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  1. nope and its like this on any horse i mount i feel like a midget right now
  2. Hello. I've been out of wurm for a couple months and i come back to find visual settings are (or appear to be!) different! O.o I mount my horse and this is what i see: i would greatly appreciate any/all help in correcting this! It's not very easy to see where I'm riding like this! lol thanks
  3. This is still a thang! We need cocoa and woad farming plz!!!!
  4. best enchanted items

    thank you my dear! <3 fast as always!!!
  5. best enchanted items

    saw, iron 80ql BOTD76 - 1s bridle, leather 80ql - 50c saddle, leather 70ql WOA74 - 85c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA86 - 85c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA87 - 90c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA87 - 90c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA88 - 95c to Emylina plz, ty!
  6. best enchanted items

    i shoulda thought of this earlier, sorry! :/ but could u send these to Lorafina as well, please: bridle, leather 70ql - 30c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA73 - 55c x4 saddle, leather 80ql WOA83 - 1s55c thanks again Tris!
  7. best enchanted items

    WOW!!! Ubber fast! Thank you!!! <3
  8. best enchanted items

    could u plz send this to Lorafina? scythe, iron 70ql WOA82 - 85c thank you!
  9. ty
  10. Soooo, it will start...? 5-28 (Saturday) at 15:39/3:39...is that mountain time?
  11. best enchanted items

    Greetings! I would like: grooming brush, oakenwoood 90ql BOTD85 - 2s5c saddle, leather 90ql WOA93 - 3s15c toolbet, leather 70ql - 40c COD to me plz! ty!
  12. +1 For the love of cocoa and woad, PLEASE allow planting these 2 necessities!!! Whether in planters or fields, I'm not picky!
  13. best enchanted items

    grooming brush, oakenwoood 80ql BOTD82 - 1s50c cod plz, ty! :)
  14. best enchanted items

    Thank you! Wonderful to work with!!!
  15. best enchanted items

    20. pickaxe, iron 90ql BOTD79 - 1s50c 4. fork, iron 70ql BOTD77 - 90c 17. saw, iron 80ql BOTD88 - 1s60c 20. sickle, iron 80ql BOTD82 - 1s50c 9. stone chisel, iron 80ql BOTD83 - 1s55c 15. trowel, iron 70ql BOTD82 - 1s30c 1. toolbet, leather 70ql - 40c 6. grindstone 61ql WOA70 COC75 - 1s cod to Emylyna plz, ty!