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  1. GM decisions aren't set in stone, most likely depends on what's best for everyone


    ages ago a member of my alliance on indy didn't want a highway going through their deed at that time, someone made a dirt bridge right next to their deed for a highway (and ripped up a rice farm for it), gm said it was okay for the highway to be removed with no replacement as they didn't want a highway there in the first place, so my money is on local populace > road builder

  2. 4 hours ago, Ricowan said:

    Most people I know only have 6 to 8 hours a week to play games, and that's split between multiple games, in most cases. 

    i imagine the average potential new player would have more free time due to school/work closures from corona, especially if theyre looking at new mmo's to pass the time

  3. A thought i had, randomly, meditating and faith doesn't transfer, are you not worried about the fact that this will most likely end up on people grinding on the freedom server and porting over for pvp, like how it goes with epic currently (ok nobody ports over to epic to pvp anymore lol)? You could be PoK/PoP 11 on freedom as any follower for the bonus skillgain and ability to grind without priest restrictions, then choose a combat meditating path and be a priest on the pvp server with no penalty, other than having to avoid grinding certain skills that won't transfer and the fact that you'd have to grind meditating on two clusters, which isn't much of a barrier, as you'll probably only need to get 30/50 on the pvp server.

  4. mobs don't use armor types they have flat DR, with glance % being half their DR. damage type doesn't matter, you can confirm that by chucking an acid/cold salve on your weapon, you'll see damage doesn't change even if it should when you check it against the armor calculator.

  5. 9 hours ago, Zucian said:

    is tailoring/leatherworking missing or am i blind?

    Just uses the general "imping" section, nothing special for leatherworking. Leather gloves don't take much leather, saddles/drake are probably the most valuable things to imp rare so they're good if you dont care about wasting leather.

  6. 2 minutes ago, LionIX said:

    Do you have the difficulties to cut down based on age?

    goes down as they age, 15 at young, 1 for shriveled.

    for that saw vs hatchet, saw is 1 str 1 stam 1 logic, vs hatchets 2 str 1 stam, personal preference but i prefer str vs ml

  7. Some random guide i wrote up because the actual info around for grinding is laughable at best outside of like 2 good guides and some newbies might actually think thats correct


    This guide assumes you'll be using the skill grinder at https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ and have a basic understanding of how to figure out effective skill+tool ql vs difficulty for some parts, and know the basis for skillgain is a roll between 1.01-39.99 (will be reffered to as 1-40 so i dont have to type it out each time). If a skill has its own tab in the grinder, use it.


    Types of grinding


    Imping - Use high ql tools and imp one item to the sweet spot (skill x .77 +23), this will give double sized ticks when you are imping above it. If you can get someone with higher skill to give you something imped this high OR can create it high ql by default, it's a huge help. If you're imping it by yourself, you'll get about 60% ticks or so double sized when imping at this point, if you have a friend with much higher skill (or a single imbued tool) keep it slightly higher than this point 100% of ticks will be double sized. Do not let timer length go over 15 seconds when sweet spot imping as this will ruin gains.
    You either want to imp something you'd like rare/is valuable when rare, or whatever uses the least materials, or whatever you can create high ql without skill for sweet spot imping.
    CoC skillgain only effects thing being used, not parent skill. So if like you're doing fine carp vs carp, imping mallet you'd get 100% carp, but imping rope tool you'd get 100% fine carp 100% carp normally, with 100 coc it'd be mallet 200% carp vs rope tools 100% carp 200% fine carp. Sweet spot changes this to 400% vs 100%/400%. It's anywhere from 25-100% more overall skill to grind with the sub-skills than the parent skills, so if you're planning to grind both to a certain point it's more efficient to grind the sub-skill first.
    If you cannot make the materials required to sweet spot imp, you want to imp things that are around 15-0 under your skill, depnding on your tool ql. Tool ql equal to skill you'd want 10ql under. Use the grinder to find out the perfect spot.


    Creation - You want your create chance to be 75% if possible, 60-80% is fine but as close to 75% create chance as possible will get you the best skillgain. Some skills have CoC tools avaliable, some don't, some might be a little more hidden(for example, coalmaking you can grind with coc kindling+log by spamming unfinished log piles, but if you were making the actual log piles you wouldn't be using coc for the 24 or whatever logs you have to attach). By default these grind much slower than other skills due to the 33% skillgain on creation/continiung. Best skillgain is around 75% attach chance for continuing, same as creation, if you use equal ql mats to what you used to create it then that's the continue chance. Alcohol increases diff but is too much actions for little benefit here imho

    Creating houses is fine skillgain for masonry/carp but doesn't come close to sweet spot imping.


    Random skills that might not be obvious/don't deserve their own paragraph
    Nat subs - the potency of the cover (part 1 x part 2's potency) is the diff of the item. 
    Coalmaking - CoC kindling + logs is best, making actual piles is worse.
    Firemaking - unfinished torches with CoC Tar. (thanks ping)
    Milling - Anything till like 70, corn after that
    Paving - imp catseye
    Prospecting - prospect with 1ql, tap w each time you queue up actions, if you don't you occasionally set off old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain. if you think skillgain stopped walk to another tile coz you might have set it off.
    Prayer - 1ql altar all the way, prayer has super low diff, it's easier to grind as non-priest than it is priest due to faith bonus actually negatively impacting your skill tick chance.
    Exorcism - Low ql altars, a priest to heal you coz you will get wounds that can kill you.
    Ropemaking - imp fish keep net/net trap. fish one is easier to make, both use .5kg string to imp.
    Meditating - Start with like a 40ql rug and drop it over time to 1ql at 60 skill, don't meditate on special tiles as they'll mess with skillgain. you can get 11 at least a month before the timer for it if you're meditating 9x a day.
    Shipbuilding - small tackles are impable, 6.5kg, fit in inventory and can be bsb'd if you need to save logs, but a rare ship is a valuable thing you can sell for a sleep bonus fund so either are good.
    Cooking/baking/beverages/whatever uses cooking system - you want diff of thing being made to be as close as possible to 10 under your skill. Alcohol increases diff. Best way to grind is to get lots of forges/ovens/whatever, fill hundreds/thousands of items to be made, light them all at once and if using alcohol get yourself to good spot. turn on sleep bonus right as the ticks start flowing in. 30+ diff meals give the biggest skill tick size, anything less than that is smaller ( 1 toast which is 10 diff, has 1/3 the tick size of a 30 diff meal). Meat+veg for HFC, fruit bread for baking, spearmint tea for beverages.
    Shield bashing - you have to hit the shield bash for skillgain, if the bash does damage you chance to get another tick that's double sized. Low body control mobs are easier to shield bash (most passive mobs, trolls have really low BC, can combine shield bashing training with pen shield training), as are enemy kingdom alts with no armor. PVP has a super bonus to skillgain iirc so bashing alts is the fastest way, but probably frowned upon by pvp purists.
    First aid - Bigger wounds - higher diff healing. should be 75% of bandages to actually heal for best skillgain, haven't tested in a while.
    Repairing - Mallet to 50, Ring to 70, Large saddle seat to 85, chain jacket to 100 ( beaut med rugs are better 90+ but dont form piles, chain jackets are much easier to manage but you need a lot more of them). Lava is your best way of damaging to grind, 24 hours on lava gives 96 dmg so its a daily grind thing.
    Fishing - you want to balance fish diff vs skill+rod ql+ things on rod. Huge tick for hooking fish, small ticks every few seconds while it's hooked. When you get message that it's hooked, turn on sleep bonus then click to hook it, then turn off sleep bonus after it's caught/swims away. Balance rod ql vs fish caught so that you get around a minute of fighting on the line before it's caught/gets away. If you're catching 100% of them its too easy. Fish nets work until like 40 or so then gains drop off hard.
    Farming - 1ql rake, potato/cotton/wemp/rye from 1-70, oats/pumpkin/cucumber/reed/barley/carrots 60-100. wheat from 70, cabbage/corn from 85. Garlic with 80+ skill 90+ql rake is good gains too but you need more land to make up for fast rake times. Anything harvested with scythe uses coc/woa for harvesting, all other plants dont coz they use hand to harvest. seed ql+farming skill = plant speed.
    Forestry - Harvest is best, pick sprouts if nothing is season
    Gardening - imp trellis
    Animal taming - (assuming venerable no traits) pig till 40, black bear till 65, cave bug till 75, unicorn till 95, hell horse till 100
    Animal husbandry - shearing sheep is great gains if you have lots of sheep, otherwise groom everything.
    Metallurgy - Brass/bronze till 60ish then electrum. Low ql lumps are a necessity.
    Jewelry smithing - imp iron bowls, if they go rare you can try for a rare altar vs ball which makes nothing
    Plate armor smithing - can imp scale which uses leather, or iron plate.
    Lockpicking - you want pick chance to be like 8% or so, skill + lockpick ql vs containers ql and lock ql. You can coc the lockpicks but you'll break hundreds of them grinding.
    Treb/catapault - Put treb/cata at base of dirtwall, wall on top of dirtwall, shoot the thing, rock lands on dirt wall next to you, pick it up, reload. Winches is diff, can't remember what diff is for trebs i'll edit it in at some point
    Thatching - imp thatch roof
    Climbing - make a drop shaft in a mine, climb up it until you run out of stam and fall down, climb up again (no fall damage in caves)
    Archaeology - diff depends on how many disbanded deeds are in the area, you'll need to test it out yourself, you want average frag ql of a stack of 100 to be around 25 or so for best skillgain. Around a 40ql brush at 90 skill was good for me, but that might not be good for you if you have more/less disbanded deeds in area than me. lowish ql chisel to do restoration afterwards


    Weapon skills - Weapon skill is based on damage dealt, and is capped at around 50% of the enemies health dealt in a single blow, so tanky mobs that you glance a lot against aren't good for skillgain whereas squishy mobs are. You want to avoid fighting trolls scorps anacondas etc *unless* you have a venom weapon and are reasonably strong *or* they're the only thing in the area, but they won't be good skill. Venom is the superior grinding enchant as it removes glance entirely means you hit more often which means more skill more characteristics more affinity chances. BT increases damage+skillgain but often takes you well over the 50% cap on skillgain, FB/FA do not increase skillgain and their damage takes away possible skillgain you could have gotten, RT increases skillgain but also increases damage dealt to the weapon itself so not good for skilling, ED is just bad and people make fun of you for having ED. LT is a contender for best skilling weapon if you're not that strong or there is a lot of mobs in the area that your natural health regeneration can not keep up with. A good skiller would be WoA (nimb if it's a 3 second swing weapon) - Venom/LT - CoC - MS. Good ql armor and weapons, a fast horse+geared up and high Web armor casts on your armor are all massive boosts to how much skill/hour you can get hunting, if anyone tells you WA doesn't work in pve or that you should use aosp in any form inside wurm online thats not a horse barding /ignore them.


    Shield skills - Shield skill gained is based on damage blocked, so blocking stronger mobs = more skill. Pen training you're limited to 15 minutes per mob until skillgain stops, this resets after 4 hours of not fighting the mob. Your CR vs theirs is chance for skill tick, so there's lots of variables so you'll have to play around with it yourself to find the best way. Ideally you want something you can tank for the full 15 minutes without healing, and if you're pen training, catch some angry/greenish trolls for high level. Use around a 50ql shield starting out, and once you get to 70ish skill drop it down. For grinding mobs, you want things with strong slow attacks, as you can only get shield skill ticks so often. Ideally you want to just get to 60-70ish by hunting in normal fighting and not worry about shield training until you can tank trolls for extended periods.


    Gathering skills - using a 1ql
    Mining - rock(can flatten cave roof for up to 100 mines per click if you have stamina)/iron to 70, copper/slate/lead from 60- 100. you can start with silver at 80, gold at 90, sandstone 99, lower if you use above 1ql pick but since grinding mining at this point is so slow you might need to take a few pickaxes in the mine with you to keep your idea ql level, easier to just use 1ql the whole way. You'll most likely be balancing around your characteristics instead of your mining level anyway.
    Digging - Digging is special in the fact that 5 slope - 1 diff so you can grind to 100 digging on moss clay even dirt if you're digging at the base of dirtwalls but for this we'll assume it's flat ground coz its easier. Leveling is 33% skillgain compared to digging, dig to pile if you're dropping it into a bsb after can trigger an old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain so i'd recommend digging to inventory. Dirt/sand/moss from 1-70, clay from 50-100, tar from 85-100. Again you'll most likely be balancing around characteristics not digging and can make dirtwalls to change diff.
    Woodcutting - Chopping down diff is based on tree age, cutting up is based on tree type. Most common tree types are 2-10 diff, walnut 15 willow 18 oak 20, so 1-80 you can either cut down+chop up everything with a 1ql hatchet, or cut down with a high ql hatchet, load like 60 felled trees into a wagon/have dedicated storage boats for felled trees, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with a 1ql hatchet and crates nearby to chuck all the low ql logs into for coalmaking grinds or fuel or whatever. After 80 You either want to grow a huge walnut forest (takes irl months to grow to overaged) or have a fo priest wild growth oaks trees (if you're wild growth-ing you can have them all packed together, they only kill nearby trees when they age up naturally), takes like 15 casts or so to take an area to overgrown trees, chop em all down, chuck into a wagon, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with 1ql hatchet. I'd recommend getting yourself a nice wound to grind with, as getting trees to grind with is pretty hard at this point. You can also go around deforesting everything still, but skillgain for WC drops hard after 80 skill if you're cutting down birch/pine/whatever.

    You want diff to be 10-25 under your skill. You want alignment to be LOW (especially at 30-70 skill, past 90 skill alignment doesn't mean anything, in the 30-70 range high alignment will mess with skilling and force you to use much harder spells than you would with low alignment+altar), you can put on a single plate glove to get the casting penalty to lower the bonus that alignment gives you. You want another gods influence to be overpowering your own gods altar. Ideally you want linked accounts, as many as you can muster, alts are good but you can probably get a couple of people to link to you at a public sermon ring. If you have 10 alts you can grind channeling to 100 non-stop with no sacrificing, but 1 alt sacrificing while you cast will increase your skill/hour a lot. Each link adds +3 to diff, and therefore increases the range of skill that you can grind with a certain spell. You can have 1+channeling/10 links in total, which gives you 10 max links at 90 skill. Libilia is the best to grind with as she gets +15% skillgain as well as 10% more favor regenerated, vynora is also good as she gets +10% skillgain and can cast wisdom of vynora on herself for sleep bonus. 10 linked vyn alts casting wisdom of vynora every 30 mins on your main priest lets you get 96m of free sleep bonus a day while giving you non-stop casting.
    If you're maxing out links, add 2 to each number, per linked priest you have (2 links = morning fog to 39)


    Fo - Morning fog to 35, acid protection to 50, dirt to 70 (can cast dirt till 80ish if you'd rather the dirt than a bit more skillgain), lurker in woods to 100
    Mag - Light token to 35, frost protection to 55 (can go to 65 with it, blaze is better skill/hour but uses more favor/skill), blaze to 70 (if linking only use to 80, lurker better favor to skillgain ratio), lurker in dark/woods to 100
    Lib - Bless to 35, Poison protect to 50, dark messenger to 70, lurker in the dark to 100
    Vyn - Opulence to 35, Fire protection to 55 (can go to 65 with it, glacial is better skill/hour but uses more favor/skill), glacial to 70, lurker to 100 ( can cast coc/woa/aosp and sell that instead for a more casual grind)

    For butchering the animal, diff for meat is parts already butchered x 3, so the first one butchered is 0 diff, the next is 3 diff, one after that 6 diff, and so forth. Around a 15 diff mark is where you'd want to balance your knife ql for. Use CoC+WoA/BOTD and be full health+stam as the butcher/filet time does not effect skillgain, only how many things you butcher. For fileting, diff = damage, so ideally you want to lava the meat to high damage and counter that with a high ql knife for really fast butcher actions. From 1-60 kill+butcher+filet everything with your lowish ql knife, past 60, butcher with a high ql rare+ knife to get the most meat, gather up thousands of it, lava it all at the same time then when you get the right diff turn on sleep bonus and go to town fileting. Pre-fsb meat can be 0.6-1.2kg whereas fsb'd meat is 0.3kg so you'll get way more use out of your time fileting meat before you fsb it ( a 1.2kg meat gives 4 butchering tick chances, a 0.3kg meat gives 1).


    Characteristics work similar to channeling, you want the diff to be 10-25 under your characteristics, say you were mining rock (2 diff), you had 90 str, 50 mind logic, 20 stamina. You'd get a str tick on 1.55% of mines, a mind logic on 34% of mines, and a stamina on 53% of mines. Each characteristic does its check seperately so having super high str won't impact your stamina gain for example, but if they were that far apart you wouldn't be able to grind both at the same time effectively. For imping, the diff is equal to the ql of the thing being imped ( imping 90ql tool = 90 diff = no characteristic gain for pretty much anyone). For Melee weapons, its equal to the weapon skill (90 huge axe skill = 90 diff str check = barely any characteristic gain again). CoC does not effect characteristics, i dont care if you heard in ca help that it does because it doesn't.
    Best way to grind each characteristic, other ways are almost always slower/require too much input


    Body Strength - Woodcutting to 40(will give 2x strength 1x stam ticks when using a hatchet, but no way of using this effectively past 40), mining/digging from there
    Body Stamina - mining/digging always, woodcutting is equal with them up to 40
    Body Control - Archery or Longsword+shield(requires your attention but great gains), Archaeology(afkable)


    Mind logic - Panfilling, Mining/digging
    Mind speed - Shield training, Hunting


    Soul strength - Mining
    Soul Depth - Panfilling, Farming


    Grinding wounds

    You can freeze wounds so that they never improve/worsen cd6a8064af05227d054d3092d3869c14.pngmight have to examine wound if you dont have high first aid

    its around 6-10 depending on fat layers to freeze a bad or severe, depending on your fat layers and if you're fo or not you might have to do some trial and error. Frozen wound = stamina doesn't go up past that point = longer timers = less materials used, good for things like restoration, metallurgy or anything really if you're a path of power boi. Lava gives pretty consistent wounds as does jumping off a dirt wall, so they're a good place to start one. when you're finished and want the wound gone just sacc a rare/like 50 favor worth of things and the wound will instantly heal.




    if you comment below just to argue rethink life

  8. also, are kingdom mobs spawning everywhere (hyenas boars gorillas) going to be fixed? ever since the change to make them spawn everywhere on freedom they no longer spawn with a kingdom, cover the entire map (in kingdom lands you'll get even more of them due to natural spawns + kingdom influence spawns, but the influence spawns don't have a kingdom anymore) and attack everyone regardless of kingdom, on chaos/epic they're a mild annoyance at most because they slap your horse when you ride past but if you don't have a fast horse/can't kill them they have massive aggro/follow ranges and will probably dumpster anyone exploring around early on

  9. Will the healing reduction increase from earlier this year be looked at before this server releases? from my understanding, it was from people tanking hits and healing it up while in the middle of a boat fight, but imho, this is more of an effect of SOTG rather than healing, the rate at which it was increased from healing was ramped up, but since SOTG has reduced healing as it is, their healing reduction builds up slower due to their sotg health (if a normal player took 100 dmg in a short time while getting spam healed for the full time would give them 450s healing reduction, in the same situation a SOTG player would take 70 dmg, heal for 70 dmg and get 315s healing resistance), and imho this change negatively impacts everyone that wasn't SOTG more than it effects SOTG players (imho the accelerated healing reduction buildup should be a SOTG thing), and since you won't be able to get SOTG on this server, healing have been nerfed due to this interaction that isn't even possible on the new servers.


    • Weapons/Armour tweaks to change the meta up, we will be leaving this undocumented."

    Will the base ideas behind the weapons be the same (things like longswords are average damage super high parry, axes are high damage low parry, mauls are a middle ground etc), or are the weapon classes getting a complete rework?


    If tomes aren't going to be a thing it'd be cool if you could get 1 use then gone version of the sorcery spells/temporary damage resistance/debuffs from the valrei/chests or something, if they're expendable it's a bit easier to balance than one shot then you have it permanently tomes

  10. all mobs have set starting characteristics, which varies by mob, age doesnt effect it. ridden horses actually gain soul strength for every minute they're ridden by players coz of trait checks but it'd take months of nonstop riding to be a noticeable difference, in wu a gm can change its soul str to make a certain horse more/less likely to use its traits.


    mobs can gain skills same as players if they use them (weaponless fighting and such), and also gain fighting from kills.

  11. if i was in either a 2 man sailboat or a rowboat on a suicide run to an enemy home server for carefree pvp i probably wouldn't have moonmetal on me no thats just silly


    isnt the guy in the front of the rare sailboat wearing seryll plate or is that just dye



    ciray has a scale glove on he's straight reppin

  12. 7 hours ago, Platyna said:

    How long does it typically take, to design accurate tests in the future? This avatar was in a locked pen from to [16:32:06] to [20:27:40]. Unfortunately it disappeared after mission was finished. 

    mobs only bash when they're starving which takes a few days to get to

  13. Will tomes still drop from uniques/be in the marks store or are they completely removed?


    Has there been any thought into reducing the RNG of normal horse traits effecting speed? Feels pretty bad that a horse can go 40km/h one minute and 25km/h the next, and you can abuse certain mechanics to reset the traits until it's full speed anyway so that should probably be looked at if we're going horse only


    Overall some good changes, looking forward to pvp release