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  1. Hey Batta, Sindusk put in a fix for the vein cap for Moon Metals in his ServerTweaks mod. It doesn't however include the feature where moon metal lumps could drop like gems when mining.
  2. I have this issue and I've done this exact thing but they do not go as fast as my other wagons. I'm using some wagons from another custom mod and they have their own unique ID's and they work just fine. The ones 22638 - 22653 are the ones from your mod Governor. I got those IDs from the server log in the very beginning. Unless those aren't the correct ID's. Although I did notice this loads after the movemod. Could that be the issue?
  3. Has anyone tried to make these wagons work with Bdew's Move Mod? I have the correct template IDs in there and the server log says that it's applying the settings to them but they are still just the old standard wagon speed.
  4. Hey Bdew. I just tested out both the single apostrophe and the surface/cave vehicle teleporting and they both work. Thanks for the quick response.
  5. Hey Bdew, I noticed something strange with the town portal's mod. I'm not sure if it's on my end or not but I thought I'd post here to see if maybe this is an issue. First off everything works exactly like you should it would with one exception. If the deed has an apostrophe in it's name then it won't populate the drop list correctly. Basically say there was a deed called Jack's Mansion. It will show everything in the drop down menu up until the apostrophe but anything after the apostrophe (including the apostrophe) doesn't show up. So any deeds starting with A through Jack would show up but nothing after that show's up. Something like this: Avalon, Dark Castle, Jack This could possibly be an issue with Wurm in general but it show's up fine on the Find a route list and the GM Set teleport destination list. Also you're still able to teleport to the deed with the apostrophe. Any help would be appreciated and thanks for all of the hard work you do for the community
  6. So where do all of the .config files reside? I don't see them in any of the zip files that are downloadable.
  7. Hey Governor, Thanks for the mod. It works great except for one thing. The model for the spectral drake (male or female) is the model for the Guide so it looks like a male human. I noticed that it's missing 22 in it's creature type could that be why? Also it says they are tameable and breedable. I've tried to tame them with meat, corn, and grass and it doesn't give me the option. I've also tried to breed them but it says egg layers can't be bred. Is that because I have the Toggle_Egg_Layers set to true? Again thanks for everything
  8. Wyvern Mods

    Just to give an update. When I set fixpriests to false I was able to set everything else to true and was able to run the mod. Well the miscserverchanges one at any rate.
  9. Wyvern Mods

    I'm not sure either. The only mods I'm using that have anything to do with spells or priests are your libilafixes and spellcraft mods, ago's spellmod, and bdew's hotsfixes mod.
  10. Wyvern Mods

    I tried it again. I disabled the preventfaithloss setting and still got the same error so I tried disabling the noblessforlibilataming setting and got the same thing. I just went ahead and disabled the mod for now. I can try the fixpriests setting but I won't be able to do it until later. Thanks for all of your help Arduin.
  11. Wyvern Mods

    Ok Arduin I downloaded your fix and tested it. It's partially working but I'm getting a new error that's not allowing the server to start. The error is below. Something of note. I did change all of the settings to true in the properties file. Perhaps I should disable some of them.
  12. Wow thank you Governor. It works perfectly.
  13. Wyvern Mods

    I get an error with each mod. For the wyvernmods I get this error: I only get this one if I disabled the MiscServerchanges mod. And for the Miscserverchanges mod I get this: Should I disabled any of your previous mods Sindusk as I am using most of them? Thanks for making these for the community by the way.