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  1. I realize this is an old post but I had to revive because I am having the same exact issues with Wurm Unlimited The weird thing is I can play on my laptop for hours without any disconnects/reconnects but my desktop will disconnect/reconnect over 5 times an hour. It seems to happen when I stand idle for a bit. My desktop is a Win10 Pro, 64 bit, 8gb ram, Nvidia GTX760TI. I just updated the drivers last night and it seemed to go good, but today its disconnecting/reconnecting constantly while my laptop keeps playing without issues (Using 2 different steam accounts to play on the same server). I did update to Java 8, 64 bit a while back, didn't change anything. I unistalled and reinstalled Wurm Unlimited multiple times, deleted player folders, etc. Didn't change anything Verified files from steam, didn't do anything. Tried playing on different servers, same thing happens The fact that I can play on my laptop, which is connected wirelessly to my lan, without any disconnects/reconnects while my desktop will disconnect/reconnect multiple times an hour at the same time is really throwing me for a loop. Here is my latest console log... If anyone can help, that would be outstanding and very, very much appreciated!!!
  2. Very cool map generator! Easily able to get a nice playable map going in no time. One issue I ran into was trying to put snow on top of mountains. Every time I changed the max height to like 4500 or so, it would reset to 3000 when I clicked the add biome button or clicked the map in paint mode. Even tried editing the actions file for just that one action with the snow action only and edited values but still couldn't get snow working. Same issue with TILE_LAVA, interesting. Uggh, set lava to min 2000, max 3000 just to see if it would work and it did. Now the undo last isn't erasing it! After playing with this for quite some time, I seem to be getting random glitches. My first go through on a map placed sand exactly as expected, around the shoreline. Now, hours later when I try to do it, it just blotches sand spots all over the map no matter what settings. Its like its not noticing I have the Around Water selected and 300min/600max heights. Same thing with clay. Thanks for the awesome editor!!
  3. Loved the map layout, it is perfect for what I was looking for! To my dismay though, after playing on the map for a bit, the only trees on the entire map that I could see were Willow and Birch. Any quick way to change some tree types? :)
  4. Eeeck, I am soo sorry! I thought I was in the WU section! Ahhhh, yes I see what your saying. I did start the server with the original Creative map then swapped in the Adventurers Map. I will do this rebuild the database thingy your speaking of! Thank you!! :)
  5. Just messing around with my own server, using the TheAdventurers map, 4096x4096, set critters to 40k and aggressive to 40%. Took a quick jog across the land and saw quite a few sharks swimming around on the land. What would possibly cause this? Thanks for any help!
  6. Hope this is the right place... I am constantly getting disconnected from servers. I am currently playing on Mythmoor, but it has happened quite a bit in the past too. I never really delved into until now. I get a few disconnects every hour or so. One error I repeatedly see is this... Here is another error... And another error... And I got disconnected again while writing this post, lol... If anyone has any insight on this, I would be truly grateful. I did do a complete uninstall and reinstall this morning, but not too long after starting the game, I disconnected. Running Windows 10 Pro OpenGL renderer: GeForce GTX 750 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 388.13 8gb Ram Java 8 Update 121, 171(just updated it) Updated 6/11/18 After updating java to 171, I did play quite a few hours without disconnecting, but it eventually did happen again with the missingsound.ogg error. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your help Saroman! Your info definitely helped in the trial and error process of using blender and exporting to FBX. You rock dood!!!
  8. Using 3dsmax 8 (Cant afford any new versions) I froze tranform using alt-rightclick->freeze transform exported to alias(.fbx) 2005.08, no special options for exporting with profiles on this version opened with 2013.3 fbx converter, converted to dae overwrote vynstatuette in graphics.jar opened Wurm-U still lays on its side Looking at the fbx exporter that comes with 3dsmax8, this version is probably too old for what I am trying to do. also tried using blender which doesnt have any kind of freeze transforms, exported to FBX, using 2013.3 fbx converter to go to dae, model doesn't show in wurm, don't know if its rotated in the ground or not but cant see it. Thanks for trying to help me. I really, really appreciate it!
  9. Hello all! I was looking for any information anyone would be so kind as to share in how to actually change a model in Wurm Unlimited. First I made a simple convex top cubed (For easily identifying the top) in blender and exported it to dae. I then changed mapping inside graphics.jar and changed the model.decoration.statuette.vynora.gold = models/Statuettes/vynStatuette.dae instead of = models/Statuettes/vynStatuette.wom i then deleted the vynStatuette.wom in graphics.jar->models->Statuettes and added vynStatuette.dae No matter if I used Max or Blender to create the dae file, the model is always rotated on its side, on the x axis making the top of the model point in the z axis direction (Depending on its Yaw rotation, same as rotating object using move/rotate command in game). Blender and Max both use a Z up axis. Even if I rotate the model on its side then export to dae, the model is still rotated on its side in game. I've tried every different export option in blender for the dae file, which are both, matrix or rotTransLoc and I've tried each of these options with the models top facing Zup or rotated so the top faces Yup and the model is still laying on its side in game. I've checked every attempted model in Unity just to see what they looked like there. In the assets window images, all models were pictures on their side but when dragged and dropped onto scene, some of them were right side up, some were rotated on their side and all of them had greater or less then zero values in the x rotation property EXCEPT the 3d Studio max model. On that one, all the xyz rotation properties were zero and the axis gizmo showed Yup, Zdepth and Xleft/right. I thought for sure the Max dae model would work based on what Unity was showing me, but when imported to Wurm-U, it was still rotated on its side. Another avenue I tried was using Autodesks FBX converter to import dae models to fbx then back to dae. This didn't change anything either. All models whether rotated in max or blender showed with the top up inside the converter viewer, but any models converted were also laying on their side in Wurm-u. If anyone has successfully changed a default model for a custom made model and is willing to share their steps/tools used, my love for you will be eternal and everlasting!
  10. Hello, I tried to find it through searching but couldn't locate the answer. What level of blacksmithing is required to make a bee smoker. I am level 20 and have 0% chance, says I have too low skill to craft this item. Thanks for any help!
  11. Oh, I didn't think about that. It really doesn't matter what I set wamp up with so I can access the server from anywhere, I just need to set WUA to the I will give that a go tonight. I like to be able to access the WUA remotely. Awesome! Thank you!
  12. Very very nice job! This is absolutely awesome!! The interface is fantastic and its easy enough to install, for a simpleton like me! A few confusions I had (Happens quite a bit) - I thought I actually had to install WUAHelper and WuaMod didn't realize these are the packages that come with WUA1.0.0 - When I set up wamp I set it up to be accessible from internet, I could get to the WUA page but it wouldn't connect to server, I had to put the wamp server back to localhost and port 80 and put in the includes/config.php server internal ip address. Other than that, it only took me 1-2 hours to get it working! Very awesome!! Thank you very much!
  13. Lol, I am definitely using epic curve... That was easy! Thank you very much!
  14. I am running a dedicated server and using the custom map Riverlands, a 2096x2096 map made by Miretta. I am mining rock quality way above my mining skill using an 8ql pickaxe. I also noticed that my tree logs were a higher quality than my woodcutting skill using a 30ql hatchet. Of course I am still learning a lot of the ins and outs of a dedicated server and the settings but not sure what would cause this. My server is only using serverpacks mod. My client is only using connectionfix, custommap, livemap, and serverpacks mods. Thanks for any help!
  15. I feel for ya buddy! I spent all day and the night before with the same situation. **Make sure you have the right mods on the server! **Make sure you have the right mods on the client! Check server.log in dedicated server folder and look for the line... [11:57:25 AM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.mods.serverpacks.ServerPackMod: Added pack FA967472740E6ED60200D64EBD052C6480076D0C for pack mods\serverpacks\<NAMEOFMAP>.jar This line means that the server is packing the updated map and making it available to the client just fine. If this line is not in the server.log, there should be some kind of error in the log If the server is packing the map jar and making it available, Check the player console log or the player console in game after you log in. The last lines in the console will show... INFO: Got server pack 372753CE8FC2407050C957B8EE2A6DD0E09A7BE0 (http://<MY-INTERNET-IP>/packs/372753CE8FC2407050C957B8EE2A6DD0E09A7BE0) INFO: Added server pack 372753CE8FC2407050C957B8EE2A6DD0E09A7BE0 The first line there means that the client is getting the server pack. The second line means the client is adding the server pack. If there are no errors here, then all is good with the jar file. Finding out if these lines are present will help pinpoint your issue.