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  1. As the title states I'm looking to purchase a Black Pearl these can be found with luck from clams while fishing leave a message here or contact Siegfried in game to talk
  2. bump still buying buying buyingbump still buying
  3. [23:48:37] You see a cart under construction. Ql: 2.7934039, Dam: 0.0. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The cart needs 1 shaft, 4 small metal nails, 1 yoke, and 15 planks to be finished. Trying to gauge interest in this item before deciding to sell hence the pc/wts as youy can see by description has many items left to finish so can be done in any wood type and also have your own Sig Can post here or private pm or contact Siegfried in game
  4. 70ql stud sets x10 what your charge on that  and lets say 20 and 30sets

    getting prices

    pls reply promptly if this something you interested in

  5. as the title say looking for padlocks to go on bsb 99ql -90ql -80ql- 70ql- 60ql- 50ql- 40ql- please leave a message here if you can help also contact Siegfried in game if you can also
  6. Planks rare 50c supreme 3s shafts rare 40c supreme 3s nails rare 40c supreme 3s \all the rest are rare items wooden shingle 30c ribbons 30c square piece of cloth 40c wooden handles 30c rubes/ sapphires/ diamonds yes rare pegs 30c tar 25c wool yarn 20c clay 35c cordage bricks 35c contact Siegfried in game supreme planks/nails/and shafts just send I log in everyday so will pick them up immediately
  7. as title says want to buy dirt looking for 100k+ expecting 50c/k serious supplies post here your intentions and also Contact Siegfried in GAME