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  1. Did some quick test to grind channeling with the pending favor, and i must say from that short test i love it, sure maby a 60 timer before it start to decrese would be nice, but in a whole, i love it.
  2. you can not buy stuff to acualy make your toon better form silver, it is for trading between players and pay uppkeep for deeds, so not pay2win in that way realy.
  3. I love the new raid system, i personaly would like to go even furter on that. So what if someone have a scaleset and store it on deed and not use it, he will be easier to kill and will gain nothing by having it, let ppl hog up and store if they feel that will benefit them. Promote world pvp not raiding, good job!
  4. Ok, i have to say these priest changes is the direct opposite of what the game need. We need to make ppl be able to live longer in fights, not the other way around, nerf overall damage instead. Please reconsider that change and reverse it asap. This will make pvp even more hit and kill fast. I beg you with all my hart. DO NOT DO IT.
  5. And the remaining 3 helmets to Tedzogh thanks.
  6. I love it, then i could finaly hit 50 fighting skill!
  7. Great, the ui takes up so much of the screen on my livingroom laptop.
  8. Ohh ye, do the scaling work the other way aswell? Like like for 1280x720 res? Or maby i have just missed how to scale down the ui
  9. An option to keep the old skins otherwise i realy like this uppdate (apart from the text wich i luckely can turn off)
  10. Is it possible to close this thread, we lost the log in info to the thread maker account.
  11. 1v1 Challenge

    @EgardAnd this noob that equiped a shortsword with 1 skill intstead of the longsword i was supposed to, went down like a sack of crap
  12. 1v1 Challenge

    Im happy to do a fight on Chaos. We should meet on a mountain top or something