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  1. Yes I restarted the server after I pushed the textures to it. I also removed the pack in my packs folder on my client machine and verified that it pushed the pack back down, but it's still showing the HotS textures. Should I just rename the textures to something else?
  2. Hey Ago question for you. I updated my client and I'm running the armortest mod from my server and it pushes down the HotS tabard textures over the freedom tabard textures just fine. So I created my own tabard textures and named them exactly the same as the ones that you have in the xml and the various texture folders (tabard_cust_low.png, and tabard_cust_torso_hasAlpha.png). I made a set for each texture folder (256, 512, 1024, and 2048). I didn't touch the default JK ones that were in there. Instead of pushing down my custom tabards, it's still pushing down the HotS ones. I verified that I do indeed have my changed textures on the server. Did I miss a setting somewhere? Should I name them something different and change the xml accordingly? Or is there a setting clientside that I'm missing?
  3. Ah ok didn't realize you were replying about the code. Thought you were telling us to plug those numbers into the properties file. I'd like to use my whole map 4096 x 4096 to spawn the treasure maps/chests and not just have them spawn 6 x 6 tiles away. Which is why I have 0 as the min distance and the max is 2147483647.
  4. But what if we want to use the whole map like the previous version did? I can revert back but then I lose the surface mining feature.
  5. I'm having the same issue as Ikeprof. Any of the maps will lead you to the spot but when you dig for the treasure it says it's too far away. It was working fine before I did the update. My min distance is 0 and my max distance is 2147483647. Could this somehow be affecting it?
  6. It's working now thanks ausimus!
  7. When I install this mod I get the following error and the server won't start. If I disable it then the server doesn't produce any errors and starts just fine.
  8. It's not your client. Glimmersteel and Adamantine never made it to Wurm Online. It looks like they got removed with the last update. See this post.
  9. Wurm Unlimited Server Listing Sanctuary of Solace is hosting a heavily modified server, expanding and improving on the core mechanics of Wurm and turning it into what it should've been in the first place. We aim to improve Wurm at the core to make an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Current Server Specifics 4096x4096 Custom map with a high dirt layer for all of your terraforming dreams. 1 Servers: PVE(Sanctuary of Solace) with PVP Zone and HotA Zone 200 Man Server Bounty for creatures, Payment for public roads and guard towers, and silver for voting Wurm Online Like Economy 30ql Starter Kits with 50 ql long sword 5 Silver Given to all new players Completely free-to-play with optional donations 60K Creature Cap with 45% aggro amount Monthly and some Weekly Events PVE with PVP Events Skill Specifics & Other details Base Skills: 20.0 Base Stats: 20.0 25 ML and 25 BC Skillgain Progression:10x with ramping 0-50 skill = 5.0, 60-70 skill = 3.5, 70-80 skill = 2.0, 80-90 skill = 1.5, 90+ skill = 1.2 Action Timers: 10x Deed Size from 11 x 11 up to 100 x 100 (PVE only) Deed Upkeep: Enabled but lowered substantially (100 x 100 is just a little over 5 silver) Free Deeds: Enabled Traders: Enabled Breed Timers: 5 RL days (can be lowered with priest spell by 1 day) Crop Timers: 4 RL hours (lowered for cooking, may be raised if need arises) Portals to spawn and from spawn to your deed Portal zones to help you travel the map Player, mount, cart, wagon, and ship speed has been increased Players can carry more No Priest penalties, unlimited prayers, Bone altar and Libila priests added Champion system with up to two champions per steam account Forges hold a 100 ores, crates, bsbs, and fsbs can now hold more All animals that can be led can now be led on water. Custom creatures (zebras, pandas, ocelots, and new dog, chicken, and horse skins) Adoption cards from traders that allow you to purchase rideable dragons, hatchlings, and sea serpents Affinity cards purchased from traders that allow you to remove affinity and trade to other players Ship models show the different colored wood when made Custom Decorations (Wagons, Banners, Tall Banners, Flags, Tapestries, and meditation rugs) PMK wagons, flags, banners, and tall banners Craftable Pauldrons and many other items that are not normally craftable Colosseum with creature spawners Hedge Maze with a different monthly prize Bag of Holding, Refresh, and Modify Gestation spells added to all priests You can find a full list of mods on our website! Future Plans and Goals Single Dungeon Group Dungeon Server Quest lines PVP Server (No Sanctuary Here) - Working on map currently Map Sanctuary of Solace (Main Server) We also suggest that our players follow our server guidelines, while we are a more relaxed server, we still expect players to be respectable to one another. You can check out those guidelines here. We have a small active current team of Developers and Gamemasters on the server. Our team will guarantee that each case/player will be treated with fairness, no bias decisions, and proper investigations in the event that any issues occur. Sanctuary of Solace Sanctuary of Solace Forums Below are screenshots of some of our features: Different wood types for ships Custom Creatures Adoption Card Dragoons and Hatchlings Hedge Maze Custom Wagons
  10. Yep getting it as well
  11. After 1.4 when a player clicks on the Find on Wurmpedia link while looking at skills they get the following message. (using Stone cutting as an example) Failed to open org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; systemId:; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 50; White spaces are required between publicId and systemId. The Edit this description link works just fine. It looks like it is doing this for skills as well as items, creatures, structures, etc.. Is this configurable somewhere?
  12. This is probably the easiest way to do it. It does involve the mod launcher for both server and client.
  13. Thanks @joedobo Yeah I'm getting the same message on all of your mods. I'll just let everyone know that they'll be updated with the next release.
  14. Has this been updated for The mod was working prior to this update and I just noticed today that it wasn't working at all for me. I checked the server logs and this is what I got: WARNING com.joedobo27.bulkoptions.BulkOptionsMod: WU version mismatch. Your nullversion doesn't match one of BulkOptionsMod's required versions []