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  1. Confirm. Freedom and PvP not compatible (by expirience).
  2. Xenon E5645 * 2 72gb RAM Online ~100 in primetime, 8k map, WU on RAM Disk === SSD + 4k map = huge lags with 50+ players.
  3. Updated. Patchnote added to 1st post.
  4. It can do some of disbalance , coz u can die and relogin by new account, or play 2+ windows etc) Tonight (near 18:00 UTC+3) we push update with spectator mode, new map, bow fixes and more
  5. Thanks for suggestions! We try to do some of this! But about some of list: - smaller map Its large for test, but its normal for 100 players I think. Btw, we have some problems with map gen, but maybe we will fix this by new map with lower mountains - Archery seems to be harder to do even with 70 in bow skills / main stat (the timers are really long too, default them back to 5seconds) Here we got problem, coz bow spawn with 2ql strings... We cant find right now how to change this, but work on this - make loot a tiny bit more common, sometimes you get a really really bad spawn and there is not that much near you at all, and you get to the endgame somehow and the people you are against have over 100ql supreme armors and rare 90+ql weapons, maybe balance the loot out a tad more? 100+ql = bug, this items gets from red light, now this is fixed, but we'll see more in this way -there may be other things to improve, but honestly the potential and fun is already there and when it gets fleshed out it will be even more fun to play! (this will take off) We really hope so)
  6. Solved. Problem in wurm.ini (not rmi = true) 1 of parameters give some shi~..
  7. For now we need ppls for test (min players for start = 4). Ppls come 1 by 1, w8 few mins and leave =\
  8. Hello there! We release some fun mapmod based on WU. But we dont have enought PvP-love-players for testing/reporting/sugestions. If you want - you can help us with this. ============================================================= === TL;DR; In server list: [RU] GameComa.ru Cluster [Battle Royal Mode]=== === OR === === [RU] GameComa.ru Cluster [LOGIN][PVE] -> then Teleport to BR === === from Teleport in spawn zone. Just follow the signs. === === [WARNING] You lost all items and skills. Use fresh characters! === ============================================================= About: It's classic variation of Battle Royal / Kings Hill / Free for All PvP in WU. How it work? Just find SIGN in spawn zone of BR-server and click RMB -> USE. In round: Find loot (creates/ground/backpacks etc), kill others, ????, you are perfect What's we have: White lights — new zone Black lights — current zone Red light — Raydrop (airdrop with) better loot ql and rare Scrolls with spells Potions (like haste) Spectator Mode Leaderboard Planned Features: Changelog: Screenshoots:
  9. It's test. U can see 1st post.
  10. Better screenshots with better ports:
  11. Hello there! Have 2 servers on same PC. 1: 2: Situation: 2nd server sees 1st server. In console msg about wurm time sync and players in DB of 1st server (login). But 1st server dont see the 2nd. What's wrong I do?
  12. Working for me. But after 1.5v -- trasure chest always 1ql andwith a lot of dmg o_O
  13. In 29 ver no modlaucnher. In beta3 actual version?

    Hello there! Intro: At server start we have only one kingdom: Freedom Isles. Now players made own kingdoms. With 1st Kingdom: HOTS template all works fine. With second MR template we have huge problems. 1. Before create PMK ppls have religion of Fo, Vynora etc, after create MR PMKs -- people with religion Fo+Vynora can Commune with their gods not PMK template god how it happens in default kingdoms. If Magranon win scenario -- no one not recive reward. 2. PMK Kings titles can be given only in short period of time after server restart (~10 mins) 3. Staff of the office it works incorrectly -- showing only last joined members after last restart 4. The arms are not displayed on tabards, banners, and flags. (or displayed incorrectly): tabard showing freedom flag, banner show MR flag but he on gray background, big flags freedom.