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  1. does the rare have full bloodthirst though? it says it has FB
  2. [closed] Soldier's RARE gear set

    heh 15s, why not.
  3. Catapult and Trebuchet testing!

    Testing this right now. zeke is right, the flat trajectory makes things useless, if anything, higher skill should give it more of an arc. Will update this post with some paint drawings in a minute. Catapults need to be a tile to tile calculation, because you can balance the catapult on the edge of a tile easily. so make it go like this: Where it hits all 4 borders, not just the one or two like it used to. edit 2: you cant repair the walls on test. edit 3: the text says im hitting, but it doesnt do any damage now.
  4. Please Close

  5. Please Close

  6. Please Close

  7. [SOLD] Rare small bell

  8. [SOLD] Rare Sailboat

    yeah if you are accepting lower bids, I would do 18 as a start
  9. Supreme Saddle 90ql 97 WoA -SOLD-

  10. easier but not too hard would be the best, they are awesome for making things look good, but that always comes at a price. say 1 concrete and 5 shards maybe. that's bearable.