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  1. ok might as well 15s from Galigan if I win you know what to do 8D
  2. WTS rares and other stuff

    rare small maul for 2.5s cod to siegfried pls
  3. rare statue fragments

    oops sorry was a miss type 5s was my winning bid
  4. rare statue fragments

    cool looks like I won cod the rare magranon frag to Galigan for 6s
  5. rare statue fragments

    #2 5s
  6. rare statue fragments

    #2 Ill start bid 3s If I will cod to Galigan
  7. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

    Heya Rhianna all the pizzas are now sent enjoy
  8. Crow Kingdom Set

    1s to start this off
  9. number 1 14s if sniper in effect if not sweet
  10. Ill start this one off 5s If I win cod to Galigan
  11. Lost Beloved Family Horse!

    mmmm I think ill send you some de-aging runes for the horse that is
  12. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Siegfried 100 faith vyn --ROS only need ROS for journal
  13. WTS Various potions, oils and blood

    Ill take the acid blood please for 30c cod to Galigan when you can
  14. Bought horses from Glasshollow met up with Meldichoir grabbed 4 and meldichoir delivered 4 also great guys and service
  15. WTB 5speed horses(no other traits)

    CLOSE thread please all horses are purchased