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  1. Easter Dragon

    Excellent work, Stan, and not just with the maps Hopefully I'll remember both the right day this time and to set off early.
  2. Thankyou so much. I will no doubt forget this valuable info within the week
  3. Start bid: 3s Minimum increment: 20c No Private Bids
  4. or at the very least let us proceed with the tree chopping, although firepillaring it would be more amusing
  5. I could name a few staff members this applies to lol Aaanyway, this will probably get me a warning or ban for being 'critical of staff', but seriously, don't tell me how to behave on another website wholly unconnected with you. (subject matter asides)
  6. Agreed, even if it's a two tiered mute option of 'mute' and 'mute everywhere' If someone wants to take the chance of possibly missing out on helpful info, that's their choice. If someone wants to completely avoid another player who is negatively affecting their game, they should be able to do so. This would also have the added advantage of preventing potential bickering in ca between people who clearly dislike each other.
  7. Congratulations to the winners! However, all I keep thinking is: and
  8. meditation has nothing to do with being a priest, so ... no 70 prayer is a pita, but it's doable. eventually I imagine it's less of a frustrating goal for someone approaching the priest journal as a new priest, with the heads-up of keep praying as much as poss as the progress, as opposed to a fully established priest champing at the bit for that one last irritating goal for Benediction completion
  9. will also do best to be there, with bells on. Well, one bell. In my backpack. Thank you to the brave penners, sounds like it was a fun one!
  10. same here. driving me mad, pardon the pun. I am not co-ordinated enough to steer both mount and camera <flails>
  11. Thanks for the slaying. With all the lag I'm surprised I made it without dc. My client hated it, but I was happy.
  12. They did. That's what 1st March 2020 (GMT) means. When it turns 1st of March in Greenwich mean time zone.
  13. Agreed, I have a single wide overly long, utterly pointless 80ql bridge by my deed that is making it impossible for me to hook up to the highway network I could do extensive amounts of terraforming to get around it, but it would still be there, still being pointless, when the land it's on is already perfect and good to go for highway-making. I could spend years of my wurm life bashing every last tile of it, but I should not have to when a catapult is supposed to work Someone please fix this. Pleeeeeeese
  14. I could get behind these ideas as a basis for a Rite-casting rehaul
  15. why yes, give the masses a target to focus their frustration at, and maybe hate mail and harassment too. Great idea /end sarcasm