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  1. Sold

    How much for one of your rare needles??
  2. Patch Notes 26/APR/18

    Looks like it was up then went down... but give it a few more mintues.. lol
  3. Patch Notes 26/APR/18

    sometimes a half hour longer if you are on Xanadu lol
  4. Patch Notes 26/APR/18

    Big Thumbs up in my book! Thank you!
  5. Statue Mat Request

    And your point is???
  6. Hedge Model Updates

  7. New music

  8. Introduce more threatening mobs onto Freedom.

    I would be happy with more aggressive mobs on New Spring Xan... as of right now it seems to be a new player paradise LOL ( whispers ... less seals please) [19:36:06] A venerable hell scorpious is dead. R.I.P. This is the most dangerous thing on New Spring and I killed it LOL and you do not see these too often.
  9. Statue Mat Request

    I would love to make statues from Slate and someone else I was chatting with said they want to build statues from Sandstone.. Would this be possible???? Pllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee Oh we need new statues too........
  10. Mines.. the joys there of...or not

    ty sigh... I have in world help now... it i s a bigger project than anticipted.. I had to have my fence removed and trees LOLOL oh what a mess lol
  11. Mines.. the joys there of...or not

    Ok I was mining this from the inside.... so I can get a flush opening with the ground. but it angles up both on the outside and inside... Please do not say cement because that would only take care of it slightly from in inside.. I cannot collapse it.. not until a friend decides to log in.....But it will not let me level or flatten it.. is there any way to deal with this.. I spend two freakn days mining my way to this location from the inside delt with all kinds of insanity only to have this happen....wth https://imgur.com/2CKI0l2
  12. [No Bug] Got the Runs in Wurm.. stews....

    Thank you for responding! I thought I was going crazy
  13. [No Bug] Got the Runs in Wurm.. stews....

    I just found meals that worked for me Like round house pizza, lemon herb battered chicken and Fish meal are my standard ones.. bangers and mash if someone makes them good will also do the trick
  14. Ok let me give you the stats then what is going on. My cooking is 15.63 My hotfoods is 21.11 My nutrition starts at 79 sauce pan used 21 ql or roughly there about I have several of them around the same QL Using an Oven is 50 ql Stews it does not matter which one, and no water is added non is called for in the recipe in the wurm cookbook.. But each time I make one and eat it my Nutrition starts at 79 then tanks some where in the 60's..... the last one I made as fillet fish stew... difficulty 23 .....ql was 41.41.....and weight was 3.37 I had the fish... the quality of the food was descent I use all the same ingredients in other recipes but only in stews do I have this problem. The other food I had in the stew was potato, carrots, cabbage, onion, peas and oh yes corn with the fish fillet..................and yet my nutrition tanked .. If any one has any suggestions or is this a bug... any help would be appreciated...thank you.
  15. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    Honestly.... why I do not play on pvp is that I have not interest in pvp games... I prefer pve games fighting mobs etc...And it is one of the reasons why I came to wurm that it had pve servers... I actually do not understand why there is a pvp in freedom servers... I think they should be all in the epic servers but that is just me and maybe my lack of understanding because of non interest ... Also I do not think there is anything they could add or take away from Chaos to make me interesting in playing.. That is just my two cents.