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  1. i feel a barren wasteland is the perfect introduction to wurm online
  2. whatever tool is being used at the time, for example if you're imping metal, imping with the hammer would use your "hammer" skill, whereas the other 4 imps wouldn't use a tool skill, so you just leave it at 0. That tool ql formula is just a general estimate you don't need to be exactly the right ql, as long as you're within like 20 points away, you should be getting good gains. dunno if you can have the tool act as if its under 1ql haven't really tested. 60 mining you're still getting 52% tick rates, so slightly over half of your mines will be getting skillgain with rock at this point. 65ish mining is when it drops under 50% and continues dropping, if you compare rock and copper at 70 mining you'd see copper is about 10% more skill per hour at this point, and this difference only increases the higher you go. 80 mining is lower again, copper/slate/lead at this point is about 25% more skill per hour than rock.
  3. you can close the client and you'll still go to sleep at the end of timer. didnt you already make this suggestion in the past
  4. Yeah this guides more written more towards people who have the basics down, if you're a newer player just playing the game and getting skills as you go along will probably be more enjoyable than supergrinding. Imping timer is always 12 seconds regardless of ql, only stamina remaining and Wind of Ages effect it. If you're doing sweet spot imping or you're imping at/above your skill level you want your tools to be as high ql as possible, if you're imping things slightly under your skill you want to have tool ql approximately equal to your skill, and if you're imping things more than 30 points under your skill, usually if you're interested in body control gains, you'll probably want 1ql tools. The grinder thing is a bit tricky starting out but once you've used it a bit it's really easy, basically higher difficulty lowers the mean, and skill and tool ql raise it,
  5. If you're flattening/leveling a tile next to you, it'll check the items on the tile you're working on, not the one you're on, so if you have 100 items below you but less on tile you're mining, the action will go through, then fail after 1 mine attempt saying its full. if the tile you're working on is full but the tile you're on isn't, it won't let you mine, even though the ore would have dropped into the tile with space. remove item limits ty
  6. shield skill grinding rate is based mainly on how strong you are, if you can tank trolls for days you can grind it really fast and if you're a newbie that dies to a scorpion it's insanely slow. having access to LT and not being 20 strength helps greatly. its also really slow for the first 15 points or so because you can only get shield skill when you block and you can't block anything until you get skill lol a fun way to cheese this is to have an alt healing you while you fight, go and get the kings robes for infinite cotton
  7. until they reenable rifts and its the same as always
  8. do you know where i can apply for my unobtainable weapon, i didn't get one
  9. it sets a precedent that you get preferential treatment from being a forum poster vs someone who simply waited for the bug to get fixed gets nothing. it's not a good look for the game and i would argue worse than occasionally someone cant play the game for a bit. people will forget that they couldnt play for a day or two due to a bug but people won't forget that forum posters get preferential treatment. i'm sure you'll get your hundreds of sleep powder though
  10. premium purchases are logged, people unable to connect aren't. it sucks but theres no way to know who was unable to connect and if you only refund those who complained on the forums thats only helping a vocal minority of players with the issue, and if you refund those who complained on the forums but those who didnt get nothing coz you cant verify they were effected that's also not gonna be equal.
  11. altar influences combat very slightly but its not really anything worth building altars for. all the actual follower bonuses do not need altar influence.
  12. Looking for 400-500 sleep powder in total depending on price, must be delivered to east cele coast, pm me how much and price.
  13. boy its a good thing there's an explanation of what it means in the rules (perhaps in some brackets, such as these?) otherwise that'd be really confusing! multiboxing has always been used to reference using scripts to control multiple clients at the same time in pretty much any game i've ever played, and multiplaying is the act of running multiple clients. i know your thought of "its really confusing to newbies" seems really convincing but the amount of misinformation about any aspect of the game i've heard in the past it's safe to assume pouring breakfast confuses some of these people
  14. B ) Multiboxing (automated sending of actions to more than one client at the same time) if running 2+ clients was bannable there wouldn't be anyone left in the game coz they'd all be banned
  15. you can run multiple clients its saying you can't send actions to multiple clients at the same time via demultiplexer or whatever, hence the part in brackets where it explains what is considered multiboxing and what you cant do. if you read the line above it it tells you that macroing isn't allowed either. The difference between a macro and a multibox script as it's explained in that post is that a macro is just general automated gameplay, whereas the multiboxing part is specifically talking about mirroring client movements (for example, pressing a keybind on one client presses that keybind on all of your open wurm clients, it's only automated gameplay for the secondary clients but it's still not allowed at all).
  16. For saccable things, when using the details mode, show favor given by saccing, toggle in settings for it if you really care about it or something idk, or maybe even when hovering over the altar say how much favor is in it currently
  17. its talking about doing actions without watching your game, ie a wireless keyboard or whatever. not watching the action bar go up is fine, just have to be there when the actions are queued, because if you get macro checked and you sit there mashing buttons mindlessly you might get banned/look like a bot even if you were doing the actions manually.
  18. client lag connection lag and server lag are all seperate things. you'll see it when regenerating stamina or aggroing mobs that it'll take a few seconds for them to catch up, but you'll be able to freely queue up actions or walk around or whatever in this time. it usually does a good job of hiding the server lag from the player fun fact sleep bonus and upkeep last roughly 10% longer on xanadu due to this
  19. you get a referral if you buy premium from the store WITHOUT buyong one of the starter packs. like if you bought 2 months for 16e as first time prem you'd get it, but if you bought 2 months for 8e you wouldn't. you already got the value of the referral in the cheaper first time premium, isn't a bug.
  20. how do i jump and milk the bulls