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  1. Is it possible to consider making black friday sale last to the end of the month for people who are in government incomes and who have to wait till the last day of the month before they get their monthly income to be able to afford the annual premium fee. I just got my ODSP cheque today but the sale is now over ;(
  2. Wow a very awesome job on making a map! I do not know ultima but that map looks awesome. :)
  3. I clicked the link above in the promo of this server (beginner Elysium) and for some reason the map seems to not match the game? I do not see the starter island on the map nor the deed right across the bridge from the starter island called Chachanilla etc. Is there an incorrect link or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  4. 4 years later and Calysto is still going strong! And FAST :) Just as planned!
  5. Wow Thanks for all the responses and time it took to write them. With my level of confidence and I know Razorblade that you did give a perfect explanation, it seems the easiest or least intimidating version for me at least is to simply setup a few blank 128Gig (cheap these days) SSD drives with windows, install steam, then install wurm unlimited. Then to test that drive is totally self sustaining offline, disconnect the Internet and try to play my own Wurm Unlimited server on that SSD (knowing it will always be a fresh start on each drive is fine with me as I can setup skills to 99) and go that route. Then I will have several backups. I guess I could also just setup one drive test and get it working offline then learn how to use cloning software and clone drives which would work as well. if I have gotten this wrong let me know but if this would work thanks so much as it was from all of your comments that I was able to get to making it even possible to run my own Wurm unlimited Server offline So thank you for the suggestions and brainstorming everyone I greatly appreciate it. Imagine a game that's so great you would even want to play it despite living in the great wilds myself .. amazing
  6. I purchased Wurm Unlimited a couple years ago. However I plan to move to the country where Internet may not be available (at least until Elon Musk gets Starlink going for rural Canada etc.) My question is this. Since I legitimately purchased the game is there any way for me to 'put the game on a drive or usb' as an .exe file or zip or anything like that so that if in the terrible event my hard drive dies and I need to install windows again fresh ... and if I do not have Internet access I can install wurm unlimited (not Wurm Online) from an offline file totally self-contained?
  7. This is perfectly what I needed thank you. I am a visual learner so this is greatly appreciated.
  8. Thank you for your help.. I think since as you noticed there was a lot of attempts and fails at installing mods over the years I have decided to just rename my entire wurm folder (added RENAMED to folder name) and I simply reinstalled Wurm from steam and it worked. The most important thing for me was knowing I would not lose my account because it is server-side in WU and that helped me calm down and just go for a reinstall. So ti worked and I thank all of you for your help. Next time I want to do mod attempts I will do it live with a shared screen with someone to guide me . Once again thanks for all of your effort I appreciate it. I was able to log back in and other than my compass and toolbelt being in different places I moved them back and all is good
  9. If I uninstall wurm unllimited and reinstall it, then log back in and use the same username, it should work (as stock wurm) since I have never had any of the mods working anyways all this time? (I also have already backed up all my screen captures so that is not a worry either.
  10. Thanks folks I am going to say I think for some reason when I installed it I noticed 'serverpak' did not seem to create a corresponding file it only made a folder? I will do a live screen share if needed but for now I will paste a picture of the folder if this helps
  11. Hi everyone. I am not good doing the mod install thing. for over 2 year i have tried at various times and now i went and killed wurm I tried to install a 'serverpacks' and for some reason now Wurm will not start. I obviously did something wrong and am so scared I will loose all my "Ottawajohn" character/stats account etc? on WU Calysto and other servers? Is there anyone who can help me if i share my screen with you and you can see what i did wrong? I cannot log into Wurm anymore.. it starts, the window opens.. says loading graphics/world etc.. then just freezes before showing the game and 'not responding" I can be reached by email at please if anyone can help I appreciate it.
  12. I am new to this server and just wanted to ask if the map has been updated anywhere that I don't see?
  13. You have been recruiting since what 2014? Crazy! Oh.. and here I sit on your boat.. on the way to your deed.. from Xanadu... I am grateful
  14. Thanks for all of the replies I appreciate it everyone. I do have a PC at home which plays wurm(s) just fine but I want to go to a donut shop or bar etc and just play while out of my silent room lol. I am on disability to spend a great deal of time on the Internet and or wurming so I want one that no matter what I decide to do with it I will be able to without jitters and slow reaction times on the movement etc so yes I will go out more often by getting a good laptop I just was curious as to whether wurm being Java based is much more CPU sided or much morr graphics sided and I think it may be both. Unlike some games that are very much graphics and not so much cpu based. And other games are very much more cpu than gpu intensive so I wanted to know if wurm is very cpu AND gpu then I will get a gaming laptop that I love the sleek business black look of (Lenovo Y730/Y740) that has the best of both worlds so I can ensure wurm compatibility for several years going forward on the same machine. So I'll get the i7 with 1060 video card. It is a gaming laptop that looks nice like a smooth biz machine. You can turn off all the lights or turn them on if you want them but the shape overall I love its clean lines etc
  15. I guess so huh... Lenovo Y730 it will be at i7 then ... true.. why mess about if I can afford it this time It will be much better than my 6+ year old (I bought it in a store for $399 then... it may be older! Acer e5-511) dollar acer which is really only good for typing in forums lol To walk in wurm on this means to push the W key.. go get a coffee.. at the store across the street.. go to visit family.. in another city.. return.. take coat off, make another coffe.. and wait for it to step forward