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  1. since latest patch i've noticed i've been able to see through my slate walls just by walking into them, haven't tested with other walls https://i.gyazo.com/44f1a13fbf2c86824772f55d7c9ec33e.mp4
  2. Was watching a uniques wounds in a fight today, an infection wound was opened at the start of a fight, in the next minute the wound grew to 6.something damage from all the other players attacks stacking into this wound as it was the first wound and had a 50% chance to have attacks stack into it instead of forming their own wound, then magically healed due to it being an infection, it was really cool and fun and a really enjoyable game mechanic for the whole family to enjoy is this going to be fixed anytime soon? if not can you make dispelling bt not really hard so i can fix my weapons due to the brokenness of it ty
  3. thats what you get for that crime against nature
  4. Looking for 2-5k 90+ql planks depending on price, higher ql is goodererer pm me
  5. the notification was removed like a year ago, you dont get told when uniques spawn
  6. Looking for a bonking stick made from addy/glimmer/seryll, pm me whatcha got
  7. as title, found a traitor that was inside a fenced off deed, i had permissions to enter so it was gucci but it can easily lead to something that can't be killed, or a mission mob that gets dunked by templars and leaves the mission up till it expires
  8. crate of leather for sale, some assembly required
  9. this would be a community slaying, not a private slaying, and use the rules under it. you're linking the rules for private slayings which is referring to the use of stealthing alts near the slaying without the host knowing lol
  10. i think my dog has asthma but i love him anyway
  11. if you werent forced to do things you despise would it really be a wurm online journal
  12. pm me how much you got + price
  13. 13 public slayings m9 theyre on the forums and all
  14. lmao i'm just shitposting because your analogies are really bad like hilariously bad "hurr durr i dont find them so they're not available content", the spawn code in WU was a red herring as anyone who isn't a smoothbrain and hunted uniques could tell you. everyone has the same chance to find a unique, i barely even find them anymore so i don't see why i'm being being used as an example in this as if i'm the king of uniques lol, if you don't like private slayings go look for uniques and make public slayings. there's been 13 public slayings since the start of this year unless i'm missing some, over 2 a month, your argument of "content being blocked off" is complete ###### as the public slayings on the forums would tell you. tldr git gud you dont find uniques by crying on the forums that you deserve things because you pay a subscription you find them by leaving deed and exploring
  15. can i come live in your deed and use your tools and materials and stuff? we should all be able to have a piece of the pie
  16. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Rarity_system this page is pretty outdated and has info in it that's just outright wrong I'm just gonna go ahead and go down the list Premium accounts have an added bonus to the creation of rare, supreme, and fantastic items over non-premium players. Premium players do not have a bonus to rare creation. I can vouch for this from my time rare spamming. They have an added bonus for the item to go supreme or fantastic, but if they were non-premium they would instead get a rare. Supreme chance is 1/12 for premium and 1/50 for non-premium, fantastic chance is 1/4750 for premium and 1/5000 for non-premium, if both these fail the item is rare. When rare items were introduced players were told "You get approximately 1 chance of 50% each hour to create a rare item." What this actually means to game play is unknown. The odds of creating a rare seem to be much higher than improving an item and making it rare. On average you will get one moment of inspiration per 1 hour and 55 minutes or so. What's really going on server side is you get a window every hour or so, that has a 50% chance to be a rare window, 4% chance to be supreme, and 0.0103 chance to be fantastic (assuming prem for supreme/fantastic). This ends up with a 54.0103% chance of a moment window every hour on average, with 50% of that being rare. It's correct but worded so weirdly and easy to assume by "create a rare item" that supreme is also included in it. Some items have a chance to retain their rarity when combining with other non-rare items. This was removed. If the item is fantastic, you will also get a skill tick, but a much larger one than a supreme. skill tick is 10x the size Raw Materials This includes anything you use up to create something else, examples being Sand, Dirt, Planks, Nails and so on. Upon completely consuming the item - through improving with it, or creating an item with it - there is a small chance of its rarity transferring to the item that are being worked on exists. The chance is 1/parts chance for creation, and the order in which you put in the rare+ parts and normal parts has no effect on the chance of the item being rare. For improving, it's 1/100 chance when the rare material is fully consumed, and will not give a moment of inspiration popup, the item will simply turn rare+. Tools and Toolbelts In addition to the damage reduction and enchant decay already listed (should be 10/20/30% reduction but whatever, with weird wurm maths that could be correct for all i know) Rare+ also imp faster (10% rare, 20% supreme, 30% fantastic). Note this is the rarity of the item being imped, not the item imping. They also lose less ql while repairing (1/2 rare, 1/3 supreme, 1/4 fantastic). Armor In addition to the 3% per rarity level damage reduction, they also add 3% per rarity level glance rate, and 3% per rarity level to power of enchants on the armor (a 104 aosp fantastic armor for example, will return 110% of damage dealt to you. I learnt this sparring against enki in the shrimpalong and i was doing more damage to myself than i was to him due to his fantastic aosp armor) Weapons 1/3/5% damage based on rarity, and 10/30/50% extra crit chance based on rarity. the crit chance is pvp only and a percent of the weapons base crit chance. Like, a huge axe is 1% crit chance base, rare 1.1%, supreme 1.3%, fantastic 1.5%. Artifacts have the bonus crit chance removed because they're only fantastic and that'd be op or something. Horse Shoes It's not a flat bonus, Rarity adds 3/6/9% bonus to the amount of speed you get from ql+woa.
  17. hover over your farming ingame, is it 99.9999/84 or 92? if so the last 2 ticks takes a very long time, somewhere in the realm of like, 100-200 hours of non-stop grinding if i had to take a guess with past experiences
  18. vroom pic is me with my red scale heely crocs
  19. don't meteors leave a giant glowing light where they are that you can see from anywhere in the map?
  20. if your fish are being caught without fighting back - too easy if your fish are getting stuck in a minute or two of fighting before getting caught/getting away = perfect spot, lots of fishing xp because you get a tick every few seconds they're on the line, as well as a huge tick when you start trying to reel them in if the fish are getting away quickly without being reeled in - too hard best skillgain is catching about 75% give or take of fish you hook and the rest get away its not rocket science it works just like every other skill where you balance diff vs skill+ql, you can lore tiles to check what you'd catch in that area, takes like 5 attempts max to find out if its too hard/easy main problem is i see people start at the big fishing rods and get confused why they can't catch anything, you're supposed to start with the smaller rods and work your way up as you get more skill