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  1. Actually it's my last 17s75c. Anyone want to buy it for 16 euro? PM me!
  2. Gold coins for Sale, cheap!

    Plenty more coins to sell off!
  3. Gold coins for Sale, cheap!

    Time to clean out the coffers- I have gold coins for sale, at the old exchange rate of 1s=1euro I'm a long time PayPal user and verified, so shop without worry! If you are interested please send me a message. Happy Wurming!
  4. Final game close out, make me an offer!

    Thank you! Everything updated and items sent out!
  5. Final game close out, make me an offer!

    Im not in a rush to sell, and I said in the post I would only accept fair prices. I've been away for a long time but I couldn't imagine the market dropping that much. I donno, I could be wrong, but I figured 5s-7s.
  6. Final game close out, make me an offer!

    Items sent out! Thank you!
  7. Final game close out, make me an offer!

    Items sent out, and counter offers. and 2 silver for a 100woa? I would give it to a friend before i did that.
  8. Final game close out, make me an offer!

    If I wanted to make sale hype, posting on a Sunday would not be smart. I posted when I did because if I didn't, this sale would stay on my list of stuff to do, towards the bottom, as it has been for months/ years. So, now that that is out of the way, take a look, if you see something you like please let me know.
  9. Closet clean out, this is the last of my enchanted stuff from when I owned Redeemed many years ago. Make me a fair offer, with who to sent it to, and if I can cram it in my mailbox, its yours. I will update the lists as things sell. Pick up from Solitude in Deliverance is possible, through merchants. Its been fun, and I still miss Wurm, but I hope these items can go to good homes Items marked C or COC have Circle of Cunning, items with W or WoA have Wind of Ages (duh) - fair offers only, please don't low ball me and waste both our time-
  10. Closed

  11. Closed

    Iron Iron.
  12. Closed

    Auction was bought out
  13. Rares auction - close

    Congrats to all the winners!!! I will contact you and start sending things off