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  1. Don't listen to him, keep going need this for my popcorn
  2. I Acualy said the exact same thing in our discord earlier today. Edit: Also awsome uppdate ❤️
  3. Not permanen, but untill the capital bug was fixed, still don't change the fact that he deamed it a legit swap of the deed.
  4. I am with you in it should have been classified as a bug, but we could attleast have been given a warning that we shouldn't do it before they disband deeds and ban players.
  5. Thing is, there is allready a mechanic in the game that makes unlionked deeds take 3x more bash damage, no guard spawns, so unless there is a certain reason to acualy have a unlinked deed you generaly don't wanna do that anyway when there is penaltys in the game for that. So it have been upp to the kingdoms themselfs to deside if the want that penalty or not in the past. As i said, it have been done so many times allready, and just now they decides to swap the rules about it.
  6. How is it a nobrainer? It have been in the game forever! Last time we fliped a deed that way we even had ENki himself there helping with dropping towers in between becaus it didn't work to set the new deed as capital. So if the HEAD GAMEMASTER found it legit, how come it isn't now?
  7. So this is the second time you changed the rules and called it a bugfix.. how are we supposed to know what we can and can not do?
  8. Latly we have notised that towerguards have started to attack hellhorses on deed that are not enemies. From what we have notised it happens when a hellhorse untame while on deed, in that moment the guards seams to think it is a enemy horse.
  9. How about setting perms on the minedoor instead to let your kingdom go through it? That have been used several times, is it any different? if not i have some pandas to report. And if the minedoor is on perimiter and a enemy still have manage rights to get in to the deed that way, is that ok? Have some more players to report if so.
  10. So in short, On Freedom you can use the owners mistakes in perms and clear out a whole deed, but on Chaos you can not? good ruletwisting mates!
  11. I didn't mean stop all work on the game!
  12. This change could dramatikly increas the fun on Chaos, bu having more incentive of roaming and hunting on Chaos instead of ppl going to freedom to hunt. Every change thet makes it more worth of acualy by off deed is a change in the right direction, i can not see anything that would speak against it.