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  1. Actually it's my last 17s75c. Anyone want to buy it for 16 euro? PM me!
  2. Time to clean out the coffers- I have gold coins for sale, at the old exchange rate of 1s=1euro I'm a long time PayPal user and verified, so shop without worry! If you are interested please send me a message. Happy Wurming!
  3. Thank you! Everything updated and items sent out!
  4. Im not in a rush to sell, and I said in the post I would only accept fair prices. I've been away for a long time but I couldn't imagine the market dropping that much. I donno, I could be wrong, but I figured 5s-7s.
  5. Items sent out, and counter offers. and 2 silver for a 100woa? I would give it to a friend before i did that.
  6. If I wanted to make sale hype, posting on a Sunday would not be smart. I posted when I did because if I didn't, this sale would stay on my list of stuff to do, towards the bottom, as it has been for months/ years. So, now that that is out of the way, take a look, if you see something you like please let me know.
  7. Closet clean out, this is the last of my enchanted stuff from when I owned Redeemed many years ago. Make me a fair offer, with who to sent it to, and if I can cram it in my mailbox, its yours. I will update the lists as things sell. Pick up from Solitude in Deliverance is possible, through merchants. Its been fun, and I still miss Wurm, but I hope these items can go to good homes Items marked C or COC have Circle of Cunning, items with W or WoA have Wind of Ages (duh) - fair offers only, please don't low ball me and waste both our time-
  8. Closed

    Auction was bought out
  9. Congrats to all the winners!!! I will contact you and start sending things off
  10. Only 3 hours left! Get your bids in while you can!
  11. I'm sorry, I don't understand. Please make a new post with your bids, its a bit confusing keep track
  12. Sorry Yamuliss, Sidewinder has placed the higher bid on the (f) hatchet @9s I have a bid from Miniroll for ( the hammer - 7s
  13. All items will be sent out from Xana, winner pays for shipping. Bid increases of 1s only. A) Rare grooming brush, oak- 87coc, 49ql starting bid 5s current bid: 8s (Tuga) b ) rare hammer, 66coc, 46ql starting bid 5s current bid: 7s (Miniroll) C) rare sickle -81coc 90ql starting bid 5s current bid: 9s (Kegan) D) rare rake, 90coc 87ql starting bid 5s current bid: 10s (Thirtynine) E) rare mallet, birch 95woa, 92coc 92ql starting bid 5s current bid:6s (HedgeKnight) f) rare hatchet, 89woa 91ql starting bid 5s current bid: 9s (Sidewinder) g) rare rope tool, oak, 94woa, 83coc 93ql starting bid 5s current bid: 9s (Tarlynn) H) rare shovel (87woa, 87coc) 83ql starting bid 5s current bid: 8s (Tuanta) I) rare shop sign, maple 43ql starting bid 1s- current bid:5s (Farscape) J) rare needle 55ql starting bid 1s current bid: 2s (Kegan)
  14. Thank you very much! [13:49:25] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than two minutes.
  15. As the title states, up for auction is one 100 coc 11ql pickaxe. Starting bid- 2s min bid inc- 50c no hidden reserve or hidden bidding Buy out 10 silver Winner pays all shipping costs
  16. Right on, thanks for the info guys. Forgot to add that this account and enchant grass and refresh Thanks for the info guys, been very informative!
  17. Just curious on what she's worth. Skills shown in alphabetical order. She also has 30 titles unlocked, and plate armor smithing as an affinity. Characteristics Soul: 34.64903 Soul depth: 39.647198 Soul strength: 24.39375 Mind: 41.39824 Mind logic: 47.688713 Mind speed: 22.819212 Body: 47.939095 Body stamina: 32.716476 Body strength: 45.431347 Body control: 36.41062 Religion Alignment: 80.207405 Faith: 13.684282 Favor: 13.684282 Skills Alchemy: 13.7476635 Natural substances: 30.919878 Archery: 1 Long bow: 1 Medium bow: 1 Short bow: 1 Axes: 48.06289 Hatchet: 58.97133 Huge axe: 19.512121 Large axe: 1 Small Axe: 1 Carpentry: 85.7883 Bowyery: 1.2515453 Fine carpentry: 68.01649 Fletching: 1 Ship building: 19.286097 Toy making: 1.4999444 Climbing: 7.218795 Clubs: 1.0002198 Huge club: 1.0810455 Coal-making: 1 Cooking: 38.946846 Baking: 26.459522 Beverages: 11.654572 Butchering: 43.25057 Dairy food making: 1 Hot food cooking: 63.803127 Digging: 71.68353 Fighting: 74.88846 Aggressive fighting: 11.501014 Defensive fighting: 22.139652 Normal fighting: 64.01522 Shield bashing: 4.1231575 Taunting: 1 Weaponless fighting: 4.6669483 Firemaking: 25.375933 Hammers: 1 Warhammer: 1 Healing: 21.279484 First aid: 40.208138 Knives: 40.142128 Butchering knife: 52.118637 Carving knife: 31.840155 Masonry: 53.400875 Stone cutting: 32.521103 Mauls: 26.693457 Large maul: 66.87935 Medium maul: 1 Small maul: 1 Milling: 27.541603 Mining: 49.9159 Miscellaneous items: 73.07009 Hammer: 65.12449 Pickaxe: 53.235756 Rake: 86.990814 Repairing: 48.917557 Saw: 23.90111 Scythe: 20.111433 Shovel: 60.12913 Sickle: 51.397095 Stone chisel: 19.788267 Nature: 72.06286 Animal husbandry: 58.386806 Animal taming: 28.041391 Botanizing: 18.68094 Farming: 96.14829 Fishing: 29.953959 Foraging: 11.651654 Forestry: 54.79583 Gardening: 47.414825 Meditating: 30.016426 Milking: 2 Papyrusmaking: 1 Paving: 28.508104 Polearms: 1 Halberd: 1 Long spear: 1 Staff: 1 Pottery: 48.839462 Prospecting: 22.352964 Religion: 3.7282276 Artifacts: 1 Channeling: 1 Exorcism: 1 Prayer: 9.28521 Preaching: 1 Ropemaking: 18.480337 Shields: 21.406282 Large metal shield: 21.957338 Large wooden shield: 1 Medium metal shield: 17.386915 Medium wooden shield: 1.2030537 Small metal shield: 1 Small wooden shield: 1 Smithing: 43.146843 Armour smithing: 3.4833064 Chain armour smithing: 1 Plate armour smithing*: 1 Shield smithing: 7.496146 Blacksmithing: 58.601074 Jewelry smithing: 54.353123 Locksmithing: 4.3911157 Metallurgy: 1 Weapon smithing: 28.517788 Blades smithing: 18.601849 Weapon heads smithing: 20.343493 Swords: 32.748257 Longsword: 59.912277 Shortsword: 1.6400535 Two handed sword: 1 Tailoring: 56.127625 Cloth tailoring: 94.97054 Leatherworking: 9.216043 Thatching: 1 Thievery: 1 Lock picking: 1 Stealing: 1 Traps: 1.099 Toys: 1 Puppeteering: 1 Yoyo: 1.4041581 Tracking: 8.026207 War machines: 10.045068 Catapults: 17.661783 Woodcutting: 79.4396 Miscellaneous Affinities: 1
  18. Please, please update the mailing system. Honestly, these kinds of changes should have been a given, as it is right now, it is WAY too easy for someone to scam a buyer. +1
  19. I'm not bidding, but you may want to put what server this is on. Good luck with the auction!