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  1. chisel, 50 ql, 85 coc, 80 c trowel, 50 ql, 86 coc, 80 c large shield, oak, 53 ql, 73 coc, 40 c needle, 22 ql, 78 coc, 40 c COD to Sarja, purr.
  2. Large Shield c71 for 50c? If so, CoD to Sarja please.
  3. Huh... I need quite a lot of stuff from you. Total 1s65c, if all are still available (to Sarja). P.S. Looking forward to attending the impalong! 30c Rope tool (c78) 42Ql 20c Shovel (c63) 22Ql Spindle (c66) 47Ql Beautiful meditation rug (c58) 7.9Ql Vynora puppet (c74) 48Ql 10c Pickaxe (c59) 66Ql Small bucket (c40) 55Ql Rake (c55) 11Ql Bow, willow (c39) 33Ql 5c Awl, iron (c37) 26Ql Shield, iron 56Ql Magranon puppet (c31) 50Ql