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  1. +1 I wanna sleep while hunting
  2. Sold

    [03:21:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy
  3. Sold

    I don't know anyone selling that
  4. Sold

    95+ql Rare Horseshoe Set Iron 92 91 91 90 WoA 12s
  5. if you want it to be stronger than silver as it already is in the game, it will be basically like steel. pretty much make steel mine door irrelevant. I am not talking about real life I am talking about the game since you are making a suggestion for the game
  6. silver mine door is only about %20 less durable than steel mine door and pretty hard to make compared to what iron would be.
  7. make it easier to bash than silver (which is weaker than steel) then it is fine. iron makes sense for a minedoor.
  8. -1 only should be allowed if citizen is kicked out. I think bashing it should only be allowed after villager is not citizen anymore also. inactive? kick him out and make the house go boom.
  9. Free to play might be the only way to save epic. It is a pvp cluster so make the land more expensive to own, people are better off living together in kingdoms and villages anyways and trader helps pmk with the upkeep cost. Maybe the only freemium restriction should be being unable to become priest. Prices of things such as spirit templars/wraiths, resurrection stones, shaker orbs could also be increased to balance things out.
  10. Unicorns can already wear gold and silver horseshoes.
  11. +1 remove the freemium restrictions from epic but also make the land more expensive to own