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  1. 1s for shield coc 101 cod to stickher
  2. bump
  3. bump, removed all clay turned into mortar
  4. send me the butcher knife 93 IF ITS coc cast.
  5. bump price reduced
  6. bump
  7. red 7 5s cod to stickher
  8. 20c for the 90c shield and 92c long sword. cod to stickher
  9. closed
  10. haven't decided if i wanted to live on the shore or deep into the server. considering both options. What part of Virginia do you live in? use to live there
  11. Im thinking about starting a new character on freedom. Ive already played on celebration and xanadu. What do you guys think would be a good sever to play on as a new character on any of the other freedom servers? One preferably with low lever mobs to go hunting on at the start.
  12. end

    has it been updated with freedom skills yet?
  13. SOLD!