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  1. 17
  2. does the rare have full bloodthirst though? it says it has FB
  3. heh 15s, why not.
  4. Testing this right now. zeke is right, the flat trajectory makes things useless, if anything, higher skill should give it more of an arc. Will update this post with some paint drawings in a minute. Catapults need to be a tile to tile calculation, because you can balance the catapult on the edge of a tile easily. so make it go like this: Where it hits all 4 borders, not just the one or two like it used to. edit 2: you cant repair the walls on test. edit 3: the text says im hitting, but it doesnt do any damage now.
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  6. 5s
  7. 10s
  8. 20
  9. 18
  10. 5S
  11. 16
  12. yeah if you are accepting lower bids, I would do 18 as a start
  13. 12
  14. 23
  15. easier but not too hard would be the best, they are awesome for making things look good, but that always comes at a price. say 1 concrete and 5 shards maybe. that's bearable.
  16. 20
  17. Buyout. PM details
  18. shield to febur please. is it bad that im buying it just because its 100coc? i already have a rare 97, 91...
  19. People are worried that instead of going 1,2,3,4,5, imp, repair. with the macro they are going to make it a tiny bit easier? lol +1 it makes sense and is a lot less hassle when your drunk but have the urge to imp some weapons.
  20. We had the burger king crown... Can we at least get the burger king "Noble King Theatrical Quality Adult Costume"
  21. rare whetstone c80 to febur please
  22. I would like king armour.
  23. 5s on the rare hammer #20 too
  24. I think removing local from PVP would make the game very very interesting. It favours the lesser kingdoms as they can sneak about without being spotted. And, it favours the bigger kingdoms if they roll in a big group the 'somefriesmatherfacker' factor will win a fight. It will also make judging whether to fight or flee harder and will require a better attention span. +1 to remove. The main problems I see is people will be too scared to roam, raiding would be a lot lot harder because you could hide dudes everywhere then jump out. But that is pretty irrelevant because raiding doesnt happen much anyway.
  25. #21 8s