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  1. Havent posted here in a few years, heres a new edit of the "Round stone houses"
  2. bows dont count for spars.. its not going to exactly stop you from shooting the last hit lol
  3. bump free hots from taming oppression
  4. BIG -1 its a really stupid feature that should never have been added at all, causes mayhem and makes you lose your ###### in linden or olive forests
  5. -1 Reasons: 1 - http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Village_recruitment_board 2 - If you dont like seeing recruitment ads in chat why dont you just stop reading chat or ignore the message itself?
  6. caravel with a giant mast, and he painted it..
  7. He liked to bounce his yoyo very much, so he decided to..
  8. half the stuff in here makes no sense .. Get yourself a 70ql plate set (although studded leather is better against trolls due to the nature of the wound they inflict), 50 skill in a weapon and shield at minimum, get yourself 70fs and 50 in normal fighting and then you will be able to fight trolls with no problem also: Axes have terrible parry rate even at high skill
  9. we have a horse called "Young Fantasy" obvious jokes ensued
  10. Can you make it so there is an option to have the old UI (the current one) also when the new UI is released? Just for the players who may not want to learn a new UI or dislike it.
  11. -1 If it were such a good way of making money, wouldn't everyone be doing it?