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  1. This is probably the easiest way to do it. It does involve the mod launcher for both server and client.
  2. Thanks @joedobo Yeah I'm getting the same message on all of your mods. I'll just let everyone know that they'll be updated with the next release.
  3. Has this been updated for The mod was working prior to this update and I just noticed today that it wasn't working at all for me. I checked the server logs and this is what I got: WARNING com.joedobo27.bulkoptions.BulkOptionsMod: WU version mismatch. Your nullversion doesn't match one of BulkOptionsMod's required versions []
  4. the wagon is actually my design. I got several different pieces of it from a adult coloring book. colored it myself and over layed it into my own design. ive done several other wagons as well. Thank you all for the complements on the wagon. I have started designing custom tents as well even, one to match this wagon but i havent figured out how to add those to the game yet. once i have it figured out ill be glad to post pictures of them as well.
  5. Here's a better picture of it with some unicorns.
  6. Hi thanks for the kind words everyone. This is actually my and my girlfriend's server, Sanctuary of Solace. It's not quite open for the public yet but we're in beta testing and hope to be open by next month. I was taking the screenshot to put up on our website that I was creating. She's the one who designed it and our friend WesncIsMe is the one who coded it into the game for us. We have a bunch of custom wagons, banners, flags, tall banners, and meditation rugs. We're working on some tents and tabards at the moment.
  7. Thanks Governor and Retrograde that helps clarify things a lot better.
  8. Is there a description list around somewhere that explains what all of the Features in the Feature Management window do? Some of them are pretty obvious like Blocked Traders, Wagon Passenger, etc. I was just wondering if there was an official synopsis. This information was pulled from the wurmlogin.db Feature Management ID Active=1, Not Active=0 or just remove the table -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31 1 Name Change 38 1 New Skill System 41 1 Blocked Traders 51 1 Combat System Changes for creatures 55 1 Blocked Hota terraforming and building 56 1 Free Armour and weapons on spawn 57 1 Random Treasure chest 72 1 Valrei map 75 1 Crop tile poller split 76 1 Single Player Bridges 77 1 Amphora 79 1 Set a destination on a boat 80 1 New portals 81 1 Transform to/from resource tiles 82 1 Wagon Passenger 85 1 Cave Dwellings 88 1 Transform to resource tiles 94 1 New Domain System - Override requires
  9. Does anyone still have a link for this? Current link is dead.