To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. 12 minutes ago, Arronicus said:

    Very similar frustration I have: On PvE if you try to logout in a bed, on deed, you have a 5 minute timer if you recently got attacked, meaning that if I'm trying to log off and go to bed (IRL) and get bit by  a hellhorse off my cart, or anything similar, I now have to wait at the computer for 5 minutes for my character to log off, before I can shut down. Why not make logoffs instant on deed in PvE, if say you're using a bed?

    you can just close the client and your character will go to sleep at the end of the timer even if the clients closed.

  2. If this rift is at 8am, then the next one will be at like 10, then the one after that is like 12 and so on, and you can always go to another server if it's too early/late for you. The overall population yesterday at 8am your time is 486, whereas the peak of the entire day was 897, or around 60% or so. You're acting as if it's some ghost town where nobody plays but there's plenty of people that play at those time zones and go to rifts (i know this because celes population is often 3-4x higher than what it normally is when there's a rift during the "undesirable hours"), and "fixing" them by making their spawns more likely to go to higher population times isn't fair to people who play in these timezones. Even now, they slightly gravitate towards more populated times as their rifts get closed quicker unless the offpeak times are filled with stacked toons.


    If you can't imagine yourself doing 100 rifts in the current setting imagine doing them as someone in an off peak timezone after your "fixes" that make all the rifts in the middle of the night for them lmao

  3. Less chance for rifts in a certain timezone due to population = peoples gameplay in that timezone is valued as less important as they have less of a chance at getting content. it's already a problem with things like impalongs (all the events are at us/eu time), unique slayings, staff run events/giveaways, practically all events are based in us/eu time as it is and people from the opposite timezone are left behind, there shouldn't be more game mechanics to encourage disregarding these players


    the smaller servers often get 15-30 people doing rifts in the middle of the night na/eu time so sounds like an indy problem more than a game problem.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Platyna said:

    What is the point for a server to open an even where 10 people participate out of 80 who regularly play on the server? 

    so those 10 people can experience rifts when they otherwise couldn't? is their gameplay less important because they play at less populated times?

  5. 10 hours ago, SweetSerenade said:

    Fo's heals give healing skill because they supplement healing

    they give channeling, i've never heard of them giving healing skill

    10 hours ago, SweetSerenade said:

    as of right now high repair skill will result in less durability loss than casting the spell itself.

    If you're like, 90+ repairing sure, and even with higher diff things like scale/plate/chain armor mend will be better than repairing even at those levels. For example, with a pickaxe it takes 92 repairing for repairing to be more effective than mending, mends already absurdly powerful as it is, as well as being able to fix things repair can't, i don't think it needs buffs. It's already equivalent/better than 90 repairing for the large majority of items in the game, and that's comparing to a 1 channelling priest as it doesn't even use spell power or anything.

  6. ingame, press o, hover over tools, click more, spell effects


    Should look like this 7ec77a1964dec4e7e01e5f78413ad2b2.png With the effect changing based on what shoulder pads you're wearing and the ql+rarity of them. iirc the human skull shoulder pads were 5% when i was wearing 2 rare 75ql ones, but not sure on that as i don't have any to check

  7. has the latest changes to quality curving, but it's missing the rule of 70 


    110628 Full loot reinstated

    • The partial loot system was abandoned in it's cradle and full loot is reinstated with some major improvements to armour instead:
    1. The rule of 70 is applied to armour, which means that armour (like weapons) is 91% effective at quality level 70. At quality level 30 it is 51% effective.


    Weapons and armors use this curve, and the curve is applied before the recent "effective ql" change so for example a ~6ql weapon curves up to 30ql, which is 51% effective, or half the damage of a 100ql weapon. This uses the same formula as the "epic curve" which can be seen/compared to the numbers in the patch note at^2+from+0+to+100

  8. they go faster currently


    rare+ boats were teased at having 30% extra storage space per rarity level for the elevation relaunch, but that idea got scrapped. would be much nicer if vehicles had that instead of the mild speed boost they have currently

  9. Bump still a bad system


    if you're concerned about muh markets or whatever usually stops you might I suggest tying it to rune system replacing the "enchant success" rune line and make add 2.5/5 to the bonus, up to the cap of 5. "enchant success" runes, if you've read how they work before, do literally nothing due to every single priest that's being used for cast already hitting 70 bonus from alignment/altars and the rune is equivalent to standing on a 6ql altar, at best lmao, well worth the .2 seryll they take to make

  10. Since "rewarding people for grinding super high" and preventing grinding past 75 being wasted effort is the hot topic of the month with the imbue discussion, can we remove this archaic system and instead have <-100 and >100 rolls instead just cap to -100 and 100 instead of rerolling, as these features make grinding any skill that doesn't cap max ql to skill level and deals in <20 difficulty actions, mainly creation skills, past 75 and especially past 90 almost worthless. Skills like metallurgy coalmaking locksmithing etc are hit especially hard by this weird mechanic, grinding from 70 to 99 coalmaking for example only increases your average coal pile ql from 70 to 76 when using 90ql mats, talk about a waste of time lmao

  11. 13 minutes ago, Ekcin said:

    But that tagging rumour is what I only heard, never could corroborate much less prove

    You have to have it targeted within a few minutes of it dying and be within 4 tiles of it when it dies (this is why archery/aoe spell spamming often doesn't give points), not much else. i used to tag on alts and it worked just fine, got 100+ points on 1fs alts with no weapons plenty of times. maybe they changed it idk, rifts aren't good enough for me to warrant testing how they work, i just afk slap mobs when i go to them


    14 minutes ago, Ekcin said:

    Maybe I missed something. But if I did, others did too. And those spreading the word about tagging x mobs do not seem to be the ones who really fight in rift combat. Which cannot be said from you or Madnath. So kindly explain.

    i never said a single thing about tagging, this was my first post in this thread and I was explaining how points to rewards work. I've done plenty of rifts in the past to know how they work, and so has madnath (he's not even in this thread why is he being brought up)