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  1. Warning: This is a heavily controversial topic in this community. If you continue to read this post, you may or may not explode in a fit of rage about what I am about to say. But please, mind your manners, and reply as politely as you can. I am only trying to provide constructive criticism about what I feel is the ultimate failure of Wurm Online.


    MY RATING: 4/10


    Why such a poor rating, you might be wondering? Understandibly, people who read these forums love Wurm Online, otherwise they wouldn't be reading these forums. What I have to talk about, has to do with the people who DON'T play Wurm Online, and why they don't play. So first off, I would like to prove a couple of commonly misunderstood myth about Wurm Online to be false.


    Myth: The game isn't popular, because not many people know about it.


    This is pure falseness in its falsest form. Pretty much everyone on my steam friends list knows this game exists, and most have even tried it at one point. The problem with Wurm, is not that most people don't know about it, the problem with Wurm is that most people don't LIKE it, so they leave after a week or so of playing. Pretty much everyone who plays Wurm has experienced this at least once: you make a cool new friend who just started playing the game, you play with this person for a few days, then they randomly disapear never to be seen again. Either people who play Wurm are getting kidnapped for some reason, or they quit. This happens for more than half of the people who try this game, because it is simply not for them. Maybe its the grind, maybe its how expensive premium can be. Maybe they just don't like the feel of it. Whatever the reason, Wurm's community has never grown to be very large due to most people not staying very long.


    I have a second myth I would like to debunk. This myth, is largely believed by people who stay in Wurm, and when people realize this myth is false, they leave.


    Myth: The game is not Pay To Win, its Pay To Play.


    Again, this is false. In no other game I know about, can you buy as much power as in Wurm Online. The most disgusting and obvious example of this, is the Res Stone, which I believe is one of the main reasons people don't PvP anymore. Another reason, is simply because its annoying to compete against people who buy accounts, and get craptons of skill without putting any effort into the game. The final, and main reason that PvP is dead however, is that since EVERYTHING (land, items, gear, weapons, animals, skill, time) in this game costs serious real world money, most people steer clear, and play newer games where money isn't such a big factor.


    So these two myths debunked, you can see why I gave this game a low score. However, why didn't I just give it a 0? Well, there are a few good things about this game as well:


    1. The community. In no other game have I ever meet such welcoming, amazing people.
    2. The History. The world of Wurm is full of history, just talk to someone who has played it a long time, and they can tell you a story or two. Chaos especially, has quite a few legends, some of which I hope people would write down more about. You could literally write a thousand novels on the history of what happens in this game world.
    3. The sandbox. Yes, many games are doing this nowadays, but few do it like Wurm Online. The persistence of the sandbox means that sometimes, you will see structures from over a decade ago! I mean, in freedom market, there is a sign "This mine used to have iron" has been there for a super long time, please mention bellow if you know what i'm talking about.