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  1. knuckledusters for weaponless fighting so we can go around beating up animals with enchanted fists
  2. since a declaration of independence for a pmk currently costs 1 gold, and comes with a trader, will the dec form be made much cheaper (in comparison to other trader items being made slightly cheaper) to compensate for the lost value that a drainable trader added to the form? how will owning land/the battle camps (not the moonmetal ones, things like silver anchor, stone valley, new day) effect it, will they reduce upkeep in a way similar to how they increased trader payout?
  3. drakes and dragons have a random amount of loot to give out, around 2.5-10kg for dragons and 1.5-6kg for drakes iirc, that's split between everyone in local. so like, if a dragon dropped 5kg scale, and theres 20 people in local, everyone would get 0.25kg scale. if there was 20 people and 20 alts, everyone would get 0.125. it's why public slayings give so little, when you're splitting it between 100+ people, you get very little per person. the bloods are a flat 1 per person so more people in local doesn't effect them. iirc, anyone under 35 strength and 70 fs/not a priest gets like, 30-50% less hide/scale to deter new alts draining scale, but most peoples alts are priests anyway
  4. 15s for seryll chain set and 8s for rare seryll huge axe? to oblivionnreaver if so
  5. something that's randomly popped up from time to time in pve spars (and from some personal experience, in actual pvp) is that after a spar, you won't use your shield at all until you leave world and log back in. First log i have of it happening is a spar with ammar during the impalong, i didn't block once at all during the spar, but i blocked in my previous spar just a few minutes ago. After relogging i could block just fine, and we had a rematch. Second one is with 2 spar today with emoo, where he could block with his shield in the first spar with madnath, but then couldn't block with his shield in the second spar with me.
  6. as it currently is, bloodthirsts wounds will rapidly heal every minute unless they're a 30+ wound, or the opponent has no fat layers in which case a 15-30 wound will not move up or down, and anyone with good village healing bonus or fo's passive to healing will be able to heal from 30+ infection wounds. I smacked myself for 16 dmg infection, and the wound had completely healed in 4 minutes, compared to the 40 minutes it'd take for a normal wound to heal, the weapon i was using is acid, so if it wasn't an infection wound it would have worsened by about 1hp per 10 minutes instead of healing every minute. this is completely counter-productive as it means unless you're hitting something for 30+ (in which case it's going to die in under a minute anyway) the infection wounds are actually worse than just a normal wound, and if anyone else is also hitting and their attacks stack onto the same wound, they'll heal as well, effectively reducing damage dealt. They shouldn't heal whatsoever unless cottoned/had a healing spell cast on them/creature has regeneration ticks like the 0.5hp/5 that trolls/uniques have imho.
  7. dragon shoulders gone No red or blue dragon bloods/potions. The cat has shed his last tear and now only has unbridled anger left
  8. screenshot updated to remove all the sold stuff
  9. you can make dropshafts thousands of dirt high, i've got one at my deed thats much bigger than the one you're trying to create, iirc you just kept mining when you get that message and a bunch of hits later you have a dropshaft, but who knows maybe they changed it without a patch note like they love to do.
  10. with 90 taming you have around 10%chance to tame a young champ croc and around 3.5% for a mature one, venerable is 0.5%, most of your tames will be really low power and itll untame when it gets hit a few times or in an hour charm runes/fo priests are your friend. the wiki is not your friend its just misleading.
  11. as title, remove the 10% bonus to ql reduction/10% penalty on ql increase when using bulk storage. stupid feature
  12. Bump, make some offers
  13. bump, current offers are 550e for first one and 135e for the second one if you wanna offer.
  14. [10:55:53] Aged brown bear moves in to attack you. [10:55:54] You aim to push aged brown bear over with your shield. [10:55:58] You hurt aged brown bear lightly in the right eye and irritate it. [10:55:58] Aged brown bear is sprawling on the ground. [10:56:00] An aged brown bear regains her bearings. [10:56:00] You raise your shield and parry against aged brown bear's maul. [10:56:00] Aged brown bear makes a bad move and is an easy target!. [10:56:00] You cut aged brown bear deadly hard in the stomach and damage it. Using a sickle which is 3s swing timer, before when you shield bashed it wouldn't interrupt swing timer and you'd swing right at the end of the bash during the stun, now it's completely interrupting the swing, and i missed the stunned window completely lol (if you don't count the bear stunning itself).
  15. they die at those ages, boars hell hounds and hens have a similar mechanic
  16. all the easy missions get completed really fast on xan, whereas the traitor/ritual/tree ones often get left to time out, so most of the time on xan you'll see these mission types up all the time, which kinda sucks. they should really time out in a day if nobodys contributed at all instead of the week they stay up for atm.
  17. How does this work with the thing retro was talking about where you could only use it for brief periods but if you were using the shared account for extended times it wouldn't be allowed, has that been removed or was i just having a weird fever dream about reading retros comments or something
  18. https://niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Masterentaro looking for love in all the wrong places, comes with dont bother posting in the thread with your questions or whatever coz i won't reply, pm me if you have questions/offers. don't bother offering some copout price either because i don't really care if i sell these or not and i'm happy to keep em.