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    Wurm online , Wurm unlimited , Smithing , Hunting JK or MR both works , Pray to Libila and worship her you know usual BL stuff
    oh and going to the HOTA


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  1. well as the titles say we need wurm for mac and ioS there are many people i know who wanna play WU but thay cant becuz thay have a macbook and i think that WU would get alot of new players.
  2. do you think you could fix so we can make spy glasses that would be awesome
  3. yeah dose anyone know when we are getting this for WU? im waiting to build my marble castle
  4. is there anyway to form a PMK on a freedom WU server without pvp on ? Thanks in before ps sorry for bad spelling
  5. when will we WU players get this update i wanna build a marble Castle with slate floors up on the highest mountain i can find #KingoftheWorld muahahhaa
  6. Well dont judge me when i join discord my voice is yeah ... (im a bit of a squeaker)
  7. when do you have a public launch??? if i could get like about the right date so i can round upp my friends
  8. +1 i think this is a great idea... but what determens the QL of the ash ?? ps: sorry for the bad spelling
  9. +1 this idea is awesome hope we get our working gloves ...but we shudd need to equip them to ues tham ps: sorry for the bad spelling
  10. the dragons do respawn after being killed im hosting a family server and we killed the back dragon hatchling not such big truble now when you dont need rare stuff to even scratch it and we were 5 players. but now just a few days ago it spawned again it was like a months since we killed it... but im the only GM on the server and i dident spawn it anyway thay are extreamly nerfed all of the uniques except the troll king it rekt uss big time. but we all hade about 70.80 ql plate and 80+ ql weapons everyone except me has over 80 FS so we can kill all dragons but only 2 black dragons has spawned thats the point off it all we killed it and it respawned
  11. The stylish shoulder pad gives protection to your face in any type of armor. At 75ql the bonus is 0.30 per pad.
  12. +1 well then i could add more to my champion collection
  13. +1 that log wall looks nice but the sandstone would be a bit harder . we dont have any sand stone ore/walls yet
  14. it would be fun my spear ingame one shots most mounts ( horses with bardings also) so id think its fun