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  1. I do have discord.. but some of my fiends donot have it.... still trying to convince them LOL but ya.. I was not thinking. I jsut wanted to say good morning to the alliance before I went out in the real world for a bit.. real world sucks lOL
  2. I seem to be able to log on fine now.. but before that log on insanity. I was on even earlier.. and it was fine..guess my interent is messed up here lol
  3. trying to log into game it takes for ever and all I see is this Then when I do log into the game the correct way I cannot chat.. I can see others chatting but mine is delayed
  4. I am Mayor of Ravens Roost and I would like my deed added 45y 45x thank you!
  5. Mine has 3.22 damage .. did not have damage before.
  6. Anyone else having connections issues.. Mine started last night.. I thought things were better this morning until now. Major lag spikes . Last night I would reconnect but not able to chat due to the lag. Now, I cannot even connect. I had trouble coming to the forums even, to post this. It is not my internet, everything else works perfectly. just not wurm.
  7. your idea is lovely but please start a new thread with your own idea.. and I know about placing objects. I am moving from one building to another... as stated I do not want a wagon at this time.. I am moving across my deed.. not fine tuning placement.
  8. You speak computer stuff I have not a clue about... I am on a deed.. two... a wagon is not practical for me at this time.. though would be nice to have one. I just do not have or want to critters for it atm... there is no damage if I am pushing it and if there is.. dragging it as I suggested would be the same amount of damage, any those who be in power can decided if it will take damage and if so how much. Unless you are one of those people you cannot say for sure.
  9. Now I think this might be handy.....Just though of it when moving my work shop from my home to a new building. which is a pain when it comes to ovens and forges and I do not have a wagon.... sooo here is my idea. We can haul stuff up and down ladders... why not haul them ( drag them) behind a horse and or a cart. I am not going any great distance, but this would be easier than pushing, physically when one does not have a wagon. What do you guys all think?
  10. wonderful how about the player any one know if she is still in game?
  11. there is a grey horse cared for by Ashleysmile around my area.. do you know if she still plays.. or is still a member of that deed Silvernink Ranch, well that is the deed the horse is branded too.
  12. I am a GM on an WU server and it was because of lag and a relog. LOL happened twice.. the only thing that can kill a GM is the server itself LOL it happens.
  13. and now I can.. not sure what happened
  14. I am not sure what happened, I lagged then crashed. I go to log in and I get this message