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  1. This event was the cherry on top of an amazing first week playing Wurm. I just recently picked up this game and decided to play on Mythmoor and I must say that the community is fantastic. "Noob" does not seem to hold any negative connotations. In fact, the very first day I was on the server I ran into a veteran who asked me if I was new. When I said I was, she proceeded to show me around to all the amazing sights as well as offer me a place to sleep at night in a luxurious Inn she had built. The culmination of this day was another player just walking up to me and giving me excellent starting gear including a strong sword and solid armor with no prompt other than knowing I was new. The second day I run into a player of similar skill, though seemingly more experienced than I was in construction. He taught me some construction techniques and then I repaid the favor by helping him battle through a low-level sewer dungeon! Yes, a literal dungeon that the GMs created. The end prize being a highly desirable piece of loot one could sell to accelerate them upon their path to a deed. By the time the third day rolls around I have already been invited to join a village and I have been offered a way to quickly gain a deed for my own village if I desired. I decide to join the village and someone travels up by wagon that is not even from the settlement I was joining and takes me all the way south on a grand adventure. They show me all the local sights and drop me off with my rickety cart in the settlement I am now a part of. The cherry to top it off? There was a huge sailing competition being held in which all participants got a free boat just for trying! That was immediately followed by a fishing competition. I expected that on such an old game no one would show up, but I was wrong! This server is very active! There are always people online and there is so much fun to be had! Please come join us!