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  1. Whatcha gonna do with all that junk All that junk inside your trunk I'ma get get get get you drunk Get you love drunk off my Bump My Bump my Bump my Bump my Bump my Bump My Bump my Bump my Bump my lovely little Bumps Check it out.
  2. " It can also happen with pve settings if the group that kills it isn't on a "team" " Very possible even though its a PVP map, or Mission related and Player A triggered the Mob, But player B cant loot it.. may also be the case. I'll try testing it a bit seeing the results with team on and off to see if any changes happen.
  3. Seems to be working as intended afaik. It's been like this as long as I can remember. My workaround is to have a Notepad file that I saved my Alerts text in, after a restart I Paste them from the Notepad into the Alerts Box in-game.
  4. "Players" can NOT loot the Items off corpses after butchering. It's not mod related as they can loot mobs in other areas of the game, and disabling mods caused no change. GM's can do anything and everything to the corpse with no limits... the "individual corpse" isn't bugged. It happens to all corpses in an Area. 2 times that it occurred, I KNOW they were mobs that were summoned via a Mission Trigger and after butchering(and before) the corpse says its not able to be looted,one of these happened in a mine. Both were mission summoned. Now ive seen this happen prior but only on GM spawned Mobs with items placed on them, occasionally some aren't able to be looted. So im curious what variable may be causing this, or if it's a bug that happened post 1.3, as this didn't happen prior to 1.3 from what I had seen.
  5. Have had a couple Reports from players that in some areas creatures corpses are unable to be looted. These "Areas" are not Protected, a Deed/Settlement, or a Focus Zone of any Kind. Anyone have any suggestion as to what may be causing this to Happen? Thanks in Advance.
  6. "The Goblin Mines!" Dungeon is Complete and Ready! APRIL 9 - ADANXX - Procedurally Generated Content! - Adjusts to group Size! - Completely Repeatable! - Many Hallways & Rooms to Explore! - Great Loot! - Challenging Fights! and a Mystery Boss awaits you! - Look For Portals to "The Goblin Mines" Along the Main Road System! - And Most of all, Let me know your opinion on It, Alot of time/work has gone into it so far. Thanks - Adan
  7. Dragons vs. Dragons Event! APRIL 7 - ADANXX Today we will be holding a Unique event in the Events Arena, Dragons vs. Dragons! -- Need 6 players Minimum, 2 per Team. -- Players will be Turned into a Dragon(MR=red, JK=green, HOTS=black) -- Players will be required to 'Ready Up' as a Team of 2, Find a Partner! -- Prior to the event, you will be asked to strip naked. You will be checked. -- Players will be Summoned to the Arena, and Await the Event Start. -- The Last Dragon(or team) Standing is the Event Winner(s)! -- EVERY Participant WILL recieve a piece of Drake Scale Armor. Winners will Recieve 2! How Often do you get to be a Dragon? or Fight other Dragons? or get Dragon Armor? See you There!
  8. -- New Players that Join Receive a couple Sleep Powder to Start you off! -- If you Contact Adan in-game, I will Give you a Starters Chest with some Great stuff to help you get Started! -- Every 10 Votes per Month gets Players a Chest with Rare/Supreme/Fantastic Items! -- Also Looking for Knowledgeable Players(MR & JK) for Server CA/CM's(Community assistant's & Managers) that are willing to Answer New Player Questions & Help. A Great stepping stone to moving up to becoming a GM here. -- Look for Dreamlands in the Server List and give us a Try.
  9. New Dungeon about to be Released: 'The Goblin Mines' ! -- Procedurally Generated Content! -- Dungeon Adjusts Itself to Group Size! -- Regular Mobs & Boss Mobs! -- Good Loot & Possibly rare Items! -- Completely Re-Runnable w/ No GM needed! -- Portals along the Main Road System To & From the Dungeon! -- Join Dreamlands Today, Train Up, and Check out The Goblin Mines!
  10. Ive dealt with the same issues time & time again. A little frustrating, but not game breaking... I would love to see this implimented in some way. It's a little annoying when you search through a long mission list, find your mission.. open it for editing... then you see the Trigger section blank with the 'create new' option, and a listed trigger effect. Now you know you made said trigger & tested it.... It should show up when editing that mission for easy access, Not only when opening the mission ruler menu via right clicking on said trigger. I can see the reasoning behind this though, so Triggers dont get accidentially changed when editing missions. Would love to see a change made here
  11. Would like to see these & other removed items added back.
  12. We supply that in-game and in the teamspeak! Message me ingame(Adan) for it if you would like it
  13. Recent bug ive came across... Standing within GM Created 'Fog Layer' Focus Zones for extended periods of time leads to a server disconnect, I retested this with numerous scenarios... narrowing it down to the Fog causing the DC.... by creating a small Fog focus zone and going afk in it, I get DC'd usually every 15-20 minutes... standing outside that Fog Focus Zone.. I can stay in for un-measurable amounts of time... I don't EVER get disconnect problems... but as soon as I afk in a Fog layer... DC'd every time.
  14. In our Ever-Expanding Growth... New Players joining our Server will receive a Special Gift from me, Log in and try out Dreamlands today!
  15. A Thanks to All the Server regulars! MARCH 2 - ADANXX I want to personally Thank everyone who's chosen Dreamlands as your server to play on! As a token of Appreciation, Im giving every Player thats been here for awhile, a One-of-a-Kind item That will have a Casting/Summoning/Special Ability! Unlike anything seen on other Servers or Wurm Online! every one of these items will be Unique and Yours! Scattering numerous of these items throughout the World, to be gained via PvP. We are calling these legendary Items! Login and Contact Adan. Thanks again.