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  1. Ok, i have to say these priest changes is the direct opposite of what the game need. We need to make ppl be able to live longer in fights, not the other way around, nerf overall damage instead. Please reconsider that change and reverse it asap. This will make pvp even more hit and kill fast. I beg you with all my hart. DO NOT DO IT.
  2. And the remaining 3 helmets to Tedzogh thanks.
  3. I love it, then i could finaly hit 50 fighting skill!
  4. Great, the ui takes up so much of the screen on my livingroom laptop.
  5. Ohh ye, do the scaling work the other way aswell? Like like for 1280x720 res? Or maby i have just missed how to scale down the ui
  6. An option to keep the old skins otherwise i realy like this uppdate (apart from the text wich i luckely can turn off)
  7. Is it possible to close this thread, we lost the log in info to the thread maker account.
  8. 1v1 Challenge

    @EgardAnd this noob that equiped a shortsword with 1 skill intstead of the longsword i was supposed to, went down like a sack of crap
  9. 1v1 Challenge

    Im happy to do a fight on Chaos. We should meet on a mountain top or something
  10. And no pets if you havea backup horse
  11. Plz make pmk's availible somehow on new Elevation, that or pure alliance/deed "teams". Ps. pmk will give some cash to CC aswell.
  12. Hurry, we are sitting on needles here