottom, I did not edit any of the main material besides add some html tags. You're not seeming to grasp the point. Let me throw you a bone. What I am really getting at is, how long will wurm keep interest for as a cult classic? It will eventually "die" in essence when everyone completely quits and rolf has lost interest to code for a game that nobody will play (2-3 players probably would not be sufficient for him to be attentive to the games needs, he will most likely need to find a stable income to support himself. )
  2. "doom And Gloom"

    Did you even read my post?
  3. "doom And Gloom"

    When do you think wurm will fall? At a point where the developers can't afford to keep the servers up due to lack of funds from a diminishing population? Theoretically, you could play wurm forever, if the source code was released to the public. But would anyone really want to play with just an active community of 10 people? I suppose you could make the world really small but just big enough to accomodate the very few remaining. I believe wurm in this state the skill grinds would dissapear with customized super fast skill gains, with players focusing more on building and improving the world that they have lived in for many years Do you really see your self playing wurm by late 2014 or early 2015? I am curious on how this will play out, how long will the community be so caring and support the game they love before they lose interest in the very game they've been forking over coin to for many a fort night. In the beginning, there weren't any funds at all, with the game being in alpha. so I think wurm will live on forever, it would just be a matter of players losing interest and moving on with other games/their lives. This game has always kept my eye for as long as I can remember. I started playing in Feb 2004, that was such a long time ago. Pvp was awesome in my time. The Horde, Lakeview, Whosville, Dargaard, Hammerfall, triton, Mist village, I even remember Philip Reichart and Ron Smitts on the development team way back in the day. I remember when Horton got in that car accident and his wife was sneaking him in a salt shaker because all the food there is bland he said.
  4. congratulations, relationships that start from video games usually end sour, so, glad to hear you guys are still together.
  5. Not sure if you remember me malvado, but I'm still here is inventor still married to doctorchaos' child Dizzybot?
  6. Probably gurubear or doughboy.
  7. Color Coding For Cm's In Gl Chat

    Posted in other thread!
  8. Which In-Game God Do You Support?

    I follow Fovynoragrannon.
  9. Customer Service

    Honestly, any person in this game is delusional if he/she expects that wurm will ever be popular. I'm not bashing the game or the developers here, Wurm had it's spotlight, games usually gain a huge increase once they launch or go 'gold', wurm already had it's peak and has gradually leveled out in terms of player base. You're not going to see a large noticeable amount of new players any time soon, or any time at all for that matter
  10. Customer Service

    This game is fantastic, it's truely a unique video game there is no copy out there. You should expect mishaps like this to happen, this is an Indie game, folks, it's not a multi-million dollar company backing it with payroll able to hire so many people to keep the games client side and server side running smoothly. It''s a one man operation with help from a few other people. You should just be glad rolf hasn't thrown in the towel and shut the game down and moved onto a better job. Yes, rolf should and could have planned GDC Euro better, but it didn't work out that way, maybe he had good intentions, you don't know. You make it seem like he's just an evil man out to get your money and doesn't give two licks about you. He's spent years developing the game alongside Notch and by him self.YEARS, in 2013, Wurm will have it's 10th anniversary if you started playing in 2003. He loves this game, and he loves you too. Because without you there would be funding to keep wurm afloat. So yes, he should take better care of his customers, but you should not dramatize things like this or slander rolf
  11. it's funny that you mention this, what population might I ask are you referring to?
  12. So What Is The Latest From Rolf?
  13. Guess What.. The Lag Is Back!

    When I play, I don't have any lag at all and I'm on the eastern coast of the United States, timezone GMT-5. That's pretty far from whereever the servers are hosted, probably sweden or something lol. I've been building a hidden shack on Exodus near a place I've been to before.. Gonna kill some bison, gettin hungry need a meal