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  1. boy oh boy its almost as if its a tradeoff for 10% bonus in literally every skill and repair being so broken you literally never lose ql with high repairing as vyn, not to mention the lore reasons characteristics gains is bad because you're not managing diff vs skill properly and the default meat+veg in forge just happens to be in the optimal skilling range for 70 skill combined with panfilling being broken for ML gains but thats an argument to nerf panfilling not buff vyn 10% is 10%, if you're getting lots of ML its still gonna be 10% more, if its such a useless buff go another god your complaints don't get addressed coz they're dumb
  2. do you do bar mitzvah decorations madnath won't return my calls
  3. turning off self animations is also disabled. you get things like walking and idle animations where you slowly vibrate around for yourself, other players, and mobs, but still removes actual animations for other players. i know this because on my path of insanity toon a dragon illusion spawned right on top of my lava i was grinding at and sat there flapping its dumb wings in my face which would block my entire screen and i had to log off to get rid of it
  4. at 90 preaching can open a tax exempt mega church
  5. sorry sir grinding comfortably is only for the 1%
  6. currently as it is, targeting a mob (even double clicking the mob you're currently in combat with), walk out of combat and back in or being taunted by a rift dog cuts your focus in half, rounded down, which is just dumb and should be removed. i assume it's some redneck fix so you don't full focus before a fight with a unique or something, but if thats a problem entering combat with a unique should zero your focus if you weren't already in combat with it because entering combat with 2-3 focus is still a massive bonus coz it skips the 30 seconds before you can start focusing another thing with focus is it drops 1 level every 20 seconds out of combat, however this isn't 20 seconds after you leave combat, its a completely seperate timer unrelated to combat (i assume its either logon time or server uptime) so depending on when you leave combat you could keep your focus level from anywhere from 0 to 20 seconds depending on when you ended combat in relation to this unrelated timer. if you're in combat with multiple mobs and you kill one right on the second, it lowers focus even though you're in combat. it should be a flat 20 seconds after you leave combat before focus stops dropping so you're not metagaming some unrelated timer to keep your focus up while hunting.
  7. When you use a nameplate, it'll take the full name of the animal being renamed and put it in the box, "Venerable fat horse" for example. if you remove the Horse part and put your name there, you'll now have a "Venerable fat Venerable fat horsename", Venerable and fat are prefix's that can't be removed so they have no business being in the rename window.
  8. [2020-03-04] [22:18:27] You claim Battle Camp Goblin for Freedom Isles! [2020-03-04] [22:18:31] You concentrate on the pendulum. [2020-03-04] [22:18:36] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [2020-03-04] [22:18:37] The Battle Camp Archer is quite some distance away to the left of you. [2020-03-04] [22:18:37] The pendulum doesn't seem to move. [2020-03-04] [22:18:42] You concentrate on the pendulum. [2020-03-04] [22:18:50] The sounds of bees disappear into the distance. [2020-03-04] [22:18:51] The Battle Camp Archer is quite some distance away ahead of you to the left. [2020-03-04] [22:18:51] The pendulum doesn't seem to move. [2020-03-04] [22:18:53] You leave the battle camp Goblin area. [2020-03-04] [22:18:56] You concentrate on the pendulum. [2020-03-04] [22:18:56] You feel rested. [2020-03-04] [22:19:01] After you finish using you will start using again. [2020-03-04] [22:19:05] The Battle Camp Archer is quite some distance away in front of you. i couldn't hit goblin at all with the pendulum no matter where i was, unless archer was completely out of range, seems like its not taking distance into account when choosing target, archer was to the NW of goblin.
  9. it happens when your repair timer is under 2 seconds. every second it takes ql off for some damage, and at 1 second of repairing left, the item is set to 0 dmg, but coz wurm timers are actually 0.9 seconds quicker than they show, when the vyn bonus takes repair timer to 1.8s, its 0.9 seconds, and it sets the item to 0 damage before any repair checks happen. you still need good repairing to not lose any ql for anything thats heavy or high diff to craft, and things like boats will lose ql no matter repairing and such. the higher your repairing is the higher the damage cap is you can repair without losing any ql at all. just a case of not actually testing things that are added
  10. vyns new follower bonus
  11. https://i.gyazo.com/557bf777543574373a854afb9de52e36.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/2002d32321fa215c6cb1b7ca94e0cd4f.mp4 all graphics on medium with shadows disabled, water reflection on sky and terrain, water detail on high
  12. unfired planters aren't decorations so they'll decay on deed just fine. that's just buildup decay in action
  13. do you do bar mitzvah's
  14. when you have stuff like number of deeds disbanded aren't an accurate indicator.
  15. this stuff was sold already, can just close the thread, forgot about it
  16. crowbars are blacksmithing and they're equivalent to a small maul in combat with better parrying, you can already get around needing WS.
  17. i'd post crabs but we all know what happens when beast and a crab are left alone
  18. gonna just keep master since offers weren't good enough, close please
  19. Oblivionnreavers been sold. Masterentaro's still on the table.
  20. bump, price i'm looking for added, but feel free to send your lowballs. buy it or don't i really dont care.
  21. bump, last chance to offer before i just keep em