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  1. if i was in either a 2 man sailboat or a rowboat on a suicide run to an enemy home server for carefree pvp i probably wouldn't have moonmetal on me no thats just silly isnt the guy in the front of the rare sailboat wearing seryll plate or is that just dye also ciray has a scale glove on he's straight reppin
  2. mobs only bash when they're starving which takes a few days to get to
  3. Will tomes still drop from uniques/be in the marks store or are they completely removed? Has there been any thought into reducing the RNG of normal horse traits effecting speed? Feels pretty bad that a horse can go 40km/h one minute and 25km/h the next, and you can abuse certain mechanics to reset the traits until it's full speed anyway so that should probably be looked at if we're going horse only Overall some good changes, looking forward to pvp release
  4. before when you drove a horse through a wall it'd soft reset you and you'd be back on the tile before the wall, now you're just stuck in it, i've been able to get stuck through walls just walking on paved tiles too https://i.gyazo.com/540547cbdf2906155610e4d01067d6cf.mp4 My horse that got driven through the wall started drowning even though it was on land too
  5. Favor regen and items from praying isn't something that a high end priest relies on, it's only really useful if you have no way of making your own favor, which is what someone starting out a priest would lack, but your suggestion impacts the starter priest the most by halving the chance for gems/bonus favor and severely lowering the base regeneration until you grind up to 50/70/whatever, which takes a long time, i got to 100 faith and was like 25 prayer or something. It fails in the same points that new fishing does, having a bunch of extra skills required to use a main skill doesn't make it more deep or complex or anything, it just makes it tedious. Looking at your graph it's 1-3% changed by skill, but also modified by altar ql, so like a new priest is starting out, and with your idea, they have 1/5 of the favor regen they would and 0.3-0.6% chance or so for a bonus from praying, it's a knockdown to the group of players that aren't starting out, whereas anyone with a veteran priest is completely unaffected by it as they have 0 reason to pray/make altars/whatever outside of doing the journal goal.
  6. how is making everything worse unless you grind this garbage skill (and adding a JS requirement) making it more freedom friendly being a priest is a chore as it is you don't need to add forced prayer requirements to it
  7. will you be allowed to take silver from old servers or trade silver in old servers for stuff in new servers or whatever or nah
  8. Make the electrum mag rune "Magranons fire", would be a cool alternative to have a few of those on you instead of having to gather flammables or whatever this post made by the magranon priest main gang
  9. buying either, pm me price and damage on it.
  10. i cant believe retro told me to bump this then proceeded to ignore it, i've received a nae-nae'ing of the highest degree
  11. is good idea yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees they're almost identical in stats with a medium maul anyway
  12. well i messed up then hopefully you can get rights to the song lyrics before steam release so my post wasn't in vein
  13. i have submitted my answer and expect my premium tomorrow
  14. if you picked the lock it wouldn't change if its planted or not, there's a maul for removing stuff you don't want. this change wouldn't help clean up areas as much as you think it would, just makes looting disbanded deeds more profitable, but thats probably the hidden angle being pushed.
  15. souring the experience of existing customers is their business model isn't it
  16. as title, an option that's on by default to automatically no target when you leave combat range, for all the newbies that are gonna be starting and wondering why they're swinging their weapons around wildly and not fighting, and probably also for archaed who does the same thing and dies to a unicorn while in scale.
  17. as title, pm me. 105+coc is nice
  18. they're not talking about lotime theyre saying they're closing the client then 5 minutes later getting the lost link message because thats what the server timeout is set to