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  1. i dunno chief that sounds awfully P O W E R G A M E Y
  2. yeah shatter protection can decay from use just like normal enchants lmao
  3. my 108 enchant decayed to 107 today and i'm so mad i searched for this thread to bump it
  4. i don't think increasing chores for the sake of the economy is a good idea, that's about all i can say on increasing damage taken. decay is wonky when nobody is in local so thats probably why the chaos boats still exist
  5. Oh great Hell Scorpius of the lake, what is your wisdom? blub blub blub help me i'm drowning
  6. somewhere between 09:18 and 09:28 at GMT+10 (01:18-01:28 CEST)
  7. If someone's wounded or out of stamina the bonus speed they add to the boat should be reduced
  8. Something i've noticed about the artifacts with usable effects, is that they will almost never actually be used unless for their seperate effects (mainly talking about sceptre, hammer, crown, etc) due to the charges going down and making them need to be recharged more often/take longer to recharge, and for the ones that get spam used (ear eye mouth charm) they get double hit by the weekly drop and 1 charge/use meaning you have to recharge every few days and micromanage your charges left so you don't drop the artifact. One example i guess is the orb of doom, that takes 10 charges per use (and is pretty much a meme), meaning each use means you need to recharge it 1 week earlier to keep it. My suggestion is to change how they drop charge at the end of the week, so that they only drop (10 - uses in last week) charges, so if you haven't used it at all, it drops 10 points, if you used it once, it drops 9 points, and so forth. I feel this would encourage use of the combat artifacts special effects which largely go unused and instead are only brought out for their raw power, and reduces the already super fast rate that use only artifacts drop charges at.
  9. i think i posted about this some time ago but couldn't find it, but quite often my clients will at random stop receiving packets from the server. i can still do actions and everything but i will not get any feedback on the client. it's quite a frequent occurrence when running 3+ clients and quite often won't fix itself until you relog, at which point the old client will reconnect and fight the new client for who gets to be the client thats still there. In this video, you can see that silakka is stuck in a refreshing loop because he's "disconnected" but in reality the client is really just not receiving updates as to what's going on, as you can see when i converse with my alt, but only one side is getting the messages. Silakka is freely able to continue doing actions while in this state of partial disconnect, and i often ignore it until i need to clear inventory or whatever. They're both on chaos at the time of the video, but i've had this happen to me on every single freedom server in the past. It's very frequent for me in areas with lots of people and i often have to reload my client every 20 minutes or so during pvp to make sure it's not happening, which is a massive annoyance.
  10. most spells in the game are so absurdly weak now (i straight up ignore any pillar spells, and any direct damage spell after the first does like 1 dmg) that the only thing worth tangleweaving is heals and there's no spell spam whatsoever, so longer cooldowns or whatever doesn't really do anything, as long as you have as many priests as they have fo/lib priests you can tangleweave everything of importance before they die, compared to before where you had to choose whether to tangleweave their damage spells or their heals. Tangleweave is supposed to be the way of countering spells so rather than nerfing/removing from most priests it i'd rather look at giving non-priests a way of doing it, maybe a special move or something thats really quick/uses a decent amount of stamina and only interrupt the enemies spells/doesn't need to be in combat for 30s to be used. Shield bashes aren't consistent enough to stop spells and specials are often quite buggy if they want to be available to you or not, i've had plenty of times where i couldn't use specials until well past when i was full focused. LT is too inconsistent to be considered as a way of healing due to it being a % of damage, if you're in melee you're gonna be taking way more damage then you heal and gotta play rng with blocks/parrys/dodges, but if you back off for 30 seconds and slap wildlife with a weapon you can full heal in that time. It swings from useless to near broken depending on what you're fighting at the time, and relying on RNG in combat is a bad idea. just an fyi, this makes karma'ing away/using a farwalker and entering combat with 40s or so of superspeed insanely easy to do, as you just pop into a cave and your local is empty. very easy to abuse.
  11. they never despawn send a mag priest up with goat shape and stamwiches and summon people?
  12. dont bother focusing for skilling shields it'll mess up skillgain with your CR changing distance doesn't matter its much harder to block things attacking from behind you defensive lets you block more blocking is buggy at times ql is chance for block and damage taken and effects skillgain chance 15 minutes per mob, resets every 4 hours dmg blocked = skillgain tick size, trolls are good if you can tank them for long times shields skill does little its all in the actual shield skill (small medium large whatever) off the top of my head it should do checks like block (shield) - parry (weapon) - dodge (body control) - glance (armor) - hit/miss (combat rating) in that order only train one shield your CR vs theirs is used for the skill tick check, but other than that shouldn't matter iirc shield bashing skill is more skill = more chance to stun and bigger stuns, but has lots of modifiers such as shield weight, shield material type, opponents body control, their weight, their armor, if they're moving, all kinds of things to grind skills you want to fight mobs that hit big and slow, but unfortunately the only thing really worth skilling on is trolls and they take a lot to tank, just get a LT weapon and sit in normal or defensive slapping mobs for a long time and try not to watch the skillgain, it sucks until you can fight trolls.
  13. dam this goal is really hard i'm not even at 1% yet
  14. bring back dominating uniques
  15. oh lawd all the big boi power people are gonna be sprinting around holding 630kg of gear, i'm fencing off SW cele
  16. Pm me what you got and price
  17. For improving arrows, there's multiple bonuses to improve rate in the code that make improving an arrow multiple times easier than improving anything else, but something i've noticed imping hundreds of arrows to 70+ql is that logs will take ql up over 2x faster than any other tools. I'm using a vyn follower with 10% bonus to imping wood, fully imbued 98+ql tools, 100+botd on all tools and 100 imbue on a supreme carver, supreme mallet, and rare file with 95 skill and it takes ~3 hours of action time to improve 100 cedar arrows to 70ql. however, when i instead bsb the arrows after the wood imp and pull them out, needing the wood imp again, 100 arrows to 70ql takes me 1h23m of action timer using a 100ql 98woa log. Considering the amount of effort it takes to get the rest of those tools to that level, it's absurd that bsbing them and using the log for the imp is over 2x faster, and seeing that there's a couple of 2x modifiers for arrow imping in the code, i can only assume that one of those modifiers is only being used when logs are being used to imp(note: i hate reading code with no comments and only did a quick glance over, not sure if thats the problem), and should be used when any tools is being used.
  18. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Excel nothing to do with parry rate.
  19. my favourite part of spell spam is sitting on top of ice pillars and tentacles and whatnot from 80+ channeling accounts and taking 0.1 damage per second, taking a single shard of ice and then i'm immune to spells for the next 2 years, and my account doesn't even have 50 soul str lol
  20. no, 10 people vote to start the challenge, then the king gets a notification saying he has been challenged. there's a popup that says "you can decline challenge x times before you auto abdicate" and other stuff, he gets a choice of when to have the challenge, he can set it to any time he wants. once the challenge starts he has to stay within the ring for an hour, and anyone can attack each other inside the duel ring without penalty. if he dies he loses the crown and the cobra/lady/stone has to give it out again. IIRC leaving the ring during challenge or logging out also instantly removes the crown.
  21. Most people on chaos wear leather, which has 68.76% total DR (58.46% dr, 24.8% glance) at 90ql to acid, and 66.18% resistance to poison ( 64.40% DR, 5% glance). So even with just an imbue vs venom, they're about equal in terms of raw DPS. then you add on 33% from fb/fa, or even 33% + -10% glance chance from BT, 5% from jewelry, the extra stun chance from BT, the fact that you get webbed less with non-venom weapons because you hit less and harder, as web is based on hitting not damage, the fact that you can truestrike harder with fb/fa/bt, the fact that finding a high channeling vyn is 100x easier than finding a high channeling fo. venom was extremely niche in pvp, and now its worse than RT which was before this patch the biggest meme enchant. Venom excelled in killing plate users and scale users without web armor before the change but that's about it. delete acid imbue and cold imbue ty