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  1. WTS rares

    updated the list


    sent will be their in 1min or less
  4. WTS ENCHANTED TOOLS just pick an item and give me an offer and name of character to mail it to.
  5. 300 support beams 1000 dirt 1000 ribbon iron 2400 bricks looking to sell all for 20 s
  6. WTS rares pm me some offers or post offers and name of character to mail it to. lantern sold frying pan sold saw sold rickaxe sold
  7. So far this is my skill progression

    updated my sheet been a while
  8. Panfilling

    would like to use this service asap
  9. So far this is my skill progression

    Updated the niarja. I dont know if i i want 70 or 80 BS to imp my own tools.
  10. WTS Senzoba. SOLD !!!

  11. WTS Senzoba. SOLD !!! 73 med skill Path of Insanity. Last question is ready for full SOTG Buff. 90 Fishing skill. 2 months and 2 weeks for prem left [23:23:08] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Luck day, week 2 of the Bear's starfall, 1070. That's 350 days, 19 hours and 36 minutes ago. [23:23:08] You have played 30 days, 2 hours and 49 minutes. [23:23:08] You have been premium a total of 0 months until Dec 2013. [23:23:08] You have been premium a total of 9 months since Dec 2013. [23:23:08] You have been premium consecutively for 9 months since Dec 2013. [23:23:08] You have premium time until 28 Dec 2018 16:55:20 GMT Edit upon request for personal goals will come with all items, sail boat, and an 80 ql tool belt no armor / weapons Currently Taking offers
  12. So far this is my skill progression

    hit 81 med woo !
  13. ive been playing casually on and off for under two years. expecting lvl 80 med before the month is over. some aspects im pretty happy with my character and sometimes i look at it and i feel like my skills are just completely worthless. im curious of what you guys think of my progress and what would you guys do to the character if you owned it. (update) Leveled past 80 meditation on my way to 90. Gained 50 Animal husbandry, 60 prospecting, 70 larger shield, and 70 animal taming, and 66 BS since the last skill dump. (update) Mid 80s digging to 99.6 digging. 88.6 meditation. 90 mining, over 50 mind logic and over 40 body stam. Nearly 50 body str. 96 HFC and 66 -> 73 BS. Now that im done with digging i am not sure what to focus next.
  14. SOLD

  15. SOLD

    bump price added getting ready to sell