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  1. Those are purple. Not blue. At all. However, I have long concluded Wurm and I shall never agree on which colours are which (ever since I first found "purple" flowers that are clearly pink).
  2. I have a mayor alt who has 100% been prem, even without remembering it can be seen by her skills, yet does not have prem listed when doing /playtime. I figure this is because she was either one of the 2s prem back when that was a thing, or used a code for prem. It would make sense for neither to be counted under /playtime if that is what was used to calculate marks when the marks shop launched. Anyway... could your characters be similar?
  3. I think all mobs with a different model for the baby stage are kind of considered two different animals. it's why naming an egg would give you a named chick (if lucky enough for it to hatch), but the name doesn't carry over to the grown hen or rooster. And I assume this is why you can't use nameplates before second adolescent stage too. So in the case of horses, age counter is reset once they reach second young stage as it's now a fresh new horse with horse abilities that differ from un-hitchable, un-ridable small horsies.
  4. Old fat Uzeflea

    Panic over. Uzeflea had simply gone to visit his grandparents for a couple of days whilst his deed was refounded. But some numpty neglected to leave a message for Chi sorry!
  5. Laughs hollowly whilst drinking a cup of tears The "better method" appears to be finding a friend or alt with lower AH and doing as you describe here. High AH draft breeding is a desolate land of random pointless traits from all the wonderful old breeding stock with 5sp+ Anyways, wonderful thread, making it less daunting for those confused or having little success with the new system so far. Thank you @Muse!
  6. I want to know why a returning player with high AH will now be unable to breed themselves an even halfway acceptable horse or bison from wild stock. They can make themselves a new tool set, weapons, farm whatever needed, with only their own skills to assist if they so choose. Making use of their AH skill? Nope. I have 80AH, and decided to experiment with breeding some wild stock to try and get new traits, instead of battling to get non-speed offspring from all my previous 'good' stock. All but one have been born with negative traits. None have been born with more than two traits. So I now have a lot of untraited named animals, and am no further forward in breeding anything useful. I really really want to like this update, I do. But I don't right now, and blank deathly silence from devs isn't helping with that.
  7. Thank you for the additions to the inspect window, they really help. However, if the above could be fixed next update that would be lovely. Pleeeeease??
  8. Same. And I'm glad you finally bit the bullet and posted this because I was too uncertain to, but it's been long enough with enough people mentioning it yet silence from staff. Every single one of my bred animals has an extra 10 points in the total. I have 80 AH. There are no '?' in the trait list, so nothing extra hidden from me Even in horses that haven't been genesised yet and still have their negative traits there is this extra 10 points, so it is not removed traits being counted as suggested by some. I know @Oblivionnreavermentioned in game that one of the speed and one of the draft traits listed as being 15 points are counted as 20. Which just raises more questions. Are they meant to be 15 or 20? Is it just a visual mix up showing a higher number than actually used by the game? This is stopping me from cracking on with breeding, I'd just like to know if it's intended or not
  9. Sulcofuron it should add up to 85 (none are negative values), but that still doesn't account for the mystery extra ten points on every animal I've looked at or heard about. So is this meant to be a thing? or is the additional ten points another bug?
  10. While I'm happy for pretty much everything in the update I am really glad for this - thank you Also, whoever decided to add this in this manner rather than some settings toggle is awesome: If it could have a player animation to go with it @Saroman I'd spend silly amounts of time just kicking the things. It didn't bother or affect me in anyway before now, though I know it did for some people. This could be my new form of entertaining my remaining brain cell when there isn't a yule goat handy to pat. Yes, I am strange.
  11. I know I sound horribly negative (I don't do well with change), but I am honestly glad that AH will no longer be so bland, that there's some love for non-horses within this update, and also troughs and bowls. But I still have concerns, mainly things that will eventually be fine after a horrible transition period from the entirety of current livestock to new improved ones. Deed ratios and care for spots really need tweaked to account for everyone likely needing more livestock now that our all rounders are no longer great at everything, just ok. I feel for those who stopped at 50AH years ago because the game was badly balanced after that point. that they didn't grind AH further isn't really their fault but they will be penalized for it now. Yes, eventually it'll be fine and it's only fair that higher skill has better benefits, but that doesn't help in the immediate aftermath. If current horses are going to be slower come update day, many people would be advised to leave deed with caution until they have bred something that can outrun a mob train while pulling a fully loaded cart or wagon. Are my current 5 speed bison going to become utterly useless for breeding? while someone with little to no AH and three-legged bison has ideal breeding stock for draft bison? This also doesn't seem fair. I know currently bison only need three 'speed' traits to be as fast as they can be, but having 5 speed breeding stock helped breed decent offspring without having to worry about negative traits so much (and needing that darned Fo assistance). If bison operate on a different pool of potential traits than ridden animals, then this is not so much of an issue, but it's a worry until that is known. The thing I'm mostly curious about for ridden creatures is the number of traits in each 'type' pool, and whether having breeding stock with a,b,c speed traits then pass on d,e,f speed traits and whether d,e and f are just as desirable as a,b and c or if you're getting a lucky dip each time and may as well breed any speedy horse and hope for the best.
  12. Is there any change planned for the number of care for spots we get? Given that a player can't just rely on their cart/wagon team to also be their ridden mount with this update, or face not having the optimum speed/weight abilities that means they need to own more beasties. also is there an ETA for this update? Even a vague, subject-to-change one? This week, next week, next month, sometime in summer? Please?
  13. +1 There's no logical reason I can think of to not be able to haul up stairs (ok, spiral stairs could be awkward, I suppose). Having to build a house around both staircase and ladders is annoying and cluttered looking, to me.
  14. I don't think people are saying it's not the best idea purely because of sermon alt issue, and more because you have to be realistic about these things. It's unlikely that the amount of f2p players swayed into continuing to pay for premium will in any way outnumber the amount of alts everyone else will no longer bother paying to prem up. I can say here and now that in the proposed system, I will never again pay for premium for my various alts if I can just run them for free on the occasional weekend. Yes it would be great to get new players to stick with wurm, and start paying premium, but can we figure out a way that doesn't involve current alts slipping the net?
  15. problem with goblins is they can be dead before I even pull them somewhere more sensible. And them am left to be forever plagued with wondering if it was one with a fantastic recipe about its person. I've had them vanish into lesser slopes, too. It's an irritation that was supposed to be fixed, so can we possibly have it more fixed, please?