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  1. Oh I noticed that when using an oven or a forge it does not say the level of heat like warm, hot, searing glowing. That seems to be missing for me.
  2. I finally got it to work after much ado.. But I did want to make an observation that the skill tracker no longer lights up green when there was an increase in skills.. It did this morning and yesterday. Oh and I think the fight and target windows are a tad too big.. but so far I really like it. No real issues or complaints from me.
  3. I can do test preview not live preview
  4. The game will not launch for me. it would not show the live option so I downloaded the link to re install and now it is just showing the small splash screen and then does nothing. Ok did the wrong system went back download the 64 and it launched but still no live ...
  5. Is Xan down?

    they are updating and you will get booted after a time and need to relog The New UI is coming out in a public test.
  6. Oh maybe.. but where is the beauty in wurm if I have to lower the settings?
  7. Thank you I do not visit the forums much right now .. thank you for the Link! Looking forward to new adventures! May there be plenty of mobs to hunt!
  8. I would like to know will it have a different desktop shortcut. More about the currency.. the exchange and how it differs from WO now.. Can we be our own priests.. with out those penalties. Will timers be the same and skill gains... Will it be our steam names we use.. and will we need different steam accounts for different characters.. So Much to know and will it have its own wiki? I need to know these things! :)
  9. The first image is a missing hedge.. but it is still there as you can see by the outline.. and the frame rate is 29 it dropped to a low of 17. I usually get an average of 42 fps... what is up? Never had I had it this low and this seems to be a recent thing. If it gets any lower it will become. Not sure if this happened after the last couple patches or not but it really tanked when I brought on my alt... even with just one logged in this is still too low. Second image is my speed test. I really should not have any issues. I hope this will not be the case for the newer place where these servers are going and I hope steam as well will be better. Cause if does not get better here I may have to consider a perminate move to the steam servers.I love my deed here...
  10. I Think many will go and see what all the hubbub is all about. some will stay some will not while others may be playing both worlds. I for one will be there to explore and see what it is about.. I am very curious as to the differences.. Lag wise... skill building.. currency exchange on steam what will be the exchange rate etc... I am curious as a cat and I am running out of lives ....
  11. OK I am soooooo looking forward to checking out the new place! This will be soo cool! I must of missed it but, is there any more details on the new servers and how they may differ from the current servers? So curious. But I am not a cat. I am a bird.. raven mind you! A messenger of Odin LOL ya sorry.. lol
  12. I had them close it, my question was answered as to the coffers... Just wanted to share that here so there can be a maybe a continuation here with out someone having to search for it. Cause I did ask about it.. and was confused between many ideas, that was told to me over the years.. and wanted to get correct information. Ok that being said. carry on.
  13. Thank you Retro for clearing that up for me. You may close this thread now.
  14. I get this message when I sell things at the token. I am paid up for a few months.. so this means until I add more, I cannot sell more? I guess I am getting confuse with what is in my bank.. I have like I said for a few months. I have not sold anything for a week.. and I get that message..
  15. GM, Dev responses only please. They will be the only responses I will accept as answers. others will be looked at as speculation. [18:12:53] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. Now I am familiar with this, but I have heard varying information, plus my own theories. I would like this to be cleared up once and for all.. since I cannot find an answer in the wiki. This is why I want only GM and the Devs responses Only. Thank you