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  1. the bug is that you get charged twice. if it's intended to be double charged, then if you mail for cod and it gets returned you should be charged 2c not 1c to make the interaction the same between both forms of mailing, becuase otherwise you can just mail something to yourself for 1i and skip the double charge, which breaks the "system" if it's intended. I'll just leave this guideline here for you about commenting in bug reports
  2. [2020-03-31] [17:01:04] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ai.en'. [2020-03-31] [17:01:11] You have been charged 1 copper. [2020-03-31] [17:01:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. [2020-03-31] [17:03:26] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 3 mail waiting to be picked up. [2020-03-31] [17:03:41] The items are now available and you have been charged 1 copper. [2020-03-31] [17:03:45] You get a maul. ^ sending a maul, and returning it because i forgot to put an enchant on it When the sender pays the sending fee, he will get charged when it's sent. If it's returned, he will have to pay the sending fee again to pick it up. Compared to if they charged cod and it was returned, they would not be charged for sending it, only if it got returned would they have to pay the sending fee on picking up, only getting charged 1c instead of 2c in the example before.
  3. since the downtime will be negatively impacting our april fools, can we get a week of power tool sounds as compensation
  4. its just how creation skills work, any result over 100 is rerolled so if you're already making like 15% 90+ql more skill does barely anything. Higher ql tool/imbue helps more than more skill at that point, you probably wouldn't even notice a difference between a 90 skill and a 100 skill toon for making cloth squares.
  5. bump, interested in tomes and not discussion about the economy, even though you could technically put that in a book and call it a tome hell just sell me humanoid uniques if you want, i'll take the gamble on a tome
  6. why would you do that to the poor newbies lol can drag 180kg more weight in the small than you can the large at the same body strength, i see no reason to make the large cart harder to make
  7. are you imping on elevation? last time i was there it felt like my non-combat skills were curved down hard when it should only curve combat skills, i wouldn't be suprised if its happening here too and it's messing with imping
  8. every single option is muted in my settings, the meteors are still playing sounds, and by god are they loud as hell
  9. Bump. Looking for around 5 gold but will entertain trades for other fancy things.
  10. aren't you supposed to place the steel mine door on an entrance then imp it up to get it to 9900 strength or whatever
  11. exodus most populated server? boi what school you go to
  12. For mailing things like drake/scale/moonmetal/whatevers expensive and combinable, should have the weight of the item visible when mousing over it so the buyer knows if it's the correct amount before accepting the item.
  13. i've gotten like 600 already so this can be closed i guess
  14. Valrei @Valreimoon · Mar 25 Powerful Corpse enters Nogump The Dirty Powerful corpses was the current scenario pre-patch, Soulstruck sceptres was the scenario before the powerful corpse one/is the one on the board atm Before the update After the update All of them moving at the patch
  15. they should just delete knowledge and convert everyone to power since knowledge is such a bad path full of useless abilities
  16. changing wood type turns it into a new item which kicks it out of the craft window, happens for all wood items
  17. you could see haven on golden valley
  18. Looking for lots of sleep powder, offering 75c each and must be delivered to J25 Cele, pm me if you want to sell.
  19. why would getting kills in pvp convert me to judaism
  20. coins aren't on the normal rare roll system they just share the effect, i assume thats why it has no sound