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  1. I remember that Grind. I downloaded and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (Buffy Spinoff) from levels 50-80. I then watched Stargate Atlantis from 80-91. Fun times and enjoyable shows.
  2. #JusticeForStarveling
  3. Please note the above picture only shows the 'gang' readying up for a 1v7 and the 'gang' typical plays other games like Runescape or PubG most of the time. Runescape seriously? That game is for children but it's the only way for Mclovin to meet his special someone. A 40 year old neckbeard named Dillon #Worldstar
  4. Instead having a backup Hellhorse, make him ride both at the same time like Jean Claude Van Damme between two trucks.
  5. You still have that 80ql 101c 92woa pickaxe? I'll take it. Cod to Dridmar
  6. Send the rare carving knife please. To Dridmar
  7. As the title says, I am looking to buy or trade for a good amount of sleeping powders. Either silvers or trading a rare bone. Let me know what you got.
  8. I am on fixed affinity now, the test meal for me is First Aid. Can you mail me a Body and Weaponsmithing pizza. Thanks.
  9. Send test pizzas to Dridmar please. I am living on Chaos atm, do you have an account that hasn't been there before so I can send it back?
  10. Currently at your place just grinding while I wait for you to log on. Take your time, I'm in no rush.
  11. I'd be interested in all the sleeping powders you have. I can sail by sometime tomorrow if they can be held.
  12. -1 Birch please.
  13. Where's Dridmar's money for your priest you bought in Hots? SCAMMER

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