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  1. Unfortunately you were on the podcast or stream "You think you stream, but you really don't" where they covered stream ideas that people bring up and say "No" to them in various ways.
  2. you're aware its logged just like everything else in the game right, and there's multiple staff saying they've never seen it used that way?
  3. i remember when grifo asked the entire server to snipe him, i think we had like 30+ accounts doing it and it didn't work, crez managed to snipe himself once though iirc it was something like 5 + 10% of the population in your kingdom sniping nobody's anonymous to the guy that checks the server logs and sees who's using it tfw nobodys spammed alts to snipe me
  4. i owned a toaster ingame and then pawned it so your point is irrelevant
  5. i demand power tool compensation
  6. Currently it takes like 1h50m or something to destroy the items inside, which is pretty slow, so i'm suggesting make it faster (5m damage, 5m to destroy) or an action on the heap itself, kinda like discard/sacrifice, that destroys everything inside instantly.
  7. Hmm, must have been a rename at some point then, thanks.
  8. Description: Magranon requires you to cut down the Lemon tree southeast of Mortatest. It is located within about 5 map squares of E24 in Freedom Isles. Looking through my logs i've never been through this deed, or located it (i've spammed reveal settlements along pretty much the entire map for these missions so i have a good idea of where pretty much every deed is on the map) and neither has anyone else i've talked to, so i'm pretty sure it's not a current deed. Mission is on Cele.
  9. beast does not appear to be online so i shall be posting the meme in his honor
  10. For the converts should be Nahjo - mag paaweelr - vyn Smeagain - fo Tosiek, Nathan, Gary - Libilia Nahjo was a fo playergod and smeagain was a mag playergod but they mixed it up and just said "you got a transfer if you don't like it" so idk how that equates into what champs people swapped to or if champs can use /transfer
  11. Looks like the chaos champions section is broken since player gods were removed and they got converted to the base gods afaik azraiel and gianna are no longer champs aswell due to the 6 month limit but they haven't logged in or something to send the message out
  12. i wonder if the lag makes sleep bonus last way longer like xanadu does
  13. yeah i like the idea of a "you notice x people listening to your sermon" or whatever, as a person with a bunch of mag priests i know my sermons often get missed up because someone got targeted by a mob that died to guards and got alignment for it.
  14. theres no said place on examine list, the spell list is unordered for whatever reason, adding new spells can mess with the order that spells appear on an item, and it'll only show on spells enchanted after the change.
  15. we gotta be prem already for the loyalty marks or repremming in that time count?
  16. the bug is that you get charged twice. if it's intended to be double charged, then if you mail for cod and it gets returned you should be charged 2c not 1c to make the interaction the same between both forms of mailing, becuase otherwise you can just mail something to yourself for 1i and skip the double charge, which breaks the "system" if it's intended. I'll just leave this guideline here for you about commenting in bug reports
  17. [2020-03-31] [17:01:04] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ai.en'. [2020-03-31] [17:01:11] You have been charged 1 copper. [2020-03-31] [17:01:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. [2020-03-31] [17:03:26] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 3 mail waiting to be picked up. [2020-03-31] [17:03:41] The items are now available and you have been charged 1 copper. [2020-03-31] [17:03:45] You get a maul. ^ sending a maul, and returning it because i forgot to put an enchant on it When the sender pays the sending fee, he will get charged when it's sent. If it's returned, he will have to pay the sending fee again to pick it up. Compared to if they charged cod and it was returned, they would not be charged for sending it, only if it got returned would they have to pay the sending fee on picking up, only getting charged 1c instead of 2c in the example before.
  18. since the downtime will be negatively impacting our april fools, can we get a week of power tool sounds as compensation