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  1. 5000 times rare for free players, 4850 times rarer for premium? think my maths is right
  2. Why would someone buy a glimmer weapon, let alone a rare glimmer weapon for pve? enchants are fine, chuck ms on it if you want, because why not 30-35s, more towards 30s.
  3. Sheep and wild cats definitely spawn much more than anything else in indy steppes, hell horses aren't effected since not many people breed them but wild horses aren't going to be found very often unless you're sailing parallel to the server border.
  4. 20ql food usually means it doesn't know who the chef is (usually happens if i get someone else to make the sausage from bangers n mash) take all the ingredients out then put them in the pan yourself then put it in the stove.
  5. Previous enchants have no effect on future enchants power, only increasing the range in which cracks/shatters can happen if it's already got the same enchant and you're trying to improve it, but that's of no concern to a mailbox. Courier dispel courier would have the same (or worse if 2nd cast was weaker) results as courier courier so you'd just be wasting your time dispelling.
  6. If there's 2 quests for the same monster/item/whatever it should go to the newest one, and you can sac any valrei mission item for the missions names don't matter.
  7. Domain Name: WURMONLINE.COM Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.tucows.com Registrar URL: http://tucowsdomains.com Creation Date: 2003-06-12T18:10:28Z Registrar: TUCOWS, INC. Registrant Name: Rolf Jansson Browsing the forums on wired is fine, it's just posting or using 4g that the website completely craps out for me.
  8. It's something atleast one person in every server will do, if you put up a bunch of signs after you took someones disbanded deed area don't expect people who were friends with the original owner to respect your off deed fences and signs. Obviously they weren't on deed otherwise permissions would have prevented her from taking them, unless you've got her on your friends list which is your own problem. People may be throwing shade, but they aren't deeding over old property and claiming their pre-existing off deed fences as their own so people aren't going to go out of their way to bash them unless they'res something valuable on the other side.
  9. Meh, peta euthanizes the majority of the animals they "save" so i don't really care whether they think my dog would like a crate transport or not. Let horses sit in the passenger seat of a boat then if you care that much about an animated horse.
  10. Make new acc, give it coc tools, then grind blacksmithing or whatever till fatigue, you'll be 60+ and close to 70. acc with 5/10 hours sleep bonus can hit 70 easy.
  11. Epic has 2x skill gain as well as the curve, and at 70 skill you're able to make 90ql things anyway, you could grind 70 in a day for most crafting skills. It's just skills like meditation that the curve makes getting 70 a pain.
  12. If she was going to keep the deed she'd have put upkeep into the deed or given the deed to someone else and let them housesit. If you're gonna ransack the place be upfront about it. I might come through and repair every wall, if you don't mind.
  13. Depends on your monitor/monitor settings, on my normal monitor i can see just fine at night but if if i plug in something ancient like a 2007wfp i have as a backup i need to turn up brightness so much it'll blind me to see anything without a 90ql lantern.
  14. If they have permissions set so you can cast spells but not pick up items.
  15. For things that don't have permissions whoever had it in their inventory last is the "owner", and will get any recipes or skillgain allocated with it. Messing with it would require changing how things like cooking skillgain and how the protection when you drop something on the floor and stay on the same tile work. It'd probably be quite a bit of work changing that just so it doesn't change owner whenever someone picks it up (not to mention outrage over ruining panfillers work) so it's probably going to be left how it is.
  16. 1s if you chuck in some hota statues with it ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIBE HOTA
  17. Surprised it took him that long to start poking around deeds
  18. Surprised it took him that long to start poking around deeds
  19. Taking things you have permissions for is allowed and isn't exploiting mechanics. It's a shitty thing to do that i don't condone, but Mickaell/echo had permissions set to allow them to take stuff due to being part of the kingdom. Even on freedom you're allowed to steal anything not bolted down as long as you don't have permissions/locks telling you no you can't.
  20. +1 Scorp stone doesn't spawn hell scorps sadly, only normal scorps. We need lairs for every creature.