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  1. Ya well I tried again and it made a lier out of myself... the building I am waiting to collapse the walls started to collapse so maybe I can extend my deed before the fence gives out lol
  2. this is perimeter to my deed
  3. I have tried with both stone and brick.. the brick worked with the on on deed.
  4. Pokes politely.. still having same issue...
  5. Ok I have a marble chain fence on my perimeter .. I need to repair it as you can see. But I do not get a repair option.. so I run to fence just like it ON my deed, and there I did have a repair option. I tried marble bricks and shards and just a stone brick.... the stone brick worked on my ON deed fence.. so I run to my off deed fence and the repair option appears..........BUT...........it just appeared just once... After I did the initial repair it still needs worked on but once again i am not getting the option to repair.
  6. yes go ahead and send it! thank you
  7. Do you still have your carving knife? and for how much?
  8. well I decided to end the confusion.. and just take over my alts deed., she is sleeping for now anyway.. need to wait to perm her again after the holidays.. LOL go ahead and close
  9. Oh I did and checked very single box but the colored ones.. I think it is because I am not a citizen
  10. ya I think i figured it out. I am not a citizen of my alts deed that is why.. I think
  11. My alt hold the deed ...but she has given me every perm she can... but yet, when a troll wandered on to my deed .. I could not target it. my templars took care of the troll but but I have not had an issue like this before.. is there something I may be over looking??
  12. Long over do removal Ravens Nest 1628 , -890 or roughly there about thank you
  13. I awhile ago found these cared for horses on New Spring. I have a habit of bring them home and well cannot turn them loose I would perfer to see if their owners what them back.. or for them to uncare for them.. 1. one is a grey no real traits worth to mention. but It is being taken care of by Tristianthybault. 2. one is Kimpick , she is a golden good traits It is being taken care of by Darkoak. 3. It is being taken care of by Savronne. Plain grey 4. It is being taken care of by Dolomite. Old black, but very good traits If you are them or know of them please let them know, that I have their horse..contact me for pick up or to uncare for them.
  14. Whispers that is me.. he has no eyes either https://imgur.com/jC1iOaN
  15. Moving right along