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  1. i tried the simple instal via steam and press play, it crashes on load screen all the time.
  2. i own a steam deck, has anyone figured the best way to go about installing it? should i just try downloading via steam client
  3. sorry was away for a bit the winner is jingerjas. who would you like cod to?
  4. un dyed creation ql. Starting bid 10s buyout 25s Forgot to mention Sniper protection lol... yeah so one hour must go by from the highest bid without any new higher bids for a winner. updated timer and starting bid lets try this again !
  5. 3s for rare large oak shield 87c cod stickher if yes
  6. Close

    3s for 89ql rare stone chisel iron. if yes cod stickher
  7. hi elvenwing im in need of runes but not familiar with the naming scheme. i would like runes to increase chance of raring a leather set.
  8. Close

    il offer 60s for the scale cod stickher
  9. let me know the weigh ql and price