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  1. hi in game name shinolt

  2. i no cant send from [00:22:49] The Black Legion kingdom banner will not fit in the spirit castle.
  3. here you see more Support beams 528 and mortal 2271 1 rare long spear cadarwood 53Ql 2 ring of the Eye , seryll 25Ql 3 rare libila puppet coton x2 ~21Ql 4 rare chain gauntlet 54Ql 5 Spear bracelet seryll 75Ql 6 rare needle iron 70Ql 7 rare rope tool birchwood 60 Ql 8 longsword iron 88.89QL cast N97 RT76 C75 MS72 9 longsword iron 70.29QL cast N72 C60 10 longsword iron 76.90QL cast N68 C52 11 longsword iron 88.61QL cast N93 FB85 C80 12 longsword iron 73QL cast N40 FB23 C60 13 huge axe iron 75QL cast BOTD63 RT62 14 huge axe iron 81QL cast N46 FB88 C70 15 huge axe iron 64.45QL cast N71 C71 16 short sword iron 67.25QL cast W59 FB52 C44 17 longsword iron 82.49Ql cast W90 FB7518 black legion kingdom banner 3x 19 black legion kingdom flag 20 rare torch lamp iron 21 rare short bow Pinewood cast 27QL 22 rare long bow birchwood 69.94QL cast CoC63 nib50 23 rare long bow birchwood 69.72QL cast Coc 58 24 rare rope tool cedarwood 90QL cedarwood cast c72 w99 25 rare unfinished open fireplace 26 rare stool pinewood 27 rare file iron w84 c91 28 oil of the weapon smith 29 3 set clot armor (jacket sleeve shoe pants) 30 Lump adamantine 82 Ql 0.32KG 31 fantastic champagne 87 QL 3x