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  1. Thorn 16ql x8 Camellia 21ql x20 Rose 8ql x9 40c/ea /tell Tiberium in game or forum.
  2. [CLOSED] Faith

    Just 0.1, I fool, I think I understand, right now I will check with the display of all skills, working, thx
  3. [CLOSED] Faith

    Faith Bug Hello! Why, after 50 faith, I can't get faith every 20 minutes? (the limit was reset through the sermon, more than 10 people ---> get Faith increased by 0,2600 to 51,0577, before everything worked everything)? (sometimes I get faith, but randomly from 1 to 1,5 hour, maybe 2 times out of 5 in 3 hours( p.s. I used a gold mirror g after getting 50 faith, which would be the male title of priest) I expected to see the same thing as 4 days ago - a sermon, resetting the daily limit on faith (x5) and prayer five times, every 20 minutes until the next sermon ( Asked in chat and СA Help, asked other priests, relogged the character, dropped the limit one more time through the sermon Nickname Tiberium (server Harmony)
  4. +1) Renaming Russian Help into Russian chat will be enough. Or just the official abolition of punishments for communication in it. One chat is enough to communicate and help people) Restrictions on spam and foul language are welcome.