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  1. Ill start it off 15s Heya Muse cod to Galigan and Ill pickup when I log in thanx for adding to my collection
  2. WTB bulkchopped 99+qlveg

    As the title says looking to purchase 99+ql chopped veg lets say 10k to start pm your offers for consideration
  3. WTA Rare Vynora Statue Fragments (ready to complete)

  4. WTA Rare Vynora Statue Fragments (ready to complete)

    16s 50c cod to Galigan
  5. WTB Supreme Oak Ropetool-Please Close

    davih has some last I saw and fully enchanted
  6. WTB rare materials and statue frags

    BUMPITY BUMP still looking for items
  7. [SOLD] WTA Rare statue of Libila fragment

    12s cod to Galigan if I win
  8. [SOLD] WTA Rare statue of Libila fragment

    might as well start this off 10s
  9. WTB rare materials and statue frags

    looking to buy these rare materials as listed below shafts rare 25c supreme 50c fantastic 3s send many planks rare 25c supreme 50c fantastic 3s send many lg and small nails rare 25c send many ribbons rare 20c square piece of cloth rare 20c send many string of cloth rare 15c send many lead lumo rare 15c tar rare 15c leather strip rare 20c wooden beam rare 20c rope rare 20c log rare 15c must be full weight 24kg cordage rope rare 15c up to 5 at a time unless confirmed via pm pegs rare 15c send many sprouts supreme 30c wanting to purchase rare vynora/ Magnaron and Libila statue frags also rare Hellhorse Lavafiend and unicorn frags will update and bumo regularly If you have more than 5 of an item please pm before sending dont want a massive stock of an item any item that states send many means exactly that all other items 1-2 per day so I have chance to update and pause/remove that item COD all items to Galigan ingame also can pm Galigan /Zalmo/ Siegfried before sending of items if necessary
  10. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

    sent tester viti just post what affinity you get from tester and then what affinities you would like
  11. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

  12. WTS 80ql Tools for 10c (each)

    2xsaw 2xpickaxe 2x shovel 2x carving knife 2x rake 2xstone chisel cod to siegfried all of the highest ql ones
  13. WTS Holiday Items

    cod a 0.14kg trans gift to siegfried pls pretty sure i got a rare lead tool i can now turn steel and if you dont mind just reserving one also just in case It works and I need more