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  1. sleep powder x16, 2s each. Possible delivery to Sonata or Encore
  2. File 80QL 79 BotD 1.35s Saw 80QL 85BotD 1.65s Pickaxe, Iron 80QL 79 BotD 1.5s Mallet 87QL 88BotD 2.25s cod to Walar
  3. butchering knife 76botd, carving knife 81botd cod to Argush
  4. 7ql Pickaxe, iron CoC72 - 15c cod to Argush
  5. WTS 6xSleep powder/1s each delivery to any starter deed on xanadu IGN: Argush
  6. I have 3x bee hive for sale- 2s each. Pickup near Glasshollow