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  1. Grimmhaven [UK|PvE|Modded|1x1x]

    Grimmhaven is NOW OPEN! We welcome everyone of all skill levels to come adventure with us! First five that come and mention this wurm forum post will receive their deed for free! (up to 10 silver) Hope to see you all soon!
  2. Grimmhaven [UK|PvE|Modded|1x1x]

    Take a look at our website http://www.grimmhavenwurm.enjin.com/
  3. Grimmhaven [UK|PvE|Modded|1x1x]

    Grimmhaven is a UK based server that is geared towards role-play. It is ok if you are new to wurm or new to role-play, all are welcome. OPENING VERY SOON!! 1x1x skill and action Custom map - 2048x2048 (smaller size for better role-play) Skills begin at 1 30k mobs / 60% aggressive Starter town for safety Characteristics 20.50 (bc) 19.50 (ml) 12 hour crop timer We also have the ability to deed over aggressive animals on this server! Priest restrictions are lifted and Libila follwers are enabled (friendly to everyone)