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  1. I feel like at the moment it's just not worth doing rifts, at all. They can take up to 3 hours and a bit, they're not exactly hard, people do them on 3 characters at the same time, the mobs don't really give you any skill, they're too tough for weapon skill and deal too little damage for shield gain, the FS would probably not be lacking unless 20 people tagged every little one of them. In the end you'll get probably a lump and 1-2 shoulder pads, thats pretty much the norm so you'll make about 1-5 silver. Now consider this, you'll make 1-5 silver but not gain anything else, not fun, not body stats, not combat skills, nothing. I found that in the 5 hours it takes me to find the rift, complete it and come back to my home i could make 1-3 silver by just hunting sheep or cows, at least my weapon skill would grow at least my body stats would grow. I could be making tools and sell 80ql ones for 15c each i would make more silver, get more body strength and even grind blacksmithing.... Rifts are a scam imo
  2. Honestly m8, i don't understand what u wanna acomplish from trying to make this guy look good, but according to 99% of people who met him ingame , including myself, think he's a piece of trash, absolute subhuman , you think we give a crap about whatever he is in real life? Dude ive got one of the worst reputations here for stealing, do you think i go around stealing in real life? No i don't, does that mean people here do not hate me? No, it freaking doesn't, nobody cares about ur stupid holiday go write fairy tales elsewhere
  3. You can normally buy 85ql blank weapons for 50c, a 70ql probably for 30c, but lower , i dont think they'll even sell
  4. SOLD

    Be a champion for 55 eu/s A one time in history offer.
  5. Starting bid : 20s Increments : 1s Buyout : 30s Snipe protection : 2h
  6. SOLD

    Bump. Champion character for 60s/e , take it
  7. SOLD

    Bump. Priced reduced, take em.
  8. SOLD

    I'll add that in the post, but keep in mind that i priced the champ account pretty cheap, even for a 30 body strength, knowing that it's the one 'owning' all the loot and quite some premium left
  9. Epic's already dying, u wanna kick a dead horse?
  10. SOLD

    I think someone buying accounts already knows such things...
  11. but thats just the ones that you do see, most people don;t even register on niarja do they? Statistically speaking, if Crusaders on Chaos mass converted to epic they would be more powerfull than any other kingdom on Epic, any other player grouping there.
  12. SOLD

    insert here #irrelevant information
  13. -1, Bad idea, Epic hasn't been around for as long as freedom, if u check niarja's best toons on freedom and epic you will find a difference of 20 points in body strength, the characters on freedom have had just way more time, even if epic's 2x on almost all skills, the characteristics , meditation, ever shields and weapons, i don't think it would be fair.
  14. SOLD

    For whoever might come with arguments about me being a thief, or scam, or anything of the sorts, Buyer will receive the characters before I get any money. Colsandicus ,Premium untill december, Champion of Smeagain, 2 lives left, 5 months 2 weks left, Path of Hate level 7, snake (Has +50% damage ability) https://niarja.com/skill_compare/ColsChamp Price of Colsandicus, by himself, with all the objects in the images : 55eu !!!!-> Keep in mind the fact that this character is a champion. Those are his skills at this pointin time, but in 5 months time, or after dying twice, he will lose 50 channeling, 50faith and 6 to all characteristics apart from "Body" "Mind" "Soul". Items that will come with the toons :
  15. You realise the fact that the chance of you actually getting the crown from the snake is insanely small and for one single character it would take a really long time right? It took me 2 months with 3 characters to get the crown.
  16. pc 250-350eu, Pretty much a fighter toon, Although meditation and archery keep it from having a better price. If you premium'ed it for 4 months, the ammount that would take to get the Gone on insanity you'd get a much better price in my opinion.
  17. u get Titles , and scale armour.
  18. sure lets 1v1 what are u betting?
  19. Or... you could click on "Normal" and be done with it...
  20. pc and possible sell hots crowned alt
  21. My first days were spent next to Hunter's lodge, me and my friend were trying to fortify our cave cause there were 3 "badass'es" outside with huge axes from our own kingdom killing everybody. I remember repeatedly asking my friend "Are the chain boots ready???" .... little did little timmy know boots don't protect your head...