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  1. Radiant Islands - RP/PVP - Pirates The World of Wurm is vast with countless undiscovered lands, dotting a chaotic world full of strange beast and warring gods. The Radiant Islands was among those lands considered lost for all times until a group of retreating vagabonds discovered its shores. The vagabonds were led by the notorious brigand, Coren Scorpio, who captained the wicked ship “Wailing Widow”. They were luck to find the shores of the Radiant, because their stores were plum dry and the crew near madness. The captain and his men rallied with their new found luck and decided to colonize a small piece of the islands. A retreat, you could say, but it was more like a rat infested hole where they hid their loot and shiny babbles. The captain named the small town they constructed, Laguna. It was there they formed their base of operation as they continued their pirating in the closer trade routes. Precious ores were eventually discovered in the mountain chains that formed the islands. This was good and bad for the pirates. This brought in miners, traders, and other fortune seekers into their waters. The good was that it meant a boom in business, but it also meant more pirates. More pirates meant more competition which was never good for business. Naturally, small skirmishes erupted up between small pirate factions, and the merchants and miners hired in heavier guns to protect their cargoes. Since then, it has been a sour experience. Laguna has become a haven for all types of pirates. Merchants have even pushed their way into the area, conducting black market trading in the town. A cultural change has taken shape around him, and the captain wasn’t thrilled about the outlook. Server Info RP/PVP Custom Map Pirate RP Skill Rate x10 Action Speed x5 Free Deeds Free Rowboats Random Item Spawns Active GMs with years of RP experience Creative Plotlines and Content 2 GB Citadel Server Come join us on in launching our new RP server. We look forward to creating great stories with you!
  2. I would love to part of your server. Due to work I would only be able to contribute on the weekends.

  3. Moorlands - [RP PvP]

    Looking for players who enjoy to write and would love to create a great story with us. We're committed to being lasting server.
  4. Moorlands - [RP PvP]

    New Event for Dawn Reach Characters only: Name: Dawn Reach Fishing Tournament Time: Starting today (Sunday, Nov 1st) until Next Sunday at Noon. Description: Characters of Dawn Reach will have a week to catch the 3 biggest fish they can. They must bring their 3 biggest to a GM by next Sunday. The most total weight will win the prize. Prize: Rare Fishing Pole (70 qual) How to Enroll: Must be a Kingdom Member of Dawn Reach and respond to the forum post with your characters name at
  5. Moorlands - [RP PvP]

    Join Dawn Reach and prosper! And help get rid of them vermin pirates and horde. I'd also like to point out that this server is not a hardcore PVP server. We decided that a RP server should be PVP, but main battle between factions will be storied events. This will not be a place where you are constantly being raided.
  6. Come join us, Willis! You'd be a great addition to the server.
  7. Trake, myself, and a couple others have actually created our own RP server. It is called Moorlands, and can be found when searching RP or Moorlands when opening Wurm Unlimited. We've set up three starter deeds for three different kingdoms. Players will have the chance to play as pirates, HotS, or our good guy kingdom, Dawn Reach. We're hoping for a great role playing experience and invite everyone to join in on the fun with us. Like a role playing game, we offer players to allocate 300 skill points upon character creation. We also offer a random dice roll to determine how much silver your character will be awarded with in the beginning. If you have any questions look us up in game, or at our website:
  8. Trake and I may have something in the works. We'll be leaning towards text based Rp.
  9. Has there been any talk of creating a role play server yet? A buddy and I were talking about this the other day, and we are hoping someone is going to step up to the challenge. I've started several RP communities over the years in Wurm, and some of them might of been successful if I would of had the time for them. Its kind of the same situation now for me, I'd almost be willing to start up a RP server, but I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to the community if I didn't have the time. If someone does decide to take up the challenge, I'd be willing to help them.
  10. We are still considering other invites and keep in mind we do not have to go to a RP village.
  11. We used the chat function to write out the dialogue and actions of our characters. We'd have scenes similar to something to d&d games that we would play out and I'd usually be the scene setter. Everyone will have their own idea of what a rp village is, but this is what we're looking for: a more written display of our characters.
  12. We started Radiant Hill in Serenity then later renamed it Radiant Valley once we moved to Xanadu. Trying to create a village and host role play scenes in game got a little stressful and the focus of the group switched from being a rp village to a more grindfest once new members began to join. We don't really want to create a new village, but we're hoping someone has a rp village or would like to bring rp into an existing village as its more easier to rp when everything is already built up.
  13. We are two friends who've played the game together for some time now and have decided to look around for an active village to join. I have been playing wurm off and on for about three to four years, but all of that time was spent on Serenity. My character is relatively weak on Xanadu, but I am knowledgeable of the game. My friend, Anteos, has been playing a little less than a year and has a pretty solid character on the Freedom servers. I'll allow him to talk more about his character in response to this thread if he wishes. Together we've started a role playing village and after a little bit of stress with real life along with the stress of managing others in game; we backed away from that endeavor to pursue a more peaceful existence. Most recently we started a delivery service based village but quickly realized it may be a bit too much work for just the two of us, so we decided to join others rather than spend our time alone out in the wilderness of Xanadu. We’re looking for an active village that has a solid community base. We don’t want a demanding village that demands play time and work schedules. We’d like a village where we can work with others at our own pace, and we understand and wish to be active participants in the community. We’re pretty open in our choices, which is why we’re making this general post just to see which type of offers we may get. As said earlier, we did start a role play village and we’re interested in that type of game play still. We did not want to continue running a village and hosting role play functions as it got to be too much work, but if a village would like to recruit us as role playing envoys then that would be fine. I have no problem with teaching others how to rp and hosting rp events in game. If there are rp villages still out there, then that would be great too. But in the end, its just one of our wishes, but rp is not a must. Please respond with a little about your village and what you would require of us if we were to join. You can contact us in game as Coren or Anteos or message us here at the forum. We are both on US time, I'm east and he's central. Thanks!
  14. Just flattening out some land and still looking for some more people