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  1. Retro i think what you plan sounds very good to me. Getting more people into PvP, focusing Epic on PvP, make it more easy to get combat ready for everybody. That sounds good. I have just 2 points: 1) Give all the epic guys, the change to move to freedom before everything of their grind got destroyed. But I see you are already working on that. 2) Make sure the chaos player dont come to epic just to destroy everything & then leave again. That means: - If you live on Epic, you build deed, you skill there, etc. - The freedomer come due to the transfer with great skills without anything to loose. They dont have deeds or even big skills to loose, everything safely on Freedom still. Only thing they need is a safemine with some chests inside to store up weapon, etc. Its like a holiday trip to a holiday park. The problem behind that is you dont balance your actions if you dont have to loose anything. If you live on epic you dont destroy opponent completly. B/c you want opponents to play again in future and it could happen to you as well. But if you feel it´s just a 1-time-event you will come in, plunder/murder/destroy as much as you can and then go back to freedome again. It would be ok, if all player had the same conditions. But there are the original epic players. They cant choose, they have no option to avoid this. So this is like putting them in a cage and giving all the beasty freeedom accounts the key for the cage and a big club. Freedomer can choose, when they log in or if they log in. So they will only show up, if they are strong enough / in big numbers. They dont have any deeds to loose. Epic guys can´t follow them back and take revenge. I think you got my point. So its elemental to make sure, only player who have something invested / to loose are going into pvp. First of all, the transfer have to happen without items. So if you loose your stuff, you need to get it new on Epic. Second make sure only player who has to loose something, can participate. So f.e. only if you are part of a deed, you can join PvP. Or make it difficult enough to get equiqment, so you need to build up a deed to be strong enough. Alternative make some safespots for the already existing Epic guys, or anything else you else you can think off to solve this problem. Thx!
  2. One suggestion for the "incredible powerfull Freedomer come to Epic and destroy everything" scenario. Maybe its possible to cap the skill transfer. As i understood you, the idea is to get people that are interested in pvp without forcing them to grind 10 years again. So if freedomer transfers to epic lets cap the skill at the average of epic player skill. F.e. player x has 90 body strength and 30 fighting skill on Freedom. He uses his transfer possibility to epic... Average body strength is maybe 45, Fs 72. Then he gets 45 bs and 30 fs transfered. So freedomer would still be able to come and participate, but wont destroy everything due to overpower.
  3. Hmmm, i thought for a while if i should comment this inside this topic. Anyway.... I have the feeling that this archery / bc nerf is just another part in a long row.... its nearly impossible to gain up in skills & power as new player. That might be totally ok for freedom. But on epic / pvp it means you are out of game. I understand that wurm is a long time game. But lets see it realistic: - You get good amounts of Moonmetal only in pvp... so strong player gets much stronger - You get affinities for killing othters... so strong player get even stronger - Skill gain are slower in some areas now then it was years ago, so its even more impossible to close up. That wouldnt be that dramatic if there is a big playerbase, so there would be fights of 30 vs 30 or something like that. But in fights of 5 vs 5 you just feel the strength of one player. So atm its a mess to get new guys in game & stay b/c its not possible to close the gap to the top guys.... If there isnt a possibility pvp will die.... Plz find a way to balance it and make it possible for new players to get in game... archery is just one part of it.
  4. Nice idea. That would reduce the gods, which have to be balanced, to the 3 without the need to destroy the idea of playergods.
  5. Thx Retro for the answers! Your explenations about deleting do make sense. I was really shocked about that as well. But as you explain it, its ok. That you push this forward is very nice. Thx for the work. So i asume as long as the code isnt changed the way you describe above is legal and no abuse of a bughole? Anyway i hope the longterm balancing will come anyway. Giving Nathan back to Bl doesnt make everything is fine, it just stops making it even worse.
  6. Hmmm, before this escalates totaly, lets see if we can´t find a solution that suites for all, so we don´t need to discuss about deleted posts & the ways to talk to each other. We all agree that the situation (kingdoms not balanced, hots to much nerfed due to priest / religion) needs improvement. Retro said so as well. He said they will work on it and will give us a better idea about the timeline. That seems good for longterm. The question that is not answered yet is: "Why should we play and pay until there is someday a patch that solves the problem, when the small patches even make it worser every time. Why not making it better with small steps?". Do you plan anything on short hand to make the situation acceptable for us?
  7. Retro, I think, this continues b/c people aren´t willing to live with it and want it taken back. We don´t understand why you changed just this single part, while everything else has to wait for the big overwhole of pvp/priest. A main problem, nobody talked about so far, is the long term prospects of hots are. I dunno if thats clear for you, but if we can´t play pvp for a half year or a year its not just we dont have why we did choose that server, it also means that we won´t be on a competive level after. One year of waiting means the other kds can craft armors of moonmetal over and over again, while we are without them. We even cant hunt really dragons, b/c if other kds get informations about it, they come to us and kill us... So as this is already going on for a while, it would take as some months to get on a level that is worth fighting even if the new priest system would balance pvp tomorrow. Therefor a lot of hots are really anoyed.
  8. Wooow, seems to be a buisy night here. 1. Thx to Budda and Retro taking the bashing here and still communicate. 2. Thx to all the none BL-guys that shows the devs that balancing is a basic issue, and pvp-fun without worthy enemies ingame doesnt work. 3. The devs have aknowledged the problem and i trust their words that they are working on it. (Yeah, i am new to game...) BUT: If you don´t want to let the pvp and pvp server die, there should be a fast solution making it possible for hots to survive and giving wl enemies they can fight in pvp until the big patch comes. I dont care what it is... (f.e. like giving every kd all priests, give hots free option to make a pmk and transfer deeds / guard towers to the new pmk so we dont restart completly, give all priests all spells, make a hotfix for lib whatever...) and a timeline (rough, we all know and understand that timelines can change, but if you want us to wait you should be able to tell us if this takes 2-3 months, half a year or approx a decade) we can wait for. Atm hots is just sitting behind their walls and wait, wait, wait... we arent competive... means no fun for us... meas no fun for the wl... because we cant fight. Its boring... guys there will be a big quiting otherwise. Ps: As i am new... i was searching for a game like this for years, sad i found it just months ago (btw in January i was still able to get nathan with my char... so change cant be that old, anyway)... wurm has a incredible potential to be a great pvp game and i played like dozends of pvp games, the layout is just fine (3 kingdoms, battleground in the middle, ressources to fight for). But you need to find a good balancing soon, community is dying.
  9. Dunno what to say about this.... it was intended from the begining to give hots only lib... so why were there Nathan convert option at the blacklight altar? Just programmed in by accident? Wouldnt say anyhting, if hots would be too strong and its to balance pvp, but hots is already weakest kingdom... no powerful healspell.... this just makes no sense.
  10. The main issue imo is: What is longterm more dramatic for the game and the fun for all player on pvp server? 1) The minigame being not played as often as it was used to. 2) PvP beeing such unbalanced that weaker kds don´t have a chance to close the gap and get competive.... ending in people quitting and pvp dying. For me its 2). I am new to game, but it looks for me as there are a lot more problems for serious pvp then in other games i played. Wurm is a longterm game. So you cant get competive by grinding a bit stronger or get new players in. Therefor balancing is imo even more important than it is somewhere else. But: - The priests arent balanced so far as i can judge that atm. - The best equiq you cant get as weak kd, as material for them is mainly given in pvp battle. In pvp battle your arent competive. Additional to that this issue is a problem.
  11. Like the idea. It would balance game on pvp server a bit more.
  12. Lets asume that the suggestion of Etherdrifter using semi- or subgods is used. Then you keep your faith to your god, just loose the additional spells your angel/demigood gave you. You can look for anther subgod and start over again. Ok its a loose, but you can play on without brutal changes. It also gives you a reason, why you should be interested in the health / wealth / secure of your subgod (what every faithfull follower of a religion is...) and help him. Means that could be a gamemechanic to strength the community between subgod and follower. Just 2 cents... there could be other solutions as well...
  13. The idea of making semigods sounds reasonable and combines a lot of god possibilities. Shouldn´t be able to change it easily. Best make a bigger afford until you get the additional boni, etc. So it wont be constant changing.... The idea to make (then maybe semi-)godness endable would limitate the number of gods, give us a thrill and a goal (defend the god player / kill him). I like it therefor very much. Best is it wouldnt really harm Freedom (not doing pvp, not dying -> no change at all), while balancing Chaos.