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  1. Missions no longer display contribution

    I did a ritual mission on Exo a couple of days ago, and had it show my 7% personal contribution as well as the mission's progress. After server restart, only the mission progress was shown, and no indication it was me that had done the 7%. Went off server the following day, so not sure what will happen now if I return before mission is done (if it's still not done). Will report back later with more details.
  2. Open Reply to Abuse of Power Public Letter

    If I inadvertantly hijack your response, Sindusk, I apologise. I am just glad someone who can not easily be shut down has responded to this. I can appreciate Enki's investigation, and the tough position he is in. I respect that all Retro's actions have been within the official lines. However, there is still an element of bias that cannot be seen without reviewing similar circumstances involving unrelated players. Anyone who takes an unbranded horse off-deed would have been told "tough" by a GM. Staff members were told not to request uncraftable items - so why was Retrograde gifted one? An amazingly rapid promotion for someone Retro is close to not to mention more I cannot put in a public post If Enki were a scientist, his letter would have been pulled apart for poor method already.
  3. Adding 'life' to Guard Towers

    +1 Especially love the drunken fights. Can we also make it possible to entice guards out of mines with a doughnut?
  4. The problem is when what you are selling to earn kingdom funds turns out to be a pig in a poke. While I may be delighted to find I'm the new owner of a kitty, I'd still be lacking a pig to fatten up for winter, and suffering from violent allergies. Even now, as of this post it is still the original gold/beige/whatever you see it as items being advertised in the first post. I get that only Vom can edit that, but no mention was made, no warning anywhere I can find to let people know their belongings would change so drastically. Doing so would have allowed those who found the new design really not to their taste to sell on or learn to live with the new look whilst drumming up new business from those excited by purpleness and stopping people like me bitching about it at every available opportunity. You know, common courtesy. I get that pmk stuff can change at any time, and I'm glad you have the new look you want, but a simple heads up would have avoided a lot of the complaints.
  5. Got the recipe on Exo, did some server hopping on the 26th, and was on Exo at the time of the hotfix on the 28th. I've been awol so not sure which date the recipe went missing ( and once again too lazy to check bug forum etc. for info), as the 26th was the first I've logged in this year.
  6. I am one of they (in game name the same), but don't think I can provide any helpful information for troubleshooting. All I remember is the long wait to find a second copy of the recipe after I gave my first find to a friend. I've never made the recipe. OK, after searching logs I found actual info: Logging started 2017-06-01 [12:27:29] Welcome back, Grumpled! The Exodus server has been waiting for you. [12:36:15] You finish adding the billy sheep gruff stew into your cookbook, just in time, as the recipe has decayed away. but incase it proves relevant there was a maintenance restart shortly after adding the recipe: [12:50:57] 10 seconds to shutdown. [12:50:57] Reason: Maintenance restart and update. Up to thirty minutes downtime. Patch notes:
  7. Compass-Friendly Sailing

    Oh, a nautical compass. Good idea. But if it's just our regular compass working on boats, I'm happy with whatever. Just let me figure out whether I'm veering too far off heading that I'll end up at server border without having to disembark.
  8. *Enchanted Crops*

    +1 a nice compromise
  9. Compass-Friendly Sailing

  10. Slaying of the raging red dragon hatchling

    Nonsense, I've lived on Release for ... five minutes. Said fantastic bone is therefore clearly my property. It's moin, I tell you! But seriously, congrats, and ty for public slaying. Not certain if I can make it yet, though.
  11. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    I mean, if you want to spend silver on dropping the deed and on a shaker orb in order for someone else who did nothing to get a rare bone or tome charge every single time (not to mention the painful hours of hunting), go ahead.
  12. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    It's Oblivionnreaver. Like he wasn't going to find and pen it first anyway... And are you saying the P/R hunters put in all that work and silver into penning for potentially no recompense if no tome drops?
  13. Surprised myself by instinctively being anti-this, but that's just me and my horse loving quirks (for instance I'd far rather ride uneven terrain on a Clydesdale than an Arabian). But if I can pretend I finally own an Akhal-teke, a Thoroughbred, and a Clydesdale, and none of them have to be jet black, and everyone else is excited, then what the hell. And yes, AH needs a serious overhaul. It should not take me longer than my lower AH alt to breed a 5 speed horse starting with wild stcok. My only remaining concern is what becomes of bison, especially my painfully bred 5 speeds, with Coldbloods in the game? Awesome work on the models, Malena, especially the heavy horse, and on the idea. +1 @Malena Highland ponies. Just saying.
  14. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    It's clear from all the posts here that Tich was a woman cared for by so many, and who put her heart into Wurm. The statue is a fitting tribute, well deserved. So long, Tich, and thanks for all the fishing. And the cooking. And the bridges. And all the marks you made to make the game better, be it in code or in the landscape around you.
  15. The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018

    Yay, more proper horse colours. Thank you @Malena. Though being me and never happy, would have preferred the blanket Appy in chestnut