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  1. WTb 2x rare white sleeves(not plain white sleeves) wtb rare humanskull shoulderpad
  2. Yes better skins are a must I have a Huge axe Id like to put a skin on but the choices are so Bleh ill wait and hope for more skin updates Can only hope that will be the case As Wipeout has shown theres plenty of images of insane looking Fantasy weapon images available wouldnt mind see a cool Longbow skin either
  3. heya how much for the rare huge axes iron
  4. Looking to buy a rare humanskull shoulderpad pm offers rare shafts/pegs/squarecloth/wire/rivets/cordage/brass and other materials pm what you have with offers also want to buy 13 x tich marble frags
  5. Heya Velvetsun could you combine all 40 of the tich marble frags and cod to Siegfried please
  6. rare small maul for 2.5s cod to siegfried pls
  7. oops sorry was a miss type 5s was my winning bid
  8. cool looks like I won cod the rare magranon frag to Galigan for 6s