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  1. PC Account

    Was wanting to get an honest PC. I'm still committed to the LMS grind so I'll be around for a while still. Unless kingdom drama then we'll see then.
  2. PC Account

    Yeah, forgot bout that.
  3. PC Account

    https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Dridmar Tomes: Tome of Incineration Black Tome Green Tome White Tome Slime of Uttacha
  4. Bring back the big green guy

    Spawned on Chaos last year. Perhaps if you roamed more you will find it before us.
  5. Bring back the big green guy

    Spawned on Chaos. Perhaps if you roamed more you would have found it before we killed it.
  6. More fun for Champs

    -1 dumb idea.
  7. +1 I want supreme unstoppable legs.
  8. Can you send me a High QL and high WoA enchanted pelt,whetstone, and hammer. Not too picky on the enchant power, anything over 80 is good. Send to Dridmar Iron material type please.
  9. Whats up with taming?

    Yep, 80 taming, doesn't get better.
  10. Lets tell a story...

    Then my account was banned.
  11. When you...

    Late to the thread but.. thank the player gods. My 100 LMS grind will be less stressful without worrying about crashing/disconnecting during combat.
  12. Share your titles

    Lightweight Drunkard
  13. [Everything sold] WTS random woa/coc items/tools

    I'll take that large rat pelt C87 W76 - cod to Dridmar
  14. Minor Changes Round 3 (Item Specific)

    Saying it's easy but recommends collecting arrows instead of making/imping them. What sort of tomfoolery is this?