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  1. 4.5s for rare long bow, 10s for rare glimmer open helm. to storelot if you agree
  2. since the patch where 1ql = 20ql or some garbage, shield skill grinding has taken a huge hit due to the ql being curved up for shields, but the damage they take isn't, which leads you to being forced to use a 1ql shield at higher skills when in the past you could have used a 20-30ql shield that can take some hits, the 1ql will get broken insanely fast, i've had a 1ql shield go from 0-100 dmg in under 30 seconds against a traited troll. please add a way to opt out/make the skill check use the base ql not the curved ql/make the curved ql also reduce the amount of damage the shield or whatever take.
  3. do you not consider web armor (which everyone uses because aosp is trash) countering it to be a downside? when you compare an imbued fb/fa/bt weapon vs a venom weapon, the venom one is going to be getting webbed way more due to doing unglancable smaller hits to the point that imbued weapon is better even against the 60% glance armors. venom is cool in 1v1's where you sit on top of someone and slap them to death but actual pvp it's not that useful because of this, and it's why nearly nobody used venom. Also, nobody used any of these counter armors because everyone uses acid imbues, which the highest glance is 35%. It honestly seems like you're using some impossible scenario that is never going to happen as justification for the nerf lol, though i guess thats why snipe was removed too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. [2020-05-14] [01:30:17] Faith increased by 0.2941 to 25.6652 I actually just swapped deity on an account and am currently grinding up to 30 faith myself! we can keep tabs on each others progress if you want, my pm's are open
  5. followers also got free swaps you just missed the deadline for it its literally a few days of prayer to hit 20 why does it matter so much
  6. what about 5% glance because venom was 5% glance due to base dr
  7. it is. if you want to min-max gaining alignment sure, if you just play casually you'll get 100 alignment over time from random tree chopping or building as vynora. Mag/lib get it from killing mobs so they also get it over time very easily. Alignment taking time to grind is a natural counter to the "swap faiths to grind specific skills" you mentioned in the post when they were added, removing the timer just makes that easier. Unless i'm mistaken, changing faith (without using the free transfer) drops you to 1 alignment doesn't it? you seem to be confusing "the fastest way to do something" with "the only way to do something" or "the meta" or whatever you wanna call it. it only takes a few days of casual play to hit 100, and you can just afk at a sermon circle overnight if you really want that 5% skillgain or whatever so badly. You wouldn't even notice the difference due to the game rounding characteristic ticks anyway.
  8. unless you have under 80 channeling alignment does barely anything for casting, but at that point casting is always gonna be absolute ###### due to the nature of the skill lol lol afk at a sermon circle overnight and you're at 100 you're really making a molehill into a mountain here, alignment is pointless but it takes literally no time to get 100 compared to faith or channeling or w/e.
  9. need 20 faith for the bonus, but it's just a visual bug for rift crystal, none of the deitites show their updated % at 20 faith for them
  10. Happening again on silakka, while mining. [15:59:21] Current server time: Sun May 10 07:59:21 CEST 2020 around 1 minute before this it started
  11. can we turn locate into a 500 tile range pendulum i just want to find people to 1v1 but i cant ever find anyone except when they're logged off and i steal their horses
  12. i dunno chief that sounds awfully P O W E R G A M E Y
  13. yeah shatter protection can decay from use just like normal enchants lmao
  14. my 108 enchant decayed to 107 today and i'm so mad i searched for this thread to bump it
  15. i don't think increasing chores for the sake of the economy is a good idea, that's about all i can say on increasing damage taken. decay is wonky when nobody is in local so thats probably why the chaos boats still exist
  16. Oh great Hell Scorpius of the lake, what is your wisdom? blub blub blub help me i'm drowning
  17. somewhere between 09:18 and 09:28 at GMT+10 (01:18-01:28 CEST)
  18. If someone's wounded or out of stamina the bonus speed they add to the boat should be reduced
  19. Something i've noticed about the artifacts with usable effects, is that they will almost never actually be used unless for their seperate effects (mainly talking about sceptre, hammer, crown, etc) due to the charges going down and making them need to be recharged more often/take longer to recharge, and for the ones that get spam used (ear eye mouth charm) they get double hit by the weekly drop and 1 charge/use meaning you have to recharge every few days and micromanage your charges left so you don't drop the artifact. One example i guess is the orb of doom, that takes 10 charges per use (and is pretty much a meme), meaning each use means you need to recharge it 1 week earlier to keep it. My suggestion is to change how they drop charge at the end of the week, so that they only drop (10 - uses in last week) charges, so if you haven't used it at all, it drops 10 points, if you used it once, it drops 9 points, and so forth. I feel this would encourage use of the combat artifacts special effects which largely go unused and instead are only brought out for their raw power, and reduces the already super fast rate that use only artifacts drop charges at.
  20. i think i posted about this some time ago but couldn't find it, but quite often my clients will at random stop receiving packets from the server. i can still do actions and everything but i will not get any feedback on the client. it's quite a frequent occurrence when running 3+ clients and quite often won't fix itself until you relog, at which point the old client will reconnect and fight the new client for who gets to be the client thats still there. In this video, you can see that silakka is stuck in a refreshing loop because he's "disconnected" but in reality the client is really just not receiving updates as to what's going on, as you can see when i converse with my alt, but only one side is getting the messages. Silakka is freely able to continue doing actions while in this state of partial disconnect, and i often ignore it until i need to clear inventory or whatever. They're both on chaos at the time of the video, but i've had this happen to me on every single freedom server in the past. It's very frequent for me in areas with lots of people and i often have to reload my client every 20 minutes or so during pvp to make sure it's not happening, which is a massive annoyance.
  21. most spells in the game are so absurdly weak now (i straight up ignore any pillar spells, and any direct damage spell after the first does like 1 dmg) that the only thing worth tangleweaving is heals and there's no spell spam whatsoever, so longer cooldowns or whatever doesn't really do anything, as long as you have as many priests as they have fo/lib priests you can tangleweave everything of importance before they die, compared to before where you had to choose whether to tangleweave their damage spells or their heals. Tangleweave is supposed to be the way of countering spells so rather than nerfing/removing from most priests it i'd rather look at giving non-priests a way of doing it, maybe a special move or something thats really quick/uses a decent amount of stamina and only interrupt the enemies spells/doesn't need to be in combat for 30s to be used. Shield bashes aren't consistent enough to stop spells and specials are often quite buggy if they want to be available to you or not, i've had plenty of times where i couldn't use specials until well past when i was full focused. LT is too inconsistent to be considered as a way of healing due to it being a % of damage, if you're in melee you're gonna be taking way more damage then you heal and gotta play rng with blocks/parrys/dodges, but if you back off for 30 seconds and slap wildlife with a weapon you can full heal in that time. It swings from useless to near broken depending on what you're fighting at the time, and relying on RNG in combat is a bad idea. just an fyi, this makes karma'ing away/using a farwalker and entering combat with 40s or so of superspeed insanely easy to do, as you just pop into a cave and your local is empty. very easy to abuse.
  22. they never despawn send a mag priest up with goat shape and stamwiches and summon people?