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  1. SotG Rework

    Make SotG give most of its benefits at first level of SotG. So Insanity Level 7 %18 reduction Level 8 %22 Level 9 %26 Level 10 %28 Level 11 %30
  2. Chaos, Complete 180°

    New pvp server and chaos turned into huge pve archeology grind farm
  3. SotG Rework

    Someone should make a suggestion for global effect so we can all go +1 it. However, if they are not going to remove sotg damage reduction from being a meditation path passive skill, the effect should at least become more accessible.
  4. SotG Rework

    well yea that sounds better but I seriously doubt it will happen
  5. Give Hell Scorps Coal

    Bump. Hell scorps need our support to fight against discrimination
  6. Hell Scorps are more powerful than a lot of creatures that give tons of goodies when butchered and yet they give only meat and cochineal. So why not make hell scorps at least drop coal? Hell Hounds do it, among other good stuff they give. Hell scorps actually look more like they got coal inside than hell hounds do.
  7. Sinks for non-saccable items

    +1 for big altar
  8. Chaos, Complete 180°

    remove debuff from armor, nerf truestrike +1 truestrike might be better as normal dmg completely unavoidable hit that also slows down enemy walk speed greatly.
  9. Sold

    Yes, they are made of iron.
  10. Sold

    4 Rare Horseshoes, all 95+ ql, WoA are 98, 94, 97, 94 12s
  11. That sounds like a great survival experience. If I played wu I would have definitely joined you guys. Good luck out there
  12. do you not get the current account balance message when you get a bounty?
  13. How are you supposed to increase your silver in bank if you cant even put coins to a token? (there being no token).
  14. Sold

    Bump price changed
  15. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    Not having the skill level effect active but being able to grind it makes me think it will possibly lead to many bugs that can be exploited at least in the beginning. Imagine getting skill gains at 80 lvl as if your skill was 20 lvl. Another possible exploit could be that you would get max skillgain from imping a 30ishql item having 20 active skill while actually having 80. so you dont need a 90ql lump to grind your skill on that chain armor piece cuz it is about 30ql. Slower rate makes it balanced provided there are no exploits available. How much slower tho? Not slow enough and you will have people running many free chars on their strong computers to grind them up and sell them. Too slow and it has very little purpose. Does it make sense for a genuine newbie to grind up to 90 at weaponsmithing while freemium all the time? Not really. So wouldn't it be better if it was limited at 40 or 50. You have 20 effective but you can at max get 50 inactive skill unless you prem up. It will be on a slower rate, but not too slow. Another good option in my opinion is letting freemiums have full rights (can grind them and use them at current lvl) to few certain skills to a certain level like 40-50. Botanizing, Forage, Digging, Stone Cutting, Farming, Carpentry seem like good candidates to me.
  16. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    only allow some skills like forage, btanize, stone cutting etc. newbie get out of debt stuff
  17. Coal Pile QL Boost

    make walnut shorten time between each tick
  18. Coal Pile QL Boost

    Make it impable with log and dirt
  19. open your own suggestion for mushroom farming this is a good idea
  20. With the priest overhaul, spell resistance and heal resistance changes effecting both pve and pvp aspects of the game, the effects of meditation paths in the game which are in some ways directly and some indirectly related to these have significantly changed as well. There should be a free transfer for all meditation paths because of the big changes to the game.
  21. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I hated when they made hell horses unhitch when they age.
  22. I am sure they would ask for the pvp community's opinion about that if they were to ever implement it.
  23. I think it would be nice if we had title and damage bonus or only damage bonus for having killed a creature (for example hell hound) for a lot of times. For example %5 damage against hell hounds for having killed 2k times, %10 damage for having killed 5k times, %15 for having killed 20k times, %20 for having killed 50k times.
  24. I think the opposition to such a 1 time free med path transfer is partly born from the fact that the issue is raised long after the overhaul. However, long after is exactly the time that is enough to understand the effects of the overhaul.
  25. Soul Stone

    I haven't mentioned anywhere that soul stone should have a name or should change your name temprorary or otherwise. Why is there opposition to something that doesn't exist within the suggestion? Your name remains the same whether you use the soulstone or not. If soulstone would be implemented with a namechange included, I would also be against such a thing. However, this suggestion has nothing to do with a name change. The res stone activation and sleep bonus requirement are both bad ideas and extreme restrictions, I agree with that. The item would be useless and gather dust with these in place. The fact that it is a non-competitor to character grind and sales is the proof it is balanced and won't make the effort of character grind worth any less. It is an item which you can't be sure if it is useless or useful and that makes it balanced as a completely new and radical addition to the game. The item's goal is not for one person to grind it and sell it and another person to make use of it. The goal is precipitated effort on one or several useful skills. That kind of effort would not be likely born from the desire to sell or use by a single person, it would likely be born from other circumstances such as community effort or a solo char player premming a 2s 1month free 2nd toon to grind the stone for later personal use or sale. That is likely the only ''exploit'' that would be born from such an item provided its extreme restrictions are not implemented. If you can call that exploit that is. Actually with it being %20 only skillgain and that prem being only %20 cost, it is quite a fitting way to feed the stone. I am surprised nobody mentioned that possibility and complained about it.