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  1. How I wish it was

    May poke him...
  2. How I wish it was

    LOL real life just got a bit real and I moved and now I am back. I just think there should be a better way to do mods. It is a pita. I can load them but just want something easier and less downloading then putting them in the correct file folder.. I drop down menu and you can check which mods you want or uncheck them if you change your mind. it would be a lot easier.
  3. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

  4. [Release][Client] CustomClientRender

  5. [Release][Client] CustomClientRender

    I am trying to get the bind to work bind q "toggletrees" and I am putting it in the console it says it saved it but still does not work.... Need to take a break. I have tried againstill does not work...
  6. [Release][Client] CustomClientRender

    ya soo I am reinstalling everyting and I forget how to exactly to put in a bind for the toggle trees... /toggletrees bind "q" toggle trees bind q "toggle trees" non of these work and I am not too bright when it comes to mods and such.. I put thse commands in the console.. I am brain dead can someone help me out please..........
  7. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    The tiles.. it does not show them green and yellow to let me know what is level or not.... confused.. I had to reinstall the mods... and now it is not like it use to be. Also not seeing what I use to see in mines as well.....sigh
  8. New animatons?

  9. I been gone for a bit and I know there has been a recent update.. when I cut down trees or dig. I get this weird camera movement.. is this from the recent update and how in the hell can I turn it off. I find it very discerning to say the least and very distracting from what I am doing.. please please make it stop
  10. Secondary Menus not working

    any push to talk. I do not use voice on anything. But will read the other posts.
  11. Secondary Menus not working

    before you go posting the link telling me to make my client window resizeable.. Been there done that ........did not help....any more bright ideas would be appreciated thank you
  12. Damage and decay

    well this was as useless as balls on a snail. lock this since no one .. from staff or users can help..
  13. Damage and decay

    Not a clue anyone??
  14. Damage and decay

    I am a GM on an Unlimited server.. and we have fences that are off deed and we use No destroy and no bash settings and I use disable decay.. in the Item restrictions. and yet .. they still take decay. Why is that? I believe that these settings were broke some how during an update.. I cannot say when sadly. but earlier fences and towers do not take damage or decay but ones after a certain time do.. All I know is that I noticed this several months ago.. my guess may be around the last update. if need a time to check..But it seems to be just on fences and guard towers.
  15. How I wish it was

    I think it should be bumped up on the list now..I mods seem to be my Kryptonite..for me and it takes me alot of time to get them in right..and I hate tiptoing through programming.. I loose a lot of game play time with them and some sanity.