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  1. Minor Changes Round 3 (Item Specific)

    Saying it's easy but recommends collecting arrows instead of making/imping them. What sort of tomfoolery is this?
  2. I've had a lot of fun with shield training with these changes. I've been using lower ql on the mobs that don't hit as hard, med ql for trolls and/or hellhounds. I 'can' use low ql on trolls and hounds but it's risky, lost about 8 shields now. Now-a-days gains have slowed down a lot, not sure why.... [17:12:06] Large metal shield increased by 0.000008 to 99.993576
  3. DUSKombat - Full Combat System Rewrite

    Any love for the WMA fighters? Can weaponless ever be good? Wurm Martial Arts
  4. Scale of Libila

    Only person who uses it on Chaos, lul.
  5. [SOLD] White Drake Set

    You'd do 80Euros?
  6. WTS Rare Red Scale Set 225 Euros

    I'm interested, please PM Dridmar when you come back online.
  7. rIgG3d 1 sAy, RiGgEd.
  8. Cheating or not?

    Only 97.7% Pride with my account. :-( Let it be known that Shankiest ruined my account when he bought it.
  9. Expelling players

    no why rudie i was good guy
  10. Things you do during the weapon smithing grind

    I remember that Grind. I downloaded and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (Buffy Spinoff) from levels 50-80. I then watched Stargate Atlantis from 80-91. Fun times and enjoyable shows.
  11. Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

  12. Please note the above picture only shows the 'gang' readying up for a 1v7 and the 'gang' typical plays other games like Runescape or PubG most of the time. Runescape seriously? That game is for children but it's the only way for Mclovin to meet his special someone. A 40 year old neckbeard named Dillon #Worldstar
  13. Art Commission Service

    Instead having a backup Hellhorse, make him ride both at the same time like Jean Claude Van Damme between two trucks.
  14. You still have that 80ql 101c 92woa pickaxe? I'll take it. Cod to Dridmar
  15. Send the rare carving knife please. To Dridmar