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  1. Very nice Id like to also suggest leg leg skin for boot and hook skin for gloves apparently theres some new swords too and what about octopus mask
  2. Can be Closed was taken care of by people in the area it went missing
  3. Hey bud can ya help me out with this Im guessin its your deed [21:43:07] You enter Valrei's Insight.
  4. logged out at roughly h23 moss fields just east of Guard tower named Moss Watchers my horse named Raincliff(ebony) fully saddled/horseshoes and bridle may have been led away pretty sure saddle and shoes were 100+woa casted If examined will be Cared for by Galigan Contact me here or ingame on Siegfried if you may have this/ or seen my horse
  5. BIG FAT BUMP to restart pizza orders
  6. As in title Im After Crow PMK stuuf Wagon , Military tent, Tall banner and flag Paying coin also have 90ql full green drakeset all 90+ casted - AO military tent- rare and supreme items- supreme cedar ropetool which will be fully imbued glim lib speed rune and fully casted etc Also rare unfinished wagon that can be completed to your preferred wood type and current PMK design by a pmk authorized player( ie rare HLL etc) Contact Siegfried in game or leave pm on forums with this account