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  1. Sleeping in tents

    +1 I wanna sleep while hunting
  2. Sold

    95+ql Rare Horseshoe Set Iron 92 91 91 90 WoA 12s
  3. Sold

    [03:21:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy
  4. Sold

    I don't know anyone selling that
  5. +1 if only slight increase
  6. Iron Mine Door

    if you want it to be stronger than silver as it already is in the game, it will be basically like steel. pretty much make steel mine door irrelevant. I am not talking about real life I am talking about the game since you are making a suggestion for the game
  7. Iron Mine Door

    silver mine door is only about %20 less durable than steel mine door and pretty hard to make compared to what iron would be.
  8. Iron Mine Door

    make it easier to bash than silver (which is weaker than steel) then it is fine. iron makes sense for a minedoor.
  9. -1 only should be allowed if citizen is kicked out. I think bashing it should only be allowed after villager is not citizen anymore also. inactive? kick him out and make the house go boom.
  10. Iron Mine Door

  11. Closed

  12. Closed

    I have about 3kg adamantine and 3k glimmer lumps mostly ranging 50-60ql I also have some high ql ones I would like to trade them for seryll lumps, low ql
  13. Split Charges

  14. Two Birds, One Stone

    Free to play might be the only way to save epic. It is a pvp cluster so make the land more expensive to own, people are better off living together in kingdoms and villages anyways and trader helps pmk with the upkeep cost. Maybe the only freemium restriction should be being unable to become priest. Prices of things such as spirit templars/wraiths, resurrection stones, shaker orbs could also be increased to balance things out.
  15. Unicorns can already wear gold and silver horseshoes.
  16. Two Birds, One Stone

    +1 remove the freemium restrictions from epic but also make the land more expensive to own
  17. Closed

    Rare Horseshoes Iron 95ql 92 91 90 90 WoA 12s
  18. Please increase toolbelt slot cap

    I am using far less than 10 but it makes sense for rare, supreme, fantastic to make a difference +1
  19. Hell Scorps are more powerful than a lot of creatures that give tons of goodies when butchered and yet they give only meat and cochineal. So why not make hell scorps at least drop coal? Hell Hounds do it, among other good stuff they give. Hell scorps actually look more like they got coal inside than hell hounds do.
  20. Like the title says, please make the alloy armors (should require being complete set) attract monsters by giving you an aura that make monsters notice you from farther away than they normally do, opposite of what the newbie aura seems to do. The immersion explanation could be that brass smells very distinctively and pretty strong and monsters which have stronger sense of smell than us notice our presence because of that. If brass is going to have it, why not have electrum and bronze have it as well? Alloys are pretty hard to make and other than steel, they are still not very useful in wurm after the metal property changes (one could argue not useful at all), definitely not useful enough to be alternative to much easier obtained metals, overall inferior actually. It would be nice if they had some unique property which was preferred not by everyone but only by those who arent bothered by the ''attention''.
  21. Update Rare Sacrifice

    if it sets nutrition to 99, that is good enough. if it doesn't, it really should.
  22. Sailing skill

    Sounds like another gatekeeper for pvp (while sailing skill sounds good if pve only). Also, body stats from sailing sound crazy. Even body stats from walking would be far less abusable. I'd rather see a roleplaying aspect added to the sailing such as questions randomly popping up while sailing with decisions such as ''You see some natives on the island in the distance. Do you want to trade with them? Want to attack them and take their belongings? Don't interact with them?'' All options except the dont interact ones having chance to fail or succeed and different rewards upon success and losses upon failure. If not answered for quite a while, it passes as don't interact and nothing happens.
  23. No more "X" when crafting

    Sounds like a good idea but I think it would require a huge overhaul and mess a lot of things up on the way.
  24. Replace it with x ammounts of enchants casted on an item or with x ammount of gems vesseled.
  25. Closed

    Rare Horseshoe Set Iron 95ql+ 97 93 90 90 WoA 12s