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  1. Done - nothing has changed from the test release but I have updated the info/links in the first post
  2. I've not had any feedback so far with any issues etc & can see that several peeps have now downloaded so I'm guessing things are all working ok Its usable in its current state & has everything you'll need to get going but I will try to get back to it this weekend and create a more 'official' release. In the meantime it would be great of those who have had chance to play with it could ping any thoughts/feedback/suggestions here
  3. Heya. I've also been working on a tool to help creating recipes and made a few recipes while testing stuff out. Individual files can be found here or all of them in a zip can be found here. Mainly focused on creating 'realistic' stuff and filling gaps in the default recipes. Available recipes are: Probably worth browsing them to see if they are suitable for you before using them (my meat and potato pie might not be your meat and potato pie )
  4. Okies so I've just created a test build. Please see HERE (wiki) first and you can grab the test version HERE (downloads). Ping back here if (when) you spot any issues. Currently released FOR TESTING ONLY IMPORTANT Read the info HERE (wiki) first Please do not use the application to create recipes for you main/live server at this point & always back stuff up I've also created some samples recipes while testing stuff - feel free to play with them. Can be found HERE (recipes) Cheers
  5. Just added some links to an info page (here) and where downloads + source code will be. Hoping to have something up very soon
  6. Made some more progress on this today & hoping to get something out 'soon'. Nothing too exciting but here's a vid here showing the current file/id handling and some filtering to only show 'sensible' suggestions (no sound again ): NOTE: some of the options shown may not actually be valid - still working on this & I expect to spend quite a bit of time bouncing in and out of game to check as much as possible! Some people possibly won't want some of the options to be restricted (e.g. being able to select any skill type or material) so they can have more control on what goes into the recipes but the idea is to make this as friendly as possible to non-techy peeps so I've tried to make things as close to the Wurm Cooking Overhaul doc as I can The RecipeEditor by Sophorino will give you much more control. Quite a bit of sanity checking to do still & no import/export stuff yet but I'll probably release something before this is done anyway so peeps can tell me whats broken
  7. This does sound like something that would be useful, however I'm still quite new to the codebase (and game ) to get my head round this yet. I know affinities can be different for each person from the same ingredients/meal and that its based partially on their id... and that's about it! Possibly something I might look at down the road but no promises at this point. Its a little side project for me to learn some new stuff really so its all time well spent. If its useful to even just a few people then that's a bonus
  8. Hi hi, I've been looking into JavaFX recently and thought I would make an attempt at creating a UI for creating and sharing recipes. It is aimed at non-techy types & hopefully makes creating recipes a little bit easier. IMPORTANT: Read the info here first: Latest version (0.1) can be found HERE Links: Info/Wiki: Download: Sample Recipes: Source Code: If you run in to any issues then ping them up here & I will take a look when I get chance. Hope peeps will find this useful