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  1. On 11/20/2020 at 8:12 AM, Oblivionnreaver said:

    is trampling other people to get this discount required or optional

    It's not mandatory but is stongly encouraged.  If it's your first time start with someone smaller than you; you'll get the hang of it

  2. Last time they did an unannounced take down of the servers I was in the middle of the ocean.  When I was able to relog my toon was dismounted from my ship in the water.  Lost my knarr and all my expensive armour that day.  Hopefully this goes better.


    Edit: Nevermind, it's up now

  3. I wonder if all the people complaining about the new server, saying that new players should be forced onto existing deeds would be willing to give up their deeds and live that kind of life?  Or maybe they're just upset that all their indentured servants will get their own place and they'll be stuck chiseling their own bricks.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Sheffie said:

    I didn't like real money trading either. I didn't now anything about it when I started playing Wurm, and I had nothing to do with it in all the years of developing my main character and the various deeds i was a part of. So to be told now that my character can never join the new islands, because of some "taint" that I can neither see nor understand, doesn't seem fair.

    You, like me, are part of the group that helped keep Wurm alive through all the years and I'm sure Wurm appreciates your service but our time has passed.  RMT or no, the old servers are dead and are an inconvenient anchor around the devs neck now.  If they starve the old servers of new players, the hope would be that most old players will either leave or start new toons on the 'money making' servers.  I just hope they give us the option later to relocated to the new servers when they close the old ones.  I really don't mind starting a new deed just hate the idea of grinding the skills again.


    I'm just speculating though