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  1. yeah. little reward, but it will spice up the game Great idea about the different model depending on the quality. then the better Ql the better the model would look That would be awesome
  2. Running

    yeah. you're right. it says that it goes fast, but it feels kind of slow :S actually I can run that fast
  3. hi. there should be a different model for each stage of building the fence model. Now there are only 2 fence models. Being built and finished. maybe 4 different or something so that for each material you attach to it. The model changes to more complete And as Aetherwalker just suggested "have different models for different stages of ql, e.g. rickety fence 1-20ql, fence 20-40ql, solid fence 40-60ql, sturdy fence 60-80ql, masterful fence 80+ql " It would really be awesome to be able to show others that your fence is better than theirs. lol. that's probably mean, but it would show like. be carefull my fences are awesome. then it could take longer time for them to decay.
  4. when you hold down shift. you run 50% faster and loose stamina 50% faster. the reason that I'm posting this suggestion is so that maybe something will be good and make gameplay a bit faster. (please don't use that line to post something very negative)
  5. You're probably right. they wouldn't have time to do anything then. I want to, and I have the time But I just have no clue on how to do it ;(
  6. When you swim, you get a higher swimming skill. A higher swimming skill allows you to swim longer time without loosing stamina. *not sure about if this part is a good idea* the higher swimming skill, the faster you swim. *not sure about if this part is a good idea*
  7. Didn't really think about pvp when i made this post :S I think the same myself. Minecraft vanilla is pretty much just a blocky version of wurm online. and yeah. different textures won't really change gameplay. not for me. but some people can't play games with low resolution textures ( I'm not one of those)
  8. yeah.. you're probably right. it would take long time to make. and yeah. If anyone could make textures for wurm and wanted to. they should join the team. I tried changing the texture but wurm just updated itself and removed the one that I made :S Thanks for replying. this post can be closed now.
  9. Then maybe he can do so that people can make a texture pack and then test them on some models they can see and rotate(like some kind of 3d gallery) and make them like they want them. then they can post them to the forums and then Rolf can add them to a list of texture pack that the player can choose between from the settings.
  10. HI! I love wurm. It's an awesome game, but I think that the textures on different gameobjects(not all) needs better textures. So why not make it possible for people to make their own texture packs or something. Minecraft was made with only one texture pack. then they allowed others to make their own and now you can get HD texture packs for minecraft. I know that me mentioning minecraft may offend some people. I like both games(wurm and minecraft) just as much, even though Minecraft has a faster gameplay. just gather all the textures and place it in one folder with sub-folders and allow people to change the textures. I know that it's might be a bit difficult or time consuming to make possible but this will do so that people can chose how they want it to look like. If you don't like this idea then please don't get angry or anything. this is only a suggestion. Thanks for reading. hope you understood ;S Kind regards and great gaming times -Frank