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  1. I used to have this happen to me atleast 5x a day playing from australia, ever since cele has moved to the new providers i haven't had it happen once (on aws it didn't happen but aws just had constant lag spikes all day), it's a reoccurring issue with connections getting broken between your ISP and Hetzner (can tracert it to see where the issue is), i'd reccomend trying out a vpn based in germany and seeing if that fixes it for you, as that'd often fix it for me when i was having these issues.

  2. 9 hours ago, Finnn said:

    I'd love a random +5ql improvement when improving items, just to trigger randomly.. or even a 0.50 when I do imp over 90+, the +5 power per successful cast is A M A Z I N G improvement to your powers, and you want to make it easier... so anyone can get it?

    if it takes like a minute of gathering to get a single imp, comes with a 1% chance to shatter the item every time you fail an imp, you randomly damage it for 1+ damage when imping, and you can spend hours imping with no actual change to ql like how you can sit there casting one thing and not improve the cast, sounds good 😍 

  3. 1. larger shields have a larger block arc

    2. heavier shields bash harder, metal gets a 2x bonus.

    3. larger shields have a bonus.

    4. oak and iron, dont bother with other metal types as you have to reimp shields so often.

    5. yeah, but they dont use too much stamina blocking in my experience.

    6. theres no block partial block and full block, partial block is when you roll 0-50 and reduces their hit chance by that % but doesn't block, 51-100 is full block where you block.

  4. 9 minutes ago, armyskin said:

    how much is it currently even used?


    we'd always have it at 30% when we pvp'd, just have a few hundred signs in storage and sacc a bunch on an vyn alt if anyone was popping local, i imagine other kingdoms were the same as they were hitting equally hard in fights (around 10-15 damage per hit from a salved sickle against a 60ish str sotg toon in leather, drake is around 8-12)

  5. title, war bonus is trash, spamming items to fill it up is pretty easy at high skill with imbued tools (i did it for grinding on freedom and 30% took me like 2 hours to make with mats i had around) but it's so powerful that you're forced to use it otherwise you're going to be completely outclassed. it's a system that's extremely imbalanced towards older players that are high skill in fine carp/shield smithing and have an imbued saw/anvil and is something you should really look at changing before wo steam comes out

  6. hello i'm from the future i'm here to tell you whats gonna happen with the release being delayed a week


    already established pvp groups get together on freedom server, they have their special super nerds sharing crafter accounts, one weapon smith one armor smith one blacksmith etc, 3 people per account, they grind for 12 hours a day, they all feed their sleep powder from buying premium into these accounts, meanwhile afk mining/praying/hunting/whatever on their mains that they're gonna pvp on and by the time pvp release you've got people able to craft 70+ql gear running around already dunking everyone who wasn't weird enough to do the same ######


    just release at the same time lol

  7. 70 prayer takes like, 120 hours or so of non-stop praying on epic(my logs say 14637 prays in total, using around 15 hours of sleep bonus), whereas 70 meditating takes like 4-2 months of meditating (4 if you're doing 5/day, 2 if you share acc and get 11 a day, these numbers assuming 90+coc and sleep bonus on every tick). They're both pretty long goals in their own way, and some will dislike one more than the other (someone who sits down and grinds for hours on end will probably find prayer easier than meditating, someone who only plays for an hour or two a day would probably find meditating easier than prayer).


    Dunno why they haven't gone with "do x or y" for certain journal tasks instead of forcing people to do things they don't like.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Whane said:

    But people play Wurm for years, and take breaks for just as long. The PvP island will only be delayed from between a few days to a week, as stated.

    the initial surge of players is a big thing, and if you release pve first and allow skill transfers it just encourages powergrinding on pve before pvp even starts

  9. 10 minutes ago, Jeston said:

    That is lot of unnecessary work and brings no value to a new player looking for feedback in their combat, you are looking at it from at 10+ year perspective vs someone new who only sees their health dropping quickly and dragging the combat tab across the screen and expanding it as they die doesn't help at all

    compared to "you hit x however hard and y it" being crucial info that will bring lots of value to a newbie?. If a newbie gets the message "you hit old black wolf extremely hard in the left calf and harm it" what does that do for them? how hard is extremely hard? how much is harm it? does hitting it in the leg slow it down? it's useless text that relies on you knowing the game and knowing how much each of these things is to get info out of it. Watching the health bar dropping atleast gives you an estimate to how much health is being taken away and is a much better way of measuring how much damage you take/deal as a newbie anyway. 

  10. considering damage is pretty consistent once you get some skill (if hit 1 is deadly hard and damage, so will hit 2, and 3, and so forth) and there's already visual indicators for hits/glances/misses/spells/whatever, what would be important about it, it's pretty much visual clutter you can ignore currently as it doesn't tell you anything important. Couldn't you just float the combat tab (when floating tabs is added) and shrink it to 1-2 lines and get the same thing?

  11. An option option to always pull out things that are combined as big as they can go, for example, a 32kg piece of wemp fibre, instead 64x 0.5kg pieces that you have to combine manually after, its a little thing but it'd be nice, especially with this cele lag that lags out the entire server for 2 seconds when i pull 100 things out of a bsb 😉