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  1. I do have to agree with this.. I am spending way too much time making a road off a mountain than I would be mining out my mine. Surface mining IS a bit excessive in the difficulty with how many hits it takes to get one shard.. I am nearly a skill level 30 and it is taking sooooo many strikes to go down 1. and each side I need to mine down roughly between 15 and 30. I am almost done with the first leg of it.. and at the steepest part before the next leg of my road. I been working at this too much and neglecting other things, because I been on this road even more. I wanted to be done with this road and it is a short one.. days ago.... but no.
  2. very cool picture lol !!!!! It is very spooky and I think, it did not want this picture to be shown that is why, it did not come up the first time! LOL Thank you fixing it!
  3. This is where I am at 891, 698 >>>>>>>>Please Add. Thank you
  4. Tee are you using the steam client? I used the normal one and I logged in fine .. it is the client from steam that is having issues. Below is the message I get when trying to log into the steam wurm client. Sadly when I was in WU .. everytime steam updated it caused issues...and one of the reasons why I left WU.
  5. This is what that looks like in world. One of the many splendid views
  6. You just got to know where to look. But, it is not around populated areas.. Same with Mobs .. I got lost today coming back from the starter town... Not one mob going too, or coming home when I got lost. Maybe Unicorns that is about it.. Too many, maybe thinning the herd would be a good call LOL or cull LOL. ok that was a bad bad pun. sorry guys.
  7. OMG where is that Beanbag? That looks like fun! lol
  8. validate, sorry but for some reason your pics did not post.
  9. Sooo Many wonderful pictures! and it will be great to come back to this thread and remember the good old days LOL
  10. I love the beauty of Wurm.. For me it is one of the reasons why I keep coming back... If I could live i n a virtual world.. it would be Wurm. But minus the spiders I fear them in real life LOL I would pee myself if I seen one as big as they are in wurm lol
  11. Come on I cannot be the onlly one taking pictures. Here is Jackal rising
  12. Lets start picture thread for the new servers..This is Harmony Looking West from in game map M16 This next one someone grief ed me before I could deed I logged out and woke up tot his
  13. I have a mine well just started it to two iron veins.. yay me.. But if i leave the mine and come back... they show as regular rock walls for the first few seconds. and will even say rock... then the image will update I guess and they are iron again.
  14. was taken from wurm discord server
  15. ʀᴇᴛʀᴏɢʀᴀᴅᴇToday at 3:42 PM @everyone Twenty-four hours ago, we launched Harmony and Defiance. Over this time, thousands of players have flooded in to explore the world of Wurm smashing our record with over 2000 concurrent users, and we're thrilled to see this! While we have dealt with the login issues and addressed the majority of crashes and error messages and working on resolving a few more crashes as we go, this amount of players has led to some problems with Harmony encountering some lag. To address this, we're announcing the launch of a second PvE server, Melody! Melody is a smaller server, only 8kmx8km (64 sq km) but will be a new fresh piece of land to explore. It will be accessible from both the tutorial server and Harmony. We'll be launching this server within the next few hours, so hold on tight!
  16. MMM I think I can hazzard a guess but it may take me 5 minutes or more! lolol
  17. I am in the southern part.. still laggy ..UGH make it stop!
  18. No not too thin but livable would be nice.
  19. We need like 2 more servers! LOL PLEEEEEAE