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  1. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    Heh.. I use server. Sorry did not see information about 1.6.+ needed.
  2. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    After player place mini pet on table - server crash with:
  3. Please Close (Add Kingdom Items Mod)

    Have many warnings and server not start after latest release. logs: https://yadi.sk/d/o0qeaSQg3V55ju
  4. Sindusk Server Mods

    Bugged for me. If disable Check Bank Account fromanywhere - still see menu on "body" -- check account, but it not work.
  5. Hey, guys! My players try to improve the rating of the Wurm Unlimited through steam. In last week we post 20+ positive rating recommends. I give some silver for this for my players coz better rating => more new players (u know). Join us (we have already reached 69/100 rating) http://store.steampowered.com/app/366220/
  6. Custum recipes bug

    Pather.bat for mod loader -.-
  7. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    Sugestion: Allow to spawn NPCs on Boats/cart/wagons. For mechanic and test you can use bug: spawn 4 childrens, add him 31 body str and hitch in wagon. After children age up - he change position from hitch to wagoner and pasanger. I think this bug can help to find mechanic to spawn NPCs Crew on ships and carts. In future: Allow peoples hire NPCs Crew on ship or somthing like this
  8. WurmMapGen v2 - interactive map viewer for WU servers

    WARN Mod support database not loaded No access to db. It on same host? Wrong paths?
  9. Idea for taxidermy: allow to use animated taxidermy items in the role of a practice doll
  10. GameComa PvE

  11. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Sure.. But... 6+1+32 != 66
  12. Wagoners?

    We use it for new mobs they have good animation
  13. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Nice online players cheat
  14. Mythmoor better than ever!

    Nice chose +62 players cheated Yep, you say me: we got cluster and this show all players on cluster, but no, it's real online players