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  1. rare shovel iron(w90 c86 lib rune) and rare hammer iron (92w 100c) plz cod to trazz
  2. im 72 ws aiming for 90 dont know if ill get there lol
  3. cod to trazz please lump, seryll, 85.18ql, .25 weight - 1.25s lump, seryll, 83.63ql, .25 weight - 1.25s
  4. cod to trazz plz RARE Hatchet, Iron 77QL [CoC 84] - (3.75s)
  5. shovel, iron 70ql BOTD82 - 85c cod to trazz plz
  6. please cod to trazz please QL 100 Whetstone botd92 (1.5s) QL 100 Dog Pelt botd96 (2.6s) and thank you
  7. please cod to trazz please stone chisel, iron 3ql COC94 - 1s20c
  8. QL 80 Rare Small Axe LT100 N86 C82 MS71 + any demise (10s) cod to trazz plz
  9. please cod to trazz please small maul, iron 50ql LT97 - 2s80c