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  1. WTS Brown Cow Milk/Hammer Woa and Coc

    Im sorry i am kinda new so thanks.
  2. WTS Brown Cow Milk/Hammer Woa and Coc

    Have you have forgoten to pay me the 45 coppper for it?
  3. WTS Brown Cow Milk/Hammer Woa and Coc

    It is on its way [15:55:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  4. Brown Cow Milk 6 barrels----30 copper Per Barrel 10 Whetstone---10 copper each----96-100 QL 3 recipes of Unfermented rum---30 copper each---Decaying quikly 3 Goblin Skull-----25 copper each Buchering Knife----30 Copper Mountain lion pelt Woa 79----45c
  5. water Bouy

    i was thinking more like a raft, a bell, 3 logs, some ribbon and nails, and a lantern head plus a mooring anchor.
  6. water Bouy

    As i go off to the ocean to find a market its very easy to get lost as not a lot of people are in local to help if your lost. if someone can make a buoy and attach a mooring anchor, then rename it to the tile you are on it would make sailing in game much easier. It would be cool if you could add a lantern also to make night travel easier also. Isabelli, Xanadu Lightedshadows, Xanadu Kamia, Xanadu
  7. Looking for a settlement

    Same i am looking for a settlement to join but im trying to start over.
  8. Loules - recruiting citizens!

    I am very interested i would like to be recruited.Thanks:D
  9. The Kingdom of Jenn Kellon - Chaos

    Hello i am very interested in this I would like to recruit with you.:D