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  1. Githora and Toradia

    For those looking for a permanent home: You can rest assured that both of these servers are going to stay up for all of 2017. Beyond that, it depends on whether people are still on them.
  2. Githora and Toradia

    Oh thanks so much, I didn't know about that.
  3. Githora and Toradia

    Seeing as this post is now redundant, behold my glorious spiral staircase with bannisters
  4. Githora and Toradia

    No one was playing on Toradia so I changed the settings to be more appealing to myself and reset it/removed traders/bartenders/starter items. Currently my brother and I are active on Githora - I have almost finished a 2 storey house
  5. Githora and Toradia

    Githora -creative map -skill gain modifier: x1 -no npcs or traders -all starting stats: 1.0 -timers: x1 -minimum mining hits: 51 -fight skill start: 1 -combat rating modifier: 1 Toradia -adventure map -skill gain modifier: x64 -free deeds -all starting stats: 21.0 -timers: x10 -minimum mining hits: 1 -fight skill start: 10 -combat rating modifier: 5 Both servers -upkeep -no curve -pvp -starting equipment: nothing -field growth timer: 24 hours