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  1. Alaron is open

    For news.
  2. Alaron is open

    Alaron is open for anyone who wishes to play on the server. 4096x4096 map. 1 x skill gain. 4 x action timer. Free deed but there is upkeep cost. Lots of rivers, big and small. Lots of unique terrain. Plateaus, valleys, canyons, mountain meadows, snow capped peaks, grasslands, forests, deserts, steppes, marshes. Great place for explorers or people just wanting to play and build. 80,000 creatures, 60% aggressive. All characteristics start at 23. We assume you are not a weakling. All skills start at 10. We assume you are not a moron who doesn't even know how to dig. Mining hits are 41. Xray mod is advised. The vein count has been reduced so you'll need it to make finding veins easier for you. And with 60% nasties it might keep you alive longer in the beginning. Tree spread odds are 50%. The server has been up for a couple of months at 100% so there should be ample trees. Some areas they will be sparse. Sea serpents and sharks will not be rare. I've seen one dragon so far. Probably more. Some other rare nasties have also been spotted. Mods: (because updates may break mods we can't say these will always be available) betterdig: per dig weight rate, clay 20, tar 20, peat 20. dig from/to fairly everything bountymod cropmod deedmod: max 2 deeds of 10201 total tiles each. (example 101x101) harvesthelper morecraftables skillgaincontrol startergear: added spyglass, file, pelt, pottery jar. noob gear can be improved survival: easy mode. players with noob buffs not affected. water disease enabled. colder north. crops grow all year. taxconfig: if a deed owner is gone 28 days on the 29th day deed upkeep goes up each day until they return or the deed disbands. upkeepcosts: minimum upkeep 1S. tile cost 250i upkeep 25i. perimeter cost 100i upkeep 10i. guard cost 3S. upkeep 1.5S. This server is only lightly moderated. It is a survival game after all. One rule above all others, be nice. Not nice people will not be tolerated. Map The map can be found here:
  3. No lairs. I wizz kill 150 on one steppe and they start reappearing in short order. Today I cleansed a steppe of them and spawned the same number of bison and horse. I'll see what happens. But there are still thousands of them on the other steppes. Far too many.
  4. Still no answer. Why the Hell Horse are there so many? They are the predominate animal on steppes. How do I reduce this ridiculous number of Hell Horses????
  5. This is actually a very good question. One me and my friends have discussed at length. Why a game system that leans heavily on skill vs reward should abandon that for a few skills.
  6. Wow Iberis. I totally missed that. Thanks a million.
  7. For those of us who are quite capable of running a server but are not literate in some newspeak. Huh? What is a pastebin. I didn't find anything at the end of any of the downloads. Exactly where would I find the item list? This seemingly stupid person thanks you for any elucidation provided.
  8. Why are so many hell horses spawned. It seems that every other creature on the steppe tiles are hell horses. It's far too many. Is there some way to reduce their numbers so they are replaced by other things?
  9. Mostly nice people [always one or two ahats]. Nice map but it's not revealed. Only a few mods including realistic winter. A nice break from the tiresome high skill gain and fast action timer servers that really get boring fast. A very enjoyable experience. Lots and lots of aggressive mobs. 70% of them. All skills start at 1.00 so everything will be a challenge for the newcomer but if you can't handle the heat and want it easier stick around the starter town for a bit. Coming from a long time Wurm player (played before JKHome was closed) all in all a very good experience.